Haley Blames Trump For Biden’s Low Military ‘Woke’ Recruitment?

She appears to have created her own fictitious war world and puts Trump to blame for Biden’s low ‘woke’ recruitment numbers as she rewrites facts and twists the truth into a pretzel. Then takes a bite out of it! How can Nikki possibly, even remotely, dare to say such a thing? Seriously Nikki? Low recruitment…Continue readingHaley Blames Trump For Biden’s Low Military ‘Woke’ Recruitment?


For those who say, “I’m so glad I’m awake and not a normie”, the time has come to ask the question… What’s a normie?  Who coined that label? What’s awake?  Who coined that label? In this war of testing, there are psyops and many psychiatric professionals have been organized into task forces to analyze the…Continue readingWHAT’S A NORMIE?

You Might Be A Terrorist If….??????

If you don’t support “woke” you are now a domestic terrorist? Good Grief! It’s no longer just if you support Trump, God, Guns, and love your country add to that list – if you aren’t woke! The globalists are losing and everything they are doing now is coming back on their own heads! While the…Continue readingYou Might Be A Terrorist If….??????