Trump and The New Movement…

We begin with a pause, a prayer and a song…… “What was that?” Seems to be the question many had regarding last night’s historic announcement for America… and the same one people woke up asking yet today. I had to back away from the announcement in order to sort through the message. My discernment says…Continue readingTrump and The New Movement…

World Awaits Pres. Trump’s Announcement! Meanwhile Biden Missing at G-20 Dinner?

How to Watch Trump’s Expected 2024 Announcement… President Trump’s announcement will be given from Mar-a-Lago at 9:00 p.m. EST. You can view the announcement on Right Side Broadcasting live, via the Right Side Broadcasting YouTube channel. You can also watch it on President Trump’s account on Rumble, and on Fox News. Click to watch Rightside live link:…Continue readingWorld Awaits Pres. Trump’s Announcement! Meanwhile Biden Missing at G-20 Dinner?

President Trump Will Make History Today.

That is what President Trump said- “Hopefully, tomorrow will turn out to be one of the most important days in the history of our Country!“ – President Donald J. Trump Now I ask you… what would be ONE of the MOST IMPORTANT DAYS in the HISTORY of our COUNTRY? We know Trump is a history…Continue readingPresident Trump Will Make History Today.

President Trump Is About To Pull His Trump Card!

Allegory… definition: displaying a moral or truth by symbols in a story. Symbols are an emblem, token, sign, representation, figure, image, type, metaphor. THEN THERE IS DOT CONNECTING…. Connect the dots is a game children can play … as an adult we play it in real life to see the big picture. But there are…Continue readingPresident Trump Is About To Pull His Trump Card!

President Trump is Hunting RINOS…

It’s RINO SEASON and Trump is on the hunt. How many trophys does he have so far? I hear it’s a good haul and he’s just started! If you haven’t figured out what President Trump is doing yet, you soon will. There are a lot of globalists running for offices and lots of globalists sitting…Continue readingPresident Trump is Hunting RINOS…

Is Uncle Sam’s Bankman Fried?

As Crypto currency burns… and dark money comes out into the light… we follow the offshore money into the ZONE OF ______? No return on investment? Or what say you? ALERT 🚨 Most tracked flight right now is of the founder and former CEO of FTX, flight is en route to Argentina after the FTX…Continue readingIs Uncle Sam’s Bankman Fried?

State of the Union-The Art of The Steal….

That could be the title of a new book by Joey Avatar’s KM Oligarch handlers. Add a tag line of “What’s in your puppet’s head?” and you got a #1 best seller for Amazon. Which bring us to…What fake story do we chase after today in order to avoid the real story that is in…Continue readingState of the Union-The Art of The Steal….


Governor Ron DeSantis is still shining like the sun over Florida! At around 8 minutes in… DeSantis speaks after his projected win! GOVERNORS ARE RIDING A RED WAVE ACROSS THE USA! Sarah Huckabee Sanders wins Governor race for Arkansas! Reynolds Keeps her Governor’s Seat in Iowa! Governor Gordon wins another term in Wyoming! Governor Noem…Continue readingELECTION RESULTS! DESANTIS- LANDSLIDE VICTORY!

It’s Time To VOTE!

This election day is historical and it will be one that changes EVERYTHING! One way or the other… we are about to rock! If it is fair… we will hear how it wasn’t…and if it is rigged we will hear how it wasn’t. The deciding factor of who wins will be HONEST PEOPLE WHO VOTED…Continue readingIt’s Time To VOTE!

TRUTH! TRUMP Rally Dayton, Ohio While US Troops Deploy To Ukraine!

Trump won the 2020 election. The COVID Pandemic was a fraud, vaccines are toxic with graphene, RESET is Global Tyranny, Deep State is infiltrated world wide, child trafficking is real, and there is more potassium in a potato than in a banana! MORE TRUTH …. Pentagon has deployed active-duty military personnel in Ukraine. This is…Continue readingTRUTH! TRUMP Rally Dayton, Ohio While US Troops Deploy To Ukraine!