You Might Be A Terrorist If….??????

If you don’t support “woke” you are now a domestic terrorist? Good Grief!

It’s no longer just if you support Trump, God, Guns, and love your country add to that list – if you aren’t woke!

The globalists are losing and everything they are doing now is coming back on their own heads!

While the general public has had the rainbow woke shoved in their faces where they shop and the beer they drink… it has proven to be a money loser for the woke companies who have been controlled by BlackRock to do whatever the thing is they were told to do. They are now calling it “American consumer rebellion” and fake news is supporting their puppet masters by calling said consumers who refuse to buy from woke stores selling woke products… wait for it… drum roll…. they are now the new domestic enemy called “ECONOMIC TERRORISTS”.

The establishment is not happy with the consumer who thinks for themself. It’s costing them billions! Corporations like Disney, Anheuser-Busch and Target are plunging in profits, losing billions because people aren’t buying into any form of support for companies who support trans indoctrination of children. Simply put, they’re not going to take it anymore! The line in the sand has not only been drawn, it has been crossed.

Major money lenders have weaponized banking to their own demise …. their idea of forced culture change via forced consuming is backfiring.

An article titled, “ESG Dystopia: Why Corporations Are Doubling Down On Woke Even As They Lose Billions”, gives a report on the very vain and pompous KM Oligarch Money Puppets at BlackRock and Vanguard. These stockmarket Wizards are handlers for what is now called, ESG (Environment, Social, Governance). ESG is becoming a well known term and is, at bottom, a form of “impact investing” – Meaning, major lenders such as Blackrock or Carlyle Group, or think-tanks like the Ford Foundation, seek to control societal outcomes using lending as leverage. Watch the video HERE featuring the Ford Foundation’s head of “mission investments” to get a basic understanding of what ESG really is:  Social engineering.

Now why would the hedge fund world be involved in Social engineering? Especially into pedophilia and transgender type of social pushing?

Excerpts from the article in the Discern Report:

“With conservative boycotts far more effective than leftist boycotts ever were, the movement makes evident that the political left is a paper tiger and that conservatives and independents have the real majority power in the US.  In response, the media is claiming that this movement is a form of “economic terrorism.” That is to say, if you refuse to support the woke hive mind with your wallet, you should be considered domestic enemy.

“In the past, lenders would base their financing standards on good credit scores and the likelihood of return on investment. If you had a business with a history of solid returns and worthy collateral then you would probably get whatever loans you needed. Today, however, lenders are trying to set political and ideological terms for companies seeking to obtain financing. You must signal your virtue to get access to money, and this includes supporting climate and carbon initiatives, reorganizing your labor based on diversity and inclusion rules, even promoting LGBT activism might be a big factor in your next infusion of cash.

The higher your ESG score, the more likely it is that you will qualify for access to debt. This is part of the reason why a large array of corporations are increasingly jumping on the “pride month” bandwagon. All they have to do is slap some rainbows on some products or commercials or publicly defend the trans grooming of children and suddenly they are golden for another year of subsidized funds.

“But what happens in a world where consumer loyalty is no longer a guarantee and the public stops buying from chains that promote woke concepts? What happens when going woke also means going broke? Is ESG cash really worth losing half your customers or more? Read full story here: ESG Dystopia: Why Corporations Are Doubling Down On Woke Even As They Lose Billions – Discern Report

It’s time to end the Federal Reserve’s System and stop the corruption on Wall Street. The banksters have now gone way to far with their loyalty to WEF and Western Central Banks who have control over the world finances like a Monopoly board game. But, their days are numbered and this is all they got to throw at the market place right now. The BRICS are quickly leveling the playing field and one upping the Wall Street Wizards.

Recently Florida state treasury has removed BlackRock as manager of roughly $600 million in short-term investments and have its custody bank freeze about $1.43 billion in long-term securities. The decision was first reported by Reuters. Read: Florida yanks $2B from ‘woke’ BlackRock over ‘social-engineering’ (

Which bring us to….
Renato Cunha reports that the US Corporation really did go bankrupt earlier this month! He states that what we have been watching on our so-called news is corporate theatrical performances. The evidence for this is clear.

“The first thing to notice”, says Cunha, “Is that Washington DC remains a ghost town. As this news item confirms, US Government workers “are choosing to stay home, perhaps for good, leaving vast federal offices empty and the city struggling.”

Cunha presents an article titled, “US capital sputters as federal workers stay home.” The article shows DC virtually a ghost town compared to the bustling center of government it once was.

image 115
Pennsylvania Avenue, in the heart of Washington, is seen in July 2022 (Daniel SLIM)

The article shows that according to the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) the federal government occupies almost a quarter of commercial property in the downtown area. Historically it has been the “economic engine” of the city, and now it has vacancy rates at record highs and the work force is not there. So where are they? Why are the Federal Offices half empty and why has the White House had little to zero activity since Biden stole the election?

Everything points to Renato Cunha being correct with his bankrupt USA, Inc. assessment!

The article reports, “The city is forecast to lose close to half a billion dollars in revenue over the next three years due to “declines in property tax revenue from large office buildings, driven by enduring remote and hybrid work,” according to an estimate from the office of Washington’s chief financial officer, Glen Lee.

“The city’s newly-reelected Democratic Mayor, Muriel Bowser, has urged the White House to take “decisive action” to either bring federal workers back to their desks, or allow other businesses to make use of the office space the government currently uses.” Read: US capital sputters as federal workers stay home (

My, my, my … since when does a Mayor get to tell the Federal government to rent out its empty office space to “OTHER BUSINESSES”. Good grief it that doesn’t look like something is serious in D.C. nothing does. So, the Mayor was cool with protests and ANTIFA fires… and just now finds herself concerned for her city? I say… the chickens have come home to roost and she can deal with it. It’s bankrupt Bowser… BANKRUPT! IT’S ALL BUT OVER…REAP WHAT YOU HAVE CONJURED UP! J-6 didn’t work out so well for ya all now did it?

Meanwhile President Trump has the world on the edge of their seats waiting to see what happens today in court!

ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow – discusses the Trump arraignment and what to expect from today’s proceedings.

Sekulow has personally worked on the Trump legal team in the past and provides expert analysis. Listen to him and his special guests Rev. Pat Mahoney as well as Senior Advisor for National Security, and Foreign Policy Ric Grenell, and ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo .

The demise of DC is on the horizon. It’s broke, it’s half empty, and it’s corrupt. It’s time to have our President back and stop the ones who have stolen the election and most of all… it’s time to stop playing the Central Casting games! Arrests and Tribunals are on the horizon! And not for good people. It’s for the bad ones who are out to kill, steal and destroy.

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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