Super Tuesday Is Here!

Get out and vote is the call and overwhelm the minority which happens to actually be the KM Oligarchs and their minions! The minority in all democracy has always been the 1%!

Looking back at history and all the little reasoners who reasoned what the new little nation needed in order to be a great nation is like reading the road map to Babylon the Great. Divide and conquer was the call, and divide they did and yet still do. But who was really behind the division?

A sneak back into time and into the doctrine of discovery which was a more clean name for “Dum Diversas”, which allowed any discoverer the right to kill, steal and destroy any people on any land, anywhere in the world that was not a Christian nation. Which gave a clean slate to go out and plop a flag anywhere the European nations wanted. I ask you, just how far different is this from what has taken place in the last 200 years in all the wars we have fought? For that matter, what is the difference in any war ever fought since that decree was set forth?

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From the East India Company to the Spice Routes, and all the lands filled with resources… just what did the founding fathers seek and for whom did they seek it?

We covered a lot of bullet points on the indigenous people in lands that were deemed “uncivilized”, therefore deemed heathen in nature and up for grabs by the wise men of “reason”… the same wise men of “Reason” who by their mercy allowed many to live as slaves for the richest of the wise to be fed in return for their labor. Oh how blessed was the world to have such an age of reason of the 1% who could write such ideas with pen and parchment to free others that they desired to place in their new world of order… now known as the AGE of “REASON”.

Now, if that sounds a bit like Karl Marx… it is not intended to be so, it just merely shows how the sly wolf writings of that man fed the belly of those who were on the low end of the food chain and why it worked so well in the age of “REASON” and the movement to further divide and conquer.

The 1% Club then and now….

Who was the real minority the founding fathers were so concerned with?  It’s looking like the 1% club has always been the minority that the laws were made to protect.

These men of reason had come to be known as “statesman”.

Defining a statesman? Webster defines a statesman as one versed in the principles or art of government. It is a noun that by definition is a skilled, experienced, and respected political leader or figure: Used in a sentence: “guests included members of the European royal families, diplomats, and statesmen”. i.e. 1%.

Which bring us to one of the most renown of all “stateman”, Benjamin Franklin.

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Ben Franklin an inventor and a statesman had fun playing the intellectual and being part of orchestrating an entirely new government. He and many of his fellows were comparative to modern day scholars who think they know so much because of their own idea of self-importance and ability to “Reason”. Franklin’s idea of education in the higher sense and his secret friends in secret societies of which he had his hands in several, or so it is said that he did, made him valuable in negotiating terms and conditions he or others favored.  The thrill of forming a system of governing was something that excited him and was right up his alley. If any mistakes were made, or ideas not working out, well he could care less as his heart was with the societies and his seat was melded with that of the French, or so it appeared in many stories that leaked.

Now Franklin was born in Boston Massachusetts whose father was from England. He achieved much success as a leading writer, scientist, inventor, statesman, diplomat, printer, publisher, political philosopher and above all one of the founding fathers of the United States. We are told all the wonderful tales of this great man who almost walked on water.

In an article titled, “Reconciling Deism and Puritanism in Benjamin Franklin”, by Thomas S. Kidd, he states the following:

Excerpts: “Americans incessantly debate the role of religion in our nation’s origins. Was America founded as a Christian nation? Or was the American Revolution mostly championed by Enlightenment skeptics?

“Some of the Founders, such as George Washington, spoke highly of religion, but their personal beliefs were unclear. The faith of Benjamin Franklin, however, would seem to be an easy call. He was a “deist.” We know so because he tells us in his celebrated Autobiography. Franklin grew up as the child of devout Puritans in Boston, and at one point they considered sending Ben to Harvard for training as a pastor. But the teenage Franklin’s voracious reading habits made him skeptical about his parents’ Calvinist convictions. His worried father gave him some anti-deist tracts to read, but they had a contrary effect than what was intended. Franklin thought the arguments for deism were stronger than the Christian polemics that his father preferred. “In short I soon became a thorough deist,” Franklin wrote.

So what is a deist? In short, a deist is belief in the existence of a supreme being, specifically of a creator who does not intervene in the universe. The term is used chiefly of an intellectual movement of the 17th and 18th centuries that accepted the existence of a creator on the basis of reason but rejected belief in a supernatural deity who interacts with humankind.

So whereas a person can say, I believe there is a divine creator, that does not mean that they believe in the words of the prophets, and or Jesus and the things of the Bible and Salvation. They have reasoned with their own minds that they are superior in intellect and not fools to the folly of looking to a divine creator who actually intervenes on his children’s behalf.

This I point out, not to cause a divide in opinion, but rather to show the world at the time of our founding fathers and the fact that all men indeed are created equal and in that are equal to the weakness of the flesh and misjudgment. There is little difference in the times of our founders and this very day except technology and the advancement of the global world ideology. We do not know what were in the hearts of men then, any more than we can say that we do now. God works through people in many ways for his purpose. Know also that no one can judge the heart except for God and God alone. The goal here is to come to the knowledge of the truth and not be subject to falsehoods and deceit by clever and or vain philosophies of men.

Which bring us to the age of reason… everything rested on reason and dealing as reasonable men. Similar to that of Solomon and his fleshly reason as all men have, but not on par with Wisdom which is from God, i.e. the Holy Spirit. Of which Solomon when he reasoned within himself what to ask for, he chose to ask for Wisdom to govern the people. He chose wisdom above all the things he could have asked for. Of which if Wisdom was no greater than reason, I am certain Solomon would have never asked for that, do you? Of which God gave him Wisdom, which we read is far superior than any reason man can ever muster up for himself. God’s ways are certainly not man’s ways.

Thank you to Lin Wood for sharing the works of Dr. Charles Stanley. His truths are so timely for all of us in this hour.

Man is at war with dark forces who work through willing men in the flesh to carry out its bidding and always has been. i.e. Satan, the devil, dragon, serpent, Lucifer.

That all being said, we are left with the same questions of good versus evil and the question of how can man on his own have any such moral compass to do what is good for his fellow man without any idea of what is in it for him in return? (They simply can’t without God Almighty. That is why the world is in such a divided mess.)

Where was the moral compass of reason when it came to reasoning the words of the Papal Bull of “Dum Diversas”? Where was the words of reason when it came to enslaving other men? Where was the words of reason when it came to taking what did not belong to you just because you desired it for your own use? Things like other peoples lands? Or other peoples monies? Or other peoples liberties and their very lives? Why haven’t we read about the native American injustices in the mix of the founding fathers concerns about the minorities who needed protection? Why didn’t we read about the injustices of their own private property called slaves?

If you are among the 1% you would have been a minority that needed some extra protections against the majority who rather didn’t take kindly to such “reasoning” of the statesman. It has always been the same old battle strategy to divide and conquer and do this by withholding information or what is deemed the truth. Lies, myths and fables are what have been told to men and women by the 1% who love to reason and use slight of hand with others to get them to think the way they want them to think.

But, God’s ways are not man’s ways.

Walking about with the art of reasoning is not enough. At least not in this world. One must also have the art of alchemy or creating money out of nothing, of which this world is a master at doing. In addition, one needs to have a control of power of which wealth and the power that comes with such wealth always seems to find new recruits to come to a reasoning to gain some of it for themselves, even if it means doing the bidding for those who have it and dangle it in front of you … but only if you perform the required actions that they desire. Then, you just may be in the minority, but well below the upper rungs on the pyramid. Many sell out for very little and they never see that they have not been elevated at all, not one rung up the ladder. Such as Judas and his 30 pieces of silver that in the end he cast back at the feet of his masters who gave it to him and then went out and hung himself.

Matthew 27:3-5

Then Judas, which had betrayed him, when he saw that he was condemned, repented himself, and brought again the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders, Saying, I have sinned in that I have betrayed the innocent blood. And they said, What is that to us? see thou to that. And he cast down the pieces of silver in the temple, and departed, and went and hanged himself.

The most chilling words in this scripture are from the plotters of the evil scheme. “What is that to us?” Indeed, what is that to any of those who dole out the coins to those they pay to do evil? They have no moral compass and no desire to believe in anything except their own desires of the world. Their own “REASON”. Be it their reason to perform a thing, or their idea of the perfect set up… what ever reasoning they give it… it is not of God it is man’s “reason”. Such is vanity.

I want to thank again Lin Wood for introducing Dr. Charles Stanley to us. His sermons are so timely for this very day. Please take the time to listen later. Smile.

That being said, I recently read a piece on such reasoning regarding the words of Solomon on Wisdom as he referred to Wisdom as a “her” in the feminine. The scholarly seminary mind reasoned that since poets use the feminine in poetry, that the scriptures of Solomon and many of the other prophets must have been written as poetry and not as prophetic truths. As I read more and more of the reasoning… it sickened me beyond any discovery channel documentary I had ever watched or anything I had ever heard from a ministry standpoint to belittle the Holy Word of God.

To have the proverbs and wisdom given to Solomon by God in all of his writings, including Ecclesiastics reduced to poetry of men was beyond blasphemy. And to do so because they could not deny the original gender specific pronouns as being what they were… she and her… well that topped off the state of man and his age of reason for me. When you listen to their arguments, they are weak, and they hold no weight except that little that they put onto it with their own little mindset. But when he also delved into other scriptures to weaken them with the same mindset such as even in Deuteronomy and words of Moses also being poetic… well it had Satan’s signature written all over it.

So what is left to say except to come out from her my people for the goal of the world is to deceive and lie until they can divide and conquer and in so doing, kill, steal and destroy everything that speaks truth and the Word of God. For that is and always has been the real enemy here… that of the fallen and anti-God, anti-Christ, and anti-God’s children and all of God’s creation.

That being said, this land and all the nations upon this earth are now at a crossroads of going to the left or the right.

The way forward is unity in the Lord Thy God. We The People who honor the banner of a flag that represents liberty and justice for all, must now put that ideal into solid formation. We put our trust not in a flag, which is a man-made banner, but in a people called by God’s name, all coming together as one people with God given inalienable rights which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of Godly happiness. True freedom to be as God intended all mankind to be.

That being said, voting is a peaceful weapon of the voice of the people. The left appear to feel that in and of itself is an insurrection. That should tell every one of us the truth of what we are standing up against. It is not a party… it is the dark forces of principalities and powers in dark places. I believe the revolutionary war has never ended and we are as Lin Wood has said many times…. “It’s 1776 all over again!” Only now our eyes are opened and we see it! The United States is about to finally gain its true independence and break away from the chains of the 1% who have controlled her from her inception. Get out and vote!

Trump’s speech starts at 49 minutes in.


Fifteen states will vote on Tuesday. Here’s the LINK to the list with links to find your polling location in your state: Super Tuesday | Donald J. Trump (



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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