Is it Klaus Schwab’s have nothing and be happy? Or do they even have one? More than half an inch of rain did the burning man in. Do they have a plan B? C? D? or are did they go straight to plan F as in FAIL? So much for the wind fires… it’s hard…Continue readingBURNING MAN’S PLAN B?

Barbie X and Hollywood X, Fashion X, and Everything X!

Hollywood Barbie brought to you by Mattel… or is that the other way around? If you think this is just a crazy movie for Barbie enthusiasts… you are dead wrong! Maybe it’s because I’ve been down so many rabbit holes but this appears to be grooming for the new 15 minute smart cities, and no…Continue readingBarbie X and Hollywood X, Fashion X, and Everything X!

Hari Kari… or Something Else?

The Truth Channel posted a video yesterday titled, “Fox News Matches Donations to Satanic Temple”. WHAT? YIKES! “Whistleblowers within FOX report to Blaze Media that FOX News is using their employee app to match donations to the satanic temple. In the 50s and 60s the ClA worried about UFO groups becoming honey holes for Communists…Continue readingHari Kari… or Something Else?

The Secret Names And All Their Games Are Getting Exposed!

Why hasn’t anyone been talking about this during the entire time it’s been going down? Come on podcasters… start exposing this! THE MILLER ACT NOTICE—THE smoking gun in the social media disinformation campaign! PERPETRATORS OF THIS EPIC FRAUD will face justice! This isn’t a new story, it’s just another one of those truths that implicate…Continue readingThe Secret Names And All Their Games Are Getting Exposed!

James Crown and The Chicago Machine…

It’s bigger than we thought! It’s a Global Hub! James Crown, a billionaire JPMorgan board member who belonged to one of the US’ richest families, died in a racing crash on his 70th birthday! A memo from JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon, was seen and reported by Reuters as saying that board member Jim Crown…Continue readingJames Crown and The Chicago Machine…


Lots of things are happening… it’s just not happening the way fake news says! In this April Fools time warp we have people who are no longer the original person they were born as. We aren’t talking transgendering… we are talking about those who have been removed and had something else put in their place.…Continue readingIT’S SHOWTIME!

Discern Everything…Hold To Truth!

Don’t play the show games, call everything by the name it is. If it’s fake…shout fake. If it’s a rubber mask…call it a rubber mask. If it is real, call it real. If it’s evil, call it evil, and if it’s good, call it good! Stay in reality and don’t get caught up in believing…Continue readingDiscern Everything…Hold To Truth!

How Do You Depopulate The Earth Peacefully?

You simply don’t. It isn’t possible. But yet, that is exactly what the mutant “lizard people” have planned to do! Did you ever just know something was true and had a hard time having anyone believe it? If you have, then welcome to my world. So often if you hear a thing from someone that…Continue readingHow Do You Depopulate The Earth Peacefully?

You Might Be A Terrorist If….??????

If you don’t support “woke” you are now a domestic terrorist? Good Grief! It’s no longer just if you support Trump, God, Guns, and love your country add to that list – if you aren’t woke! The globalists are losing and everything they are doing now is coming back on their own heads! While the…Continue readingYou Might Be A Terrorist If….??????