We the people should all be getting used to the political warfare, but just when you think you’ve seen it all… there pop’s up another thing that tells us just how off the rails this show has gone.

We have all heard the mess in DC all started at a local level and many yawned at that statement, while others in the know agreed. Well now we see a lot of this on a local level as we just recently reported how a little township in Michigan changed their entire government around. Remember this? Now I’m sure there was a lot more to this story… but this is what was reported.

And now in another township, one in Lee County Florida…we are watching the opposite take place… maybe? Time will tell?

Pay attention to what I’m about to present, for this could happen to any of you, in any municipality!

It’s no longer at the top level of government, it has now filtered down to the municipalities and local politics… which many have known and some have suspected… but now when a local person does what they are told to do to run for office and follows what the city attorney has said to do… and even told she had done everything correctly…. Well, it appears that today in the lawless land of anything goes… that simply  doesn’t seem to matter.

It appears to be more of what a city Mayor and a possible political coupe decide behind closed doors and without transparency, that seems to be what matters most? Justice be damned and so… it’s off to the political races. Where after watching past board meetings that are for public view … we get to watch how it all went down and the vote even led by a councilman whose day job happens to be a lawyer and we hear him saying… something to the effect of, we can take this to the courts and nothing could be decided so… “ Let’s bypass that side show and send it to the state.”  

Enter Council Woman Patty Cummings…

image 281

Of which that side show just happened to be both the legal right to a trial to defend herself on anonymous charges, after an investigation was made to look into said charges of which no real evidence was found. Plus, this action also denied the council woman of the legal steps called due process and a fifth amendment right, for the council woman being charged to defend herself in a court of law, of the charges made by the council. It was a constitutional right and a state law. But the Mayor of Cape Coral and the council members took it upon themselves to be a mini court system, judge and jury… and sent it off to the state to find some crime as they could find none via an earlier investigation into the accusation that was made via a disgruntled citizen who made a false anonymous charge that she sent to the governor’s office.

The Backstory:

It all began with an anonymous letter sent to the Governor of Florida demanding that Council Woman Cummings be removed from her seat via a list of accusations. Of which at that time, the Governor did not act on the anonymous charge, but said he was not removing Cummings. Who happened to be Governor DeSantis.  Of which at that time, the Mayor and the council members ignored the governor’s letter and  instead, hired an attorney to do an investigation into the anonymous letter, now making it a precedence to chase every anonymous complaint they receive, be it real or imagined, or made up as it appears now to be a hate crime. Of which the anonymous charge maker,  came out screaming and blew the whistle on herself when the governor did not do as she wanted him to do.

So, she came out as the whistle blower of the anonymous charge.  Which now we can see it was a hate crime via the hate spewed out after many horrible words said in social media rants and raves, along with the  political power move to unseat a duly elected council woman.  With the losing opponent waiting in the wings to take that seat. Maybe? (who knows what the original plan was that is still unraveling??) Of which the same whistle blower who wrote the anonymous letter to the governor, also happened to be the star witness in the private investigation voted on by the Mayor and council members to find if any crime had been committed, of which they had found no conclusive evidence of.

Which the wife of the losing political opponent of the recent elected Mayor also was  in lockstep with the anonymous letter writer/whistle blower and it then appeared or looked like two false witnesses according to shouts and accusations spewed on social media with the whistle blower, who has her own shady past and criminal record and charges that were somehow dropped but not forgotten… (another story in and of itself). 

If you’re lost in all of that, so are many others. But, the bottom line is that due process according to the state laws of Florida were breeched and right to a trial to defend yourself of the accusations…. be damned?  For you see, Cummings attorney was waiting to represent her at a trial that the council was well aware of, and bypassed her due process which was a blatant civil rights violation.

image 272

But, the news never mentioned any of that. Not a peep. No mention at all of civil rights being violated, nor any mention of the fact that they had sold her to the state like meat to vultures, for it was at another council meeting, the mayor steered the council to vote on sending the case to the state because their investigator COULD FIND NO EVIDENCE to support the claims from the whistle blower/anonymous letter complaint and accusations. You just can’t make this stuff up!

image 274

But before we even go into the next phases of what appears to be a sloppy political coup…. The latest news is the news is gone mad in the head… making up entire set ups and stories that are pulled out of thick murky, muddy air.

Aside from harassing her teenage minors at home… fake news  is harassing anyone who ever said hi to Cummings and hounding her like she is Princess Diana.  Why would they need to do that in such a small, tiny town?



So now fake news is going to strange and false addresses claiming it is Cummings address and talking to neighbors who have never seen her. Of course they have never seen her, for that is not her address. The fake news is now in liar propaganda mode and why?  This is a tiny little town and a little seat of little power?  What on earth is so important or more like what on earth are they hiding. Which makes for curious ones to look behind the veil. For this makes no sense to even be such a big deal? 

Big deals are what happen in Georgia,  DC, and New York… with Trump et al and Lin Wood. We could expect  such a big deal in Michigan with governors or Illinois with the Chicago politics that sent Obama to DC … even California in Newsome land. But we are talking about a little city of 221,997 people where the restaurants close at 9 pm and the streets are rolled up by 10 until the next morning… except for a few night clubs who have a license in a district to stay open to ???  perhaps midnight? 

Cape Coral stats:

According to the World Population Review, Cape Coral, a city located in Lee County, Florida, has a population of 221,997 in 2023. The city is currently growing at a rate of 4.19% annually and its population has increased by 13.1% since the most recent census, which recorded a population of 196,290 in 2020 1.Forbes ranks Cape Coral among the best places to live in Florida in 2023, with a median home price of $479,000 and a median income of $61,780 

So with that being said… we return to the mystery council woman and her seat?


Fake news showed an array of video news reports calling Cummings attorney an ESCORT.

image 273

Which after all the many public defamation and “BULLY” attempts to force the council woman to resign, an arrest warrant for her was issued of which her attorney, a Federal prosecutor, named Paul Sisco, with 31 years experience in white collar crime, went with her as she was prepared to turn herself in the minute the warrant was issued on Tuesday November 14, 2023 at 1:00 p.m.; her attorney (not her escort) was prepared to post her bail promptly. We have all watched how that is all done in recent made for TV news indictments…. so we know the drill.

But, instead of issuing the bond and allowing her to pay it and leave… they detained her and played musical judges and finally found one to sign off on her bail after her escort attorney said, enough of this bull stuff and she was signed off on. But the games they play … all in all, she was released almost 5 hours later, according to the press who were waiting inside and outside to snap her photos, get film footage and ask a bunch of questions as though she were Sam Bankman Fried of FTX????  What did the little town that rolls up sidewalks at 9 pm do for real news before Cummings got elected and persecuted?  (Look it up…you’ll be surprised.)

Attorney Paul Sisco stated:

image 275

I guess it was rather dull, even during the hurricane Ian , much of the real news was covered up. The news like the former city manager at that time had all first responders stand down and it wasn’t until the governor arrived with the military trucks to restore power and FEMA, that he allowed first responders to look for those who needed help. Which the entire city was in disarray, and still to this day, the city has over 7,000 residents without homes and displaced.  But, they are not concerned about that…instead I found after watching their council meeting videos they are concerned with redoing parks and having arguments with residents who don’t want what the Mayor is pushing on them to have.

But that’s beside the point here or is it? Remember we are looking for a motive here beyond political?  Because it can’t be political because they all said it’s not and so, “we can’t say that”, so we won’t say that.  Even though one very interesting film on the topic was from a February 22, 2022 meeting where the council at that time, before the election, and before Cummings even registered to run as a council person… discussed their charter laws on living in the district for one year and Council Woman Jessica Gosden stated that she didn’t want to change the charter law for it would have not allowed her to run for office for she had not lived in her district for a year.  The same thing they are saying Ms. Cummings did that was not legal in the charter, even though it was?? So in that council meeting  it was perfectly clear to the Mayor and council members that they would leave the charter laws as they were.

February 22, 2022 the Cape Coral City Council discusses the charter and address qualifications for upcoming elections and left the charter as it read.

The video above is from February 22, 2022 the Cape Coral City Council discusses the charter and address qualifications for upcoming elections and left the charter as it read. Which allowed a person to not live in their district when running for office. Just the city. Of which they said Patty Cummings violated.

So at their own meeting, on video after they discussed  changing the language in the charter law, they voted to keep the charter language as it was and make no changes…which would make that the charges they were pushing at Ms. Cummings were bogus and would not hold up as they were false and …of which the city attorney at the time of the anonymous letter and after, said to Cummings she did not break the charter rules and she was fine. But in the committee public meetings she too (city attorney) had dementia and couldn’t remember what the charter stated? Of which at that time Cummings was under order from her attorney for that matter was Jay Leichter of Leichter Law Offices, who had told her to not say anything until her trial. Which the mayor and council voted to by pass her constitutional right to defend herself of those charges. 

The charter says to live in the domicile for one year… which is the city. Not the district, of which Cummings did. And have a legal address in the district you are running in. Of which she had both. With intent to live in the district full time after elected of which she did after a chain of unfortunate events … one being a hurricane.

So the very same Mayor and council members knew the charter laws were not breeched by Ms. Cummings.  So did the city attorney. Yet they all had dementia at the time of discussing it and called for her to step down.  And proceeded to make the newly elected Council Woman’s life a living hell defaming her name publicly, and  ruining her good reputation which affected her business, livelihood  and  attacked her  good character over the last 8 months or so…. And led to a grand finale of an arrest by the states attorney on signature charges dealing with her address that now the Mayor and the council are acting like those charges had nothing to do with them?

Which bring us to Cummings makes her Council Meeting on Wednesday Night.

Of which they pursued to have a council meeting and address the issue of what they were going to do about Ms. Cummings and her Council seat at that meeting and voted unanimously to discuss her future as she appeared to not be there… and she entered the meeting five minutes late at the end of the last 4 “I’s” to discuss her case at the end of the council meeting. Of which during the meeting they voted her out of all her committees and she took that like a soldier…. And then at the end of the meeting they broke for a ten minute recess and were going to come back and discuss the Council Woman and what to do with her???  And they never came back. The recess sign was up and after a length of time it went to “Meeting adjourned”…leaving all who were watching left hanging. So much for transparency?

It was said later, that they took a quick vote to not bring it up for they DID NOT EXPECT Council Woman Cummings to be there at the meeting. But she did come to the meeting late, and took her seat of which they had not expected her to do that.  Later in a news presser, Councilman Haden said they chose to not hold that meeting because of it being awkward with Council woman Cummings there, and when they took the vote to discuss what they were going to do with her, they did not think she was attending.

So… that is the phase one of the ongoing… maybe soon to be national news as the fake news shouts she’s been removed… when she has been suspended temporarily from her seat by the Governor according to state statue and not removed as the fake news has stated.  The council woman is innocent until proven guilty according to the constitution, just not so much among those on the council or so that is how it appears.

Meanwhile, there has been a go fund me page set up for legal fees for Council Woman Cummings to help her legal expenses and that can be found at: Fundraiser by Patty Cummings : Justice for Patty (gofundme.com)

Justice For Patty

So when we heard the cry to run for office to be a voice for the people…  some how they didn’t mean community minded individuals with business savvy and community networking experience like Patty Cummings who in her past received the National Business Woman of the Year Award  in 2011, at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City, applauded by the key speaker  Ivanka Trump.

We’ll follow this story as it doesn’t appear to look like it’s  going away any time soon.

The ninth commandment says, “Thou shalt not bear false witness”. Six simple words with a very big meaning.

The phrase bearing false witness is commonly described as lying. However, it is more specifically referred to giving false testimony as a witness (1). In other words, it is the act of telling a falsehood about something or someone to others in a legal context.

Nancy Pelosi was famous for her comment explaining fake news and the “wrap up smear” and how that all works to destroy innocent people.

You smear somebody, then merchandise it and the press (fake news) does the damage. It is a system and as Pelosi smirks about it… they use it because it works to get the public believing what they want them to believe. It’s a weapon to help them kill, steal and destroy. I shudder for these who do such things for God is watching and listening to EVERYTHING!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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