Swiss Cheese and Snake Heads…

Both are pugnant in odor, and unpleasant in looks… therefore, they need to hide behind a vail of secrecy. That being said, they come to you in sheeps clothing and underneath they are indeed ravenous wolves.

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People have asked, what is the Fabian Society? And why would Jan Halper Hayes so adamently be denying that she is any part of this group?

So we go to their own website and this is what they tell us, “The Fabian Society is Britain’s oldest political think tank. Founded in 1884, the society has been at the forefront of developing political ideas and public policy on the left for almost 140 years.” So we see this could be a conflict of interest since she in the 2016 election was representing the Republican Party for overseas international input…or something like that? So she probably just attended to give her political input on President Trump since she had already said he was ‘pyschologically unbalanced’ and ‘out of control’, and she’s got a Ph.D. in Organisational Behaviour – Marketing – Psychology from Columbia West Pacific, so she should know?? Right?? Now where did I hear of Columbia West Pacific? Oh, yea, the one that got closed down for not having good guidelines to their curriculum…it seems they were passing out PhD’s without following a few proper things. Read: Court Orders Columbia Pacific University to Cease Operating Illegally in California | Quackwatch

The website also states the following: The Early Fabians: “Educate, Agitate, Organise”

The Fabian Society was founded on January 4th, 1884 as an off-shoot of the “Fellowship of the New Life” founded by Thomas Davidson, Scottish philosopher, scholar, and educationalist. The new Society soon attracted some of the most prominent left-wing thinkers of the late Victorian era to its ranks. They quickly fellowshipped their way into a Fabian Society, as a political arm to do good peacefully. At least outwardly like a form of Marxism with ethics, (my definition of it) for they claimed to desire socialism via obedience to their form of change, through luring peacefully rather than violently? They preferred to just have the sheep herded into their acceptable lot rather than kick against the goades. Moreso wanting them all to be eager to sign up for freebies and hospitaller type neccessities. More of the slow boiling frog approach that Glen Beck has given public awareness to. Read: UCL Bloomsbury Project Basically it was an institution to control EVERYTHING. Read what it has its hands in: UCL Bloomsbury Project

Just one year later, from this Scottish Founder’s fellowship came the early Fabians’ who from its start held a commitment to non-violent political change of which they played a heavy role in parliamentary politics. The goal was to influence both Liberal and Conservative parties to their way of thinking (a sort of “change you can believe in”) like the peaceful Obama years… yea, like that. That’s a better visual for the nature of their changes. Peacefully with “the one they have been waiting for” sort of thingy only using God and Religion to achieve it. I’m sure that the “Fellowship of the New Life” never really left, they simply morphed into the political arm of the new task force of the Fabian Society. Remember their emblem is the wolf in sheeps clothes.

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OOPs… wrong slide… now where is the other one??? Oh here it is…

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My goodness… remember that idea I thought was my own… the one about Marxism with ethics? Well, it wasn’t as unique as I thought. Smile. However, I found my observations were correct… look what I found:

“The Fabian Society had a more socialist movement than the Fellowship; however, it still had the individual as their base and starting point. It was geared more towards the external ideal rather than an inward one. Edward Pease said that the purpose of Fabianism was to reconstruct society to secure general welfare and happiness. Unlike the Fellowship the Fabian Society was more political and public, and their political section was influenced by Karl Marx and the Social Democratic Federation (SDF). Havelock Ellis says about the society: “an attempt to be more practical, and definitely more socialistic.”[15]

The Fabian Society’s basis was to promote the transfer of land and capital to the State, equality of citizenship of men and women, and having public authority instead of private for the education and support of children.[13] The resolutions of the Society were written by Frederick Keddell, the first secretary of the Fabian Society.Resolutions:[13]

  • “Resolution I.—That the Society be called the Fabian Society (as Mr. Podmore explained in allusion to the victorious policy of Fabius Cunctator) was carried by 9 votes to 2.
  • “Resolution II.—That the Society shall not at present pledge its members to any more definite basis of agreement than that contained in the resolution of 23rd November, 1883.
  • “Carried unanimously.
  • “Resolution III.—In place of Mr. Podmore’s first proposal it was eventually decided to modify the resolution of 7th November, 1883, by inserting the words ‘to help on’ between the words ‘shall be’ and the words ‘the reconstruction.’
  • “Resolution IV with certain omissions was agreed to unanimously, viz.: That with the view of learning what practical measures to take in this direction the Society should:
    • “(a) Hold meetings for discussion, the reading of papers, hearing of reports, etc.
    • “(b) Delegate some of its members to attend meetings held on social subjects, debates at Workmen’s Clubs, etc., in order that such members may in the first place report to the Society on the proceedings, and in the second place put forward, as occasion serves, the views of the Society.
    • “(c) Take measures in other ways, as, for example, by the collection of articles from current literature, to obtain information on all contemporary social movements and social needs. Read more: Fellowship of the New Life – Wikipedia

Now I’m not saying she is a part of this, I’m saying we can see why she would deny being a part of it. And I would never, ever find myself being a guest speaker for such a group… so that was a big mistake to do that. Just saying.

Another interesting article, “The Fabian Society: the masters of subversion unmasked”

Excerpts: “Fabianism is a radical London-based movement initiated in the 1880s for the purpose of subverting the existing order and establishing a Socialist World Government controlled by its leaders and by the financial interests associated with them.

“London at the time was a centre of liberal capitalism – itself a subversive movement – as well as of radical left-wing agitation which sought to subvert the former. The main radical organisation promoting Socialism in England was the International Working Men’s Association (IWMA, a.k.a. “First International”), established in 1864 by Karl Marx.

“Marx’s doctrines were initially only available in German and French, and had little impact on the British public. His disciple Henry Hyndman was the first to popularise the teachings of Marx and other German Socialists in the English language. Hyndman was also the founder in 1881 of the Social Democratic Federation (Laidler, p. 186).

“The elements responsible for founding the Fabian Society were themselves influenced by Marxism and belonged to Social Democratic Federation circles. What set the Fabian Society apart from earlier Socialist organisations like the IWMA and SDF was the method by which it sought to attain its objective. While other Socialists talked of revolution, the Fabians resolved to build Socialism gradually and by stealth.”

image 140

Wolf in sheep’s clothing The subversive nature of the Fabian project is illustrated by the Fabian Window, a stained-glass composition showing Fabian leaders Edward R. Pease, Sidney Webb and Bernard Shaw (in the green coat) forging a new world out of the old, while other Fabians kneel worshipfully before a stack of Fabian writings. 

“Shaw’s friend and fellow Fabian Society leader Sidney Webb married Beatrice, daughter of Richard Potter, a wealthy financier with international connections who served as chairman of the Great Western and Grand Trunk Railways of England and Canada.  Beatrice was also a close friend of Rothschild associate and Conservative Prime Minister Arthur Balfour. The Great Western Railways (GWR) supported Webb’s fledgling London School of Economics by booking courses for members of its staff at the school and Webb also used his wife’s other connections to further his Fabian agendas.  

“Shaw himself married Charlotte, daughter of Horace Payne-Townshend (a wealthy Stock Exchange investor), who was one of the financial backers of the Fabian Society. Shaw was employed by millionaire William Waldorf (later Lord) Astor, owner of the Pall Mall Gazette, and became a close friend of the latter’s son (and Milner Group leader) Waldorf and his wife Nancy. Interviews with both Shaw and Webb promoting Socialist ideas were published by the Pall Mall and St. James’s Gazettes.

“As Shaw, Webb, Olivier and Wallas became the Fabian Society’s dominant “Big Four,” it becomes clear that the Society originated as a private organisation run by elements in the employ of media outlets representing liberal capitalist interests.

“The LSE continues to maintain close links with Rothschild and allied interests. For example, LSE’s Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment is funded by the Grantham Foundation, whose founder Jeremy Grantham of the investment management firm Grantham, Mayo & Otterloo (GMO) was an economist at Rothschild-controlled Royal Dutch Shell; the Grantham Institute’s advisory board includes Sir Evelyn de Rothschild of EL Rothschild Ltd. and Vikram Singh Mehta of Shell Companies, India; Rothschild, Shell, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, J. P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley are members of the LSE Careers Patron Group; Peter Sutherland, chairman of Goldman Sachs International, is chairman of the LSE, etc.” Read the entire article, it is definitely leading to Swiss Cheese and Snake Heads…..The Fabian Society: the masters of subversion unmasked – Daddy Dragon: The Full English Show

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing… Darwin’s Theory and the Fabian Society…

Excerpts: “One of the nine founding members of the Fabian Society was Frank Podmore, who was also an influential member of the Society for Psychical Research.

“Alfred Russell Wallace, William Crookes, F.W.H. Myers and renown psychologist William James’ work on mediums, telepathy and materializations led to the founding of the Society of Psychical Research, the Theosophical Society and their American branches.

“Alfred Russell Wallace was a close associate of T.H. Huxley (Darwin’s bulldog) and co-founded the theory of natural selection alongside Charles Darwin.

“The Fabian Society was extremely influenced by the ideas of Darwinism. Much of what they supported in terms of ideologies and philosophies was for the purpose of advancing Darwinism and saw Karl Marx’s newly published system as the perfect vehicle to carry Darwin’s logic into a controlling ideology to organize the masses.

“Karl Marx himself was very much drawn to the ideas of Darwin, including two explicit references to Darwin and evolution in the second edition of Das Kapital.” Read full story: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: The Fabian Society | Winter Watch

Which bring us to Jordan Peterson’s ARC, paid for by WEF philantropists and sponsored by… those who promote him from the British Daily Wire like Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, and admired by Jan Halper Hayes.

The ARC is the “Alliance for Responsible Citizenship”. The entire think stinks as pugnant as Swiss Cheese and Snake Heads, and is in lockstep with the Fabian Society wolf in sheep’s clothes psychiatry and Tavistock mind control of the masses. RUN SHEEP RUN!

Peterson’s new look, although dressing like the joker in Batman, is a self proclaimed new convert to some form of what he calls Christian religion… just not the type of Christianity God’s true children follow… his is more of the sort that places God on his Psychiatric couch and tells him what He’s thinking and why, along with God’s only begotten Son and their possible errors. Which is like listening to Satan himself as he tempted the Lord in the desert.

Peterson’s entire new push and PhD group dialogues reek of THE FABIAN SOCIETY who desire to rule the world hiding behind the swiss cheese and snake heads doing the bidding of all of them.

Which bring us to British born Swiss Cheese… 2.0 or is it “wanna be the rat” that merely loves Swiss Cheese?

image 143

That being said, we take a look at the Homeland Insecurity task force expert, who was guest speaker for the Fabian Society and now denies any connection at all with that group and has publicly made herself a target by attacking good podcasters who her task force has decided they need a visit from the F.B.I. and so…. her little war goes on as she calls those who found her a shill liars on social media. She has a right to say all sorts of things and opinions but not the ones who might defend themselves and or others with facts. That all happened in October. But there are a few things then, that need to be accounted for.

The big Swiss Cheese question… why if not any part of the Fabian Society was this person… at the Fabian meeting on a panel?

image 144

Which according to the Fabian Society…. was holding a meeting to determine the state of the race in 2016 and was a guest speaker and introduced as “Chair of the Republican Overseas”?

image 147

Read the PDF of the book, “The Age of Trump”, which is an assessment of the findings of this think tank at the Fabian round table…. READ: FABJ5177_Age_of_Trump_text_050417_web.indd (

And why would this person in their younger years be part of something that wears this? Or was this what she wore on Halloween that year?

image 145

Which has on her tie… the emblem of this…

image 146

Again… Halloween or something else?

image 148

Then there is this, shared by “GiveMeLife”….

image 149

Do you ever wonder why these people get to have meetings, media blasts of their opinions and even mis and disinformation, fact checking and private debates with unelected officials who get to decide and determine what we will think, do and or what we shall be programmed to believe and what we shall have and not have and we do not? I sure do.

So going on Elijah Stream and bad mouthing Trump podsters wasn’t enough, she had to make her rounds and name a few more. Where does she get off the swiss cheese boats and decide she can be a human fact checker and be the Fabian Society types in our face and then say… she’s just showing us all what pungnant smells and looks like. So now when you point out the ones who are conning others… you are attacking Trump. Well, listen up all you HalperHamburgerHelpers.. that’s President Trump! And we are with him. We are not paid to unify with script readers!

You will know them by their fruits! And how many holes are in their stinking cheese!

Their spiritual war side is dark. Very dark. Stay with the Lord and discern all things presented to you with the Holy Spirit! I smell python infiltration.

So while the hamburger halper denies all that which is written on her own resume, …at least almost… and all she has said and done that isn’t fitting the narrative… we have the Swiss Cheese stinking up the world and the heads are being lopped off the snake and soon even the 2.0’s will have no place to hide. Read: The Real Truth & Facts Are Found “Opposite” Of The KM Oligarch’s “For The Greater Good Of All”! – The Marshall Report (

And now we know that Stanford University was part of election interference and that is who Jan is closely associated with and many of the people and organizations who she worked closely with (listed on her Linked In page) to help organize are among the list of swiss cheese heads who are now having some financial issues???

This is from her own Linked In bla, bla, bla.

  • Stanford University Summer Institute for Political Psychology Certificate in Political Psychology Political Science and Social Psychology2017 – 2017The Stanford University’s Summer Institute for Political Psychology is the training ground for advanced Ph.D. students and professionals. Attendees from 35 countries have participated in the SIPP program. Attendees have included diplomats, policy advisors, FBI and CIA agents, psychologists from other fields, political scientists, U.N. representatives, military personnel and educators.
  • Stanford UniversityPost Graduate – School of Communications Broadcast Journalism1994 – 1995
  • Columbia Pacific University
  • Ph.D. Organisational Behaviour/Marketing/Psychology

Gaslight Central is like a PhD academy of Tavistock black ops…

image 151

Might we remind the PhD swiss cheese head that she said a lot of bad things about our President Trump to the world?

In an article from 2016 titled, “Donald Trump ‘is pyschologically unbalanced’“, it reported, “Donald Trump is “out of control” according to Jan Halper-Hayes, worldwide vice-president of Republicans Overseas. Who of course wrote a book 30 years ago and had Trump fill out a temperment assessment a year ago and tries to tie the two together? And made some money selling her book using the Trump brand. Don’t they all? (The “they” meaning “they” who write the books which is almost everyone he ever fired or asked to resign.)

“Dr Halper-Hayes, who has previously defended Mr Trump, told Today programme presenter Justin Webb that she was “very concerned” about the psychological state of the presidential nominee.” Really Jan? Maybe that is because he has always been for the people and not the party and not the global world order. Trust me, President Trump heard about this interview and sometimes, he wants people to look at the person a bit more deeply. He can spot a snake a mile away. Can we? Read:Donald Trump ‘is psychologically unbalanced’ – BBC News

Jan HalperHayes admitted to being slightly incredulous about the images of Donald Trump supporters storming the US Capitol. Read: ‘Kind of unbelievable’: US Republicans in Britain mull over Trump impact | Republicans | The Guardian

Swiss cheese head is so arrogant… she really speaks like she’s Klaus Schwab or some big shot with the WEF? Who does she even imagine she is? (I think she’s been replaced with a 2.0 and so we are mincing words with a central casting imposter??? Possibly?) Listen to her own or a 2.0’s words here…

Note this excerpt in an article from 2021 by the Guardian….

“I knew him when I lived in New York, so I have known him through all his iterations. I was on his transition team, and from encounters and observations I can tell you that he is so friendly and funny. It’s a shame that he used Twitter for a nasty side because that’s not who he really is.” Do you see Jan’s subtle dig here? Read: ‘Kind of unbelievable’: US Republicans in Britain mull over Trump impact | Republicans | The Guardian Note: iteration means “the repetition of a process or utterance”. Her transition team job description? Not certain exactly, but from what I gathered it was to let him know how the Republicans overseas feel and what they are thinking, wanting and feedback on how to approach that part of the flock.??? Again, not certain as it was all vague.

Now, I ask you seriously… does this look like the same person?

image 150

That being said, the one on the left can deny EVERYTHING and still be telling the truth. You just have to ask the right question and that is…ask her- are you a double?!!

Meanwhile our real President Trump is the Boss!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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