He’s ready are you? President Trump speaks in Manchester, New Hampshire! They’re ready to do what it takes to get Trump elected and Make America Great Again! President Trump comes out with straight facts on the condition of election politics and the set up for fraud. He is going after them dropping truth as usual…Continue readingPRESIDENT TRUMP 2024!

Influencer Wars – Game On!

President Trump takes 45 point lead in latest poll. Interesting number that 45 is?? President Donald Trump the 45th President of the United States of America, a Republic, is winning yet again with a whopping 45-point lead over his waning potential rival, Governor Ron DeSantis, R-Fla. What happens when he reaches a 47% lead? Or…Continue readingInfluencer Wars – Game On!

PRESIDENT TRUMP Draws Attention To Florida Legislation or Something Else?

WHAT WAS PRESIDENT TRUMP ANNOUNCING WHEN HE ASKED IF ANYONE WANTED TO EAT THE PIZZA HE TOOK A BITE OUT OF? Who thought this had a deeper message? Who caught the message? Do you really think that a man as meticulous as President Trump would ask if anyone wanted the pizza he took a bite…Continue readingPRESIDENT TRUMP Draws Attention To Florida Legislation or Something Else?

President Trump Speaks At Lee County GOP Lincoln/Reagan Dinner

Sold out crowd eager to hear President Trump with Right Side Broadcasting. Watch President Trump live on Right Side Broadcasting on Rumble! The turn out was filled with enthusiasm as Right Side interviewed attendees. Council Woman Patty Cummings from Cape Coral, Florida stated about Trump, “He tells you and he does it immediately and that’s…Continue readingPresident Trump Speaks At Lee County GOP Lincoln/Reagan Dinner

Trump Speaks at The NRA Annual Meeting

What was your favorite topic of the night? Mine was about the crazy Marxist prosecutors. Trump said: “And I am the one they don’t want to run against. That’s why they’re coming after me like this. If they wanted me to run they’d said… oh no, he is the most perfect human being we’ve ever…Continue readingTrump Speaks at The NRA Annual Meeting

Trump Gave 7 Hour Private Class To Letitia On Branding A Successful Business!

Most all of it was above her comprehension level! Thinking is not in her playbook. Yesterday, Trump was in the Red Queens court doing the “Peekaboo” thingy. Of which the Red Queen was out to expose her lack of knowledge! Obviously She has no understanding of “Brand Recognition”, and little business acumen for determining net…Continue readingTrump Gave 7 Hour Private Class To Letitia On Branding A Successful Business!

Tucker’s Historic Interview…

President Trump was the guest of Tucker Carlson on his Fox News show, tauted today as a “Historic Interview!” Well, every interview with President Trump is proving to be historic and today was definitely one for the history books! At least for the Trump Album of all time favorites! Trump told us many and gave…Continue readingTucker’s Historic Interview…

Good Morning Friends

PRESIDENT TRUMP SAID EVERYTHING WILL BE FIXED SO FAST – YOUR HEAD WILL SPIN! DO YOU BELIEVE HIM? It’s GO TIME!!! NEW MUST LISTEN! President Trump built a strong world alliance! Together, the alliance are on the front lines battling all of the KM Oligarchs! The crooked fiat banking system is going down, along with…Continue readingGood Morning Friends

The Big Bad Boogie Monsters Part II

The bottom line … this is a military operation, but you have to think “Black List”… espionage and CIA undercover five minute masks! It is that type of military sting. It is a spy operation. Along with Space Force Cyber Command back up and armed troops when needed. Infiltration is different than raiding. Think operation…Continue readingThe Big Bad Boogie Monsters Part II

Today’s Message Is Clear…Wake UP!

It Is Time! Where ever you get your information and motivation, the bottom line is – where we go one, we go all! We are now a nation in decline and in the heat of the storm! What President Trump said about the Q movement in August of 2020. “They like me very much”… and…Continue readingToday’s Message Is Clear…Wake UP!