Exposing The Tares Among The Wheat!

Wake up and look around. How many things have you been told were true that you now know are lies?

And how many other things are waiting for you to find out that were also lies? Are you learning the mind wash think tank games yet? It’s like a group of gamers getting together to plan the next best “Super Battle Galatic Game” with the best weapons and strategies to over power their opponent. We all know gamers who are hooked on their games… well that is exactly what we are dealing with in this lizard think tank game. They are out to kill, steal, destroy and win the Big Boss Game! These ones are addicted to destruction and building the next biggest, baddest live video game to do the next outrageous psyop and earth shaking event on humanity. They are addicted to creating the BIGGEST AND MOST SUPRA MEGA, EPIC game of destruction.

That being said… let’s look at all the lies, and bull they fed us because we were trusting. I am sick and tired of hearing how we are mindless. We are NOT MINDLESS, we are trusting and loving by nature. We are WHEAT among TARES!!! The Lord sent his disciples and apostles out to find His sheep and feed them the word. He sent them out as sheep among wolves. We are good sheep who are in need of a good shepherd. We are NOT mindless beings to be owned by wicked lizards. Let’s get this right!!!!

God sent a man to stand in the gap!

When Trump came down the escalator… the nation was falling apart through deception and wicked leaders. People were sleeping and called this ‘NORMAL’. This was mind controlled programming to keep you sleeping and not looking at all the deception. Those who did were called conspiracy theorists.

There was no Trump in the plans of the wicked new world disorder’s agenda 21. He rocked their entire mother ship upside down!

Wicked plans were in full swing… the lizards wrote the scripts long ago and kept updating them to do more damage.

The wicked Committee of 300 and all of their Tavistock lizard writers did everything they could to silence “We The People”.

Yet, because of a remnant of those who perservered and continued to seek the truth and warn others of all the lies and deception… the Lord went before the people to lead the way… we are yet growing in size and numbers… a remnant of the Lord’s servants speaking truth! Attacked at every turn… yet standing together a great and mighty force! Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world. Know that truth and keep on pressing forward into the Kingdom of God. It does not come with observation… it is WITHIN YOU!

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Today we are free to form our own opinions and that is our greatest weapon against the liar enemy. It makes their lies null and void.

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But, that does not mean the enemy will not do all they can to infiltrate deeper and create chaos and confusion. All manner of witchcraft and demonic deeds are being unleashed. Stay in prayer unceasing for the devil knows his days are numbered.

If  you ever doubted that the devil was not running this world… read the writings of his children, which Jesus called the tares. Look at their deeds and hatred toward God’s children that pours off the pages. It reeks of a horror film script.

All the wickedness in the writings of how to depopulate, and destroy God’s creation by Club of Rome think tanks, from the ancient lizards before them, unto this day, are available for all to see regardless of their mis and disinformation campaigns… they tell us to our faces now and always have. They laugh at our nonbelief of it all and laugh harder when we believe that their ideas are to save the planet. They lie and their father is the author of all lies.


Stanford Research Center (SRC) was founded in 1946 by the Tavistock Institute For Human Relations. Stanford was created to help Robert 0. Anderson and his ARCO oil company, who had secured for the Committee of 300 the oil rights on the North Slope of Alaska. Basically this was a coup to gain the oil rights in Alaska. After successfully deploying “scientists” and doing a series of deceptive practices and negotiations they had found a new way to conquer America from within.

Thus the birth of the Stanford Research Institute, which was a Center for the Study of Social Policies, employing hundreds of “new-science” scientists, many of the top staffers were transferred from Tavistock’s London base. One of those was RCA board chair-man and former British intelligence agent, David Sarnoff, who was a “watchdog” for the mother institute in Sussex. Whereas Stanford claimed to make no moral judgments on projects it accepted, working for Israel and the Arabs, South Africa and Libya, etc., this all but ensured them influence in foreign governments especially the ones the CIA had found useful.

According to Dr. John Coleman, one of the most sinister of all Stanford Research Institute (SRI) programs with the possibilities of doing tremendous damage in altering the direction in which the United States will go, socially, morally and religiously, was Stanford’s Charles F. Kettering Foundation’s “CHANGING IMAGES OF MAN”. This was done under Stanford official reference “Contract Number URH (489)- 2150 Policy Research Report Number 4/4/74, Prepared by the SRI Center for the Study of Social Policy, Director Willis Harmon.” This was one of the most far-reaching investigations into how man might be changed that has ever been conducted.

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The report, covering 319 pages, was written by 14 new science scientists under the supervision of Tavistock and 23 top controllers including B. F. Skinner, Margaret Meade, Ervin Lazlo and Sir Geoffrey Vickers, a high-level British intelligence officer in M16. It will be recalled that his son-in-law, Sir Peter Vickers Hall, was a founding member of the so-called conservative “Heritage Foundation.” Much of the 3000 pages of “recommendations” given to the Reagan administration in January 1981 were based upon material taken from Willis Harmon’s “CHANGING IMAGES OF MAN”.

Table I


• Clinical data from psychotherapy indicating the life-shaping effect of an individual’s self-image

• Anecdotal data relating to behavior changes induced by self-image change following plastic surgery

• Studies of effects of experimenter expectations in research with both animal and human subjects

• Studies of effects of teacher expectations on student performance

• Research on expectancy set, experimenter beliefs, and placebo effect in studies of hypnotic phenomena, psychotropic drugs, sensory deprivation, etc.

• Anthropological studies indicating that perceptions of self, others, and the environment are highly influenced by cultural images and expectations

• Research on visual perception indicating the extent to which what is perceived depends on past orderings of perceptions (e.g. the Ames demonstrations), on felt needs, on expectations, and on the influence of important others (e.g. the Asch experiments)

• Studies of authoritarianism and prejudice, indicating the extent to which other persons are seen in terms of stereotypes

• Examples from the history of science indicating how new conceptualizations have resulted in new ways of perceiving the world

• Research on the role of self-expectations in limiting academic achievement of underperforming children

Hypnosis research demonstrating the influence of suggestion-induced images and expectations • Athletic coaching practices utilizing deliberate alteration of expectations and self[1]image

• Expectation-performance relationships in studies of conquered peoples, prison[1]camp populations, etc.

• Anecdotal data from executive development courses based on the alteration of self-image and self-expectations through autosuggestion

• The sociological theorem of W. I. Thomas: “If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences.”

• Research of the Nancy school of psychology (Emile Coue, C. Baudouin, C. H. Brooks et at.) on the power of imagining

Esoteric religious teachings, East and West, on the power of belief, images, and prayer, e.g. Matthew 17: 20: “For truly, I say to you, if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move hence to another place,’ and it will move.”

image 33
Estoric Teachings are not of God, nor are they of Solomon. These are occult knowledge.

Read the book and see how they have used mind control and psyop techniques on humanity and made money in the process by controlling the direction of everything secretly behind the scenes with script writers, and telling you openly! It’s not their fault you had no eyes to see or ears to hear. Do you hear Satan mocking?


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Read the book for yourself: changing-images.pdf (technoccult.net)

If you ever doubted there was an evil versus good in this life we are living, and if you ever doubted we are born into this world with free will to choose whether we shall serve God or mammon… this book will erase any doubt you may have.

Dr. John Coleman said in his book “Committee of 300”, “I was privileged to receive a copy of “THE CHANGING IMAGES OF MAN” from my intelligence colleagues five days after it was accepted by the United States government. What I read shocked me, as I realized I was looking at a blueprint for a future America, unlike anything I had ever seen before. The nation was to be programmed to change and become so accustomed to such planned changes that it would hardly be noticeable when profound changes did occur.

image 38

“We have gone downhill so fast since “THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY” (the book title of Willis Harmon’s technical paper) was written, that today, divorce draws no stigma, suicide is at an all time high and raises few eyebrows, social deviations from the norm and sexual aberrations, once unmentionable in decent circles, are now commonplace and excite no special protest. As a nation we have not noticed how “CHANGING IMAGES OF MANKIND” has radically altered our American way of life forever.”

Dr. Coleman also made note of the writings in Jim Ridgeway’s book, “THE CLOSED CORPORATION,” where SRI spokesman Gibson bragged about SRI’s non-discriminatory stance. Although not on the Federal Contract Research Center lists, SRI is today the largest military think tank, dwarfing Hudson and Rand.

image 36

He stated that among SRl’s speciality departments are chemical and biological warfare experimental centers.

“One of Stanford’s more dangerous activities is counter- insurgency operations aimed at civilian populations–just the sort of “1984” things government is already using against its own people. The U.S. government pays SRI millions of dollars each year for this kind of highly controversial “research.” Following student protests against chemical warfare experiments conducted at Stanford, SRI “sold” itself to a private group for just $25 million. Of course nothing really changed, SRI was still a Tavistock project and the Committee of 300 still owned it, but the gullible appeared to be satisfied by this meaningless cosmetic change.

So when the heat is on… they just slap a wrist or two and make a statement, the news runs with it and the think tanks go back to rethinking their next project. They have quite the machine in place and have had the Pentagon under their “Advanced Research Products Agency (ARPA)”, since 1958, which is a contracting agency for the Defense Department dealing with top secret proposals

Enter Project “Shakey” another idea of the think tank scientists behind the scientists. Based on Tesla’s inventions. Today it is advanced beyond our wildest imaginations.

image 31

Dr. Coleman tells us that it was John Foster at the Pentagon who told SRI that what was needed was a program to insure the United States against “technological surprise.” Foster wanted to perfect a condition where the environment became a weapon; special bombs to trigger volcanos and/or earthquakes, behavioral research on potential enemies and minerals and metals with potential for new weapons. The project was accepted by SRI and code-named “SHAKY.”

image 30

Milestones: SHAKEY: The World’s First Mobile Intelligent Robot, 1972

image 32

Read: Milestones:SHAKEY: The World’s First Mobile Intelligent Robot, 1972 – Engineering and Technology History Wiki (ethw.org)

He said the massive electronic brain in SHAKY was capable of carrying out many commands, its computers having been constructed by IBM for SRI. Twenty-eight scientists worked on what is called “Human Augmentation.” The IBM computer even has the capability to solve problems by analogy and recognizes and identifies scientists who work with it. The “special applications” of this tool can be better imagined than described.

image 28

It was Zbigniew Brzezinski who wrote “THE TECHNOTRONIC ERA.” Stanford Research Institute works closely with scores of civilian consulting firms, trying to apply military technology to domestic situations. As technology techniques improved, the prospects for Brzezinski’s massive all-pervading surveillance, became real. Today in the world of A.I. and Stanford’s Unicorn Tech programs, this technology is in full swing.

image 29

Again I say, if  you ever doubted that the devil was not running this world… read the writings of his children,

We aren’t battling to return to the older set of evils… we are battling to break free of evil people and their ideology to kill, steal, and destroy. There is no going back to anything we were doing before we were jolted awake with the truth.

We are to usher in the Kingdom of God and that Kingdom is within us.

Choose God and Love God with all of our heart, mind, strength and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself are the two things our Lord said to do, and by doing these two things we shall have done all of God’s commands. We don’t need to have a list of rules and be Bible scholars. Jesus never said we had to be that… he gave us our orders of what to do and he made them simple…

Matthew 22:37-40 KJV

“Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”


Another civilian consulting firm was Schriever McKee Associates of McLean, Virginia, run by retired General Bernard A. Schriever, a former chief of the Air Force Systems Command, who developed the Titan, Thor, Atlas and Minuteman rockets. Dr. Coleman tells us that Schriever put together a consortium of Lockheed, Emmerson Electric, Northrop, Control Data, Raytheon and TRW under the name of URBAN SYSTEMS ASSOCIATES, INC.

image 41

The purpose of the consortium? To solve social and psychological “urban problems” by means of military techniques using advanced electronic systems. It is interesting to note that TRW became the largest credit information collecting company in the credit reporting business as a result and an outcome of its work with Urban Systems Associates, Inc. This should tell us a great deal about just how far this nation is already under TOTAL SURVEILLANCE, which is the first requirement of the Committee of 300. No dictatorship, espe-cially not one on a global scale, can function without total control over each and every individual.


image 40

SRI was well on its way to becoming a key Committee of 300 research organization. By the 1980’s, 60% of SRl’s contracts were devoted to “Futurism” with both military and civilian applications. Its major clients were the U.S. Department of Defense-Directorate of Defense Research and Engineering, Office of Aerospace Research which dealt with “Applications of the Behavioral Sciences to Research Management,” Executive Office of the President, Office of Science and Technology, U.S. Department of Health. On behalf of the Department of Health, SRI ran a program called “Patterns in ESDEA Title I Reading Achievement Tests.” Other clients were the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Science Foundation (NSF). Of significance was the paper developed for NSF, entitled “Assessment of Future and International Problems.”

image 42
Click to read about Smart Cities: Urban Systems Associates, Inc.

Stanford Research, under the tutelage of Tavistock Institute in London, put together a far reaching and chilling system it called “Business Intelligence Program.” In excess of 600 companies in the U.S. and abroad became subscribers. The program covered research in Japanese Foreign Business Relations, Consumer Marketing in a Period of Change, The Mounting Challenge of International Terrorism, Sensory Evaluation in Consumer Products, Electronic Funds Transfer System, Opto-Electric Sensing, Exploratory Planning Methods, the U.S. Defense Industry and Capital Availability. Among the TOP Committee of 300 companies who became clients of this program were Bechtel Corporation (George Schultz was on its board), Hewlett Packard, TRW, Bank of America, Shell Company, RCA, Blyth, Eastman Dillon, Saga Foods Corporation, McDonnell Douglas, Crown Zellerbach, Wells Fargo Bank and Kaiser Industries.

IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP AND SEE WHAT LOCKSTEP IS REALLY ALL ABOUT! We can keep the good and throw out the bad. The first step is to know what they are doing, and EXPOSE all the lies we have been told!

There’s a new day dawning… and it’s not the one the dark lizards desire… it’s God’s Kingdom that’s Coming!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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