President Trump Wants To Know Why Nikki Thinks She Won Iowa Last Night?

Should someone tell her that coming in 3rd with low numbers isn’t winning or shall we just let her continue to look STUPID?

Whoever is advising Nikki Nimrada needs to know the Jedi fake news mind control tricks aren’t working because people have left the “ENJOY THE SHOW”, and now know they are in what the military calls “LIVE THEATER” in a “REAL WAR”! Maybe I should write a headline that says the matrix has fallen and the GOP have been crushed beneath it? Nah… let them think their A.I. infrastructure is still in place.

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That being said, if you have looked at the headlines today, you will see all the lies, gaslighting and wonder what Iowa Caucus Haley was at for it sure wasn’t the one you watched. You will also undoubtedly wonder how long the fake news thinks they can continue to twist the truth into pretzels and crumble it up before our faces and think we are believing any of it?

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Meanwhile, Trump is pointing out the hidden nature inside the souls of the ones spinning their garble as though it were a truth. Nikli Haley is wandering around in a trance and seems to believe that she is in a neck to neck two party race and even fake news is scratching their fake heads trying to figure out how to read their scripts with a straight face. It takes a special kind of liar to say such things and actually argue it with anything sound to even come close to being somewhat believable and they, at  this time have no legs… and no belly to even crawl upon.

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That being said, the real Nikki Nimrada Haley, is the one who eagerly tore down the historic sites and monuments that made South Carolina the tourist attraction that it was, let alone told the history of the Civil War.

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So as she gives her bla, bla, bla on how she will insure a faster immigration process that is legal for all the illegals to enter the US, as though there isn’t or never was a process in place? It’s called “legal immigration” and there are steps to take. But, she must not like it because her campaign script reads all over the place. Her double talk gets spewed between tear down that border wall that Trump built (a rather reverse Gorbachev tear down that wall Reagan speech), and we see her foreign globalist claws digging in, while she, herself, is a bit unclear on all of it. Trying hard to ride the Trump supporters desire to stop the border invasion… and not call it an invasion?  And on her forehead is a big fat R for RINO.  It appears this is the year that just may usher in the end of the two party system.

They push fear for that is what they have the most to give!

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The ruler of this world works by entering into your mind. It has many ways to do this and as long as you listen to your fake news abusers… you can expect to be abused.

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DeSantis is already talking about endorsing a third party candidate. That is another trick they use to divide the votes up so the alternative can win. Guess with DeSantis he doesn’t mind four more years of the mindless Biden, AKA Clone ruler of the Global Supreme Force.  I can’t really call that thing a man, and certainly not a president, and wonder where the real Biden 1.0 went (although I have my own ideas on that and pretty sure I’m right). But, Dems and RINOs have pretty much accepted that shell of a clone as their president for they certainly cover up for his gafs and entire fake presidency. They truly count on the masses to believe all the things they say that make no sense, just because they said so.

But then again, that’s all starting to change. Things are so bad that the evil in the system is waving like a bright red flag and there are more today who see through the lies than ever before.

image 199

Her neck to neck runoff… is like a stalled car floating in the standing water in a flood zone. Who will come to tow her out? It appears, the puppet masters are out of strings.

Where do they even get their scripts to make Trump’s Iowa landslide turn into an election loss if the election were held today?  I mean the low ratings for their fantastic primary GOP debates was shameful at best and cringe worthy – like swirling in the toilet type cringe at worst.  The gathering for their rallys are just as bad and they are running on a wrap up smear that looks like melted lipstick on a pig.

Which brings out another strong point to ponder… if the fake news is pushing these losers… then you know it’s very bad and they are the RINOs who will do the bidding of the globalists.

image 200

I remember when Trump pulled Nikki out of South Carolina Governor’s seat to be ambassador for the global UN. When people asked why? I said then it was to save South Carolina from further damage. Not to long ago, Trump affirmed that appointment for that very reason. He knew the snake when he did it.  The state of South Carolina didn’t need ANTIFA, she was doing all the dismantling all by herself.

Some of Trump’s appointments were specifically designed to call out the slitherings and put them in the public eye so all could see them. Just like he did Bolton, General Mattis, Pence and many others.  The question is… who were they all and how many are now 2.0’s?  I’m sure he got all the traitors to the constitution in the process. He kept his friends close and his enemies closer.

President Trump made brilliant chess moves as the leakers leaked, and thought they were so very smart  and never saw the traps and snares. He’s still doing it and is exposing them all one by one on Federal, State, and local government levels. Not to mention his international blows to the ilk trying to build their global Babylon the not so great.

Meanwhile, enter Lin Wood…

image 201

Lin Wood has been spot on with all of his updates on who’s who in a world where doubles have seemed to taken over. In addition to spotting such “looks a lot like, but not quite like” cameo appearances from doubles, and clones, he is also very good at spotting the shills who spew their own go fund me tales, also known as “wolves in sheep’s clothing”. He calls out their bla, bla, bla rhetoric before the masses catch on!

Here are a few of Lin’s sightings of the most recent new looks for some of the so called well knowns:

image 203

If you ever wonder what is happening to these people… you are not alone. Keep digging and you will start to connect some very important big and fat dots.

image 204

And Nikki Haley is hot on the burn circuit… and yes she’s on fire… and the birdbrain is fried and like a deer in the headlights… she’s about to get run over.

image 205

Lin has eyes that see and ears that hear and he can spot a shill now better than ever before. He has learned to ask God what is this BEFORE he let’s his big fat heart reach out to help every TARE in the field. Lin is shining wheat. Wheat and tares grow together but that doesn’t mean wheat hangs out with them, nor does it mean they allow themselves to get pulled into their tangled snares.

image 206

You will know them by their fruit. Words are cheap, and lying words are down right trouble.

image 207

Beware of disinformation agents who are very real thorns in the side of  humanity.

image 208

That all being said… we close with one good tip, just in case you are without power.

image 209



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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