Who’s in Charge? It appears the Simpsons Programming was intercepted. Or was it something else?

The script writers are out of control and all the Lizard people are out of frogs that can think! They are stuck with their rinse and repeat going through a new wringer in an entirely different wash cycle!

The Big Eclipse has arrived, traveled its course and now it’s the morning afterโ€ฆ. So far it has been a big nothing burger? At least as far as major calamity. Was the “big once in a lifetime event” intercepted or was it just a drill to test how the people would respond to a dire warning of mixed messages? You know, like “have fun at your event and be safe” while at the same time we hear “national guard sent due to high alert of possible terrorist activity”? Whatever it was, I am sure it included a lot of data collecting to see how the people react to and follow different command prompts?

Some speculate there was a Space Force Command in full action to intercept the wicked and dark plans of a deep state cabal. What do you believe took place in the realm we are in called life on this earth?

Yesterday, President Trump re-truthed Dan Scavino’s message….

What was your reaction?

Did you understand why President Trump announced the end of child sacrifice yesterday, April 8th 2024?

Many things were said and done up to and after the event …

Tucker noted that the script writers of “grim news” is losing their “America is crumbling and collapsing” propaganda war and many people are now waking up to the fact that fake news is fake and not listening to them anymore.

image 33

The many pictures and pseudo science bla, bla, bla, is now being exposed for the sausage grinding that it is!

People are trying to figure out what they saw? Who is truthing and who is not?


Two Suns? Why is that? Just asking….

We pause in order to understand the plan. It isn’t new. It is just now being heard for what it has been all along. Do you have ears to hear?

That was not supposed to happen… oops.

One last thing…

To believe or not to believe. Spiritual warfare is real. Ending human and child trafficking is at the heart of this major battle.

While we were preparing for the total solar eclipse we had congress busy with more aid to Ukraine and other exposures…

Which bring us back to the real issues…

A bit of truth you aren’t supposed to know about. Yet, we all seem to know because we are living in its midst???

So now they are saying to everyone who watched the eclipse…you have 7 days. I’m sure after that there will be 7 more days, and then 7 more after that?

Put your faith in God and not man, and believe not the fake news scripts, nor the fake news podcaster scripts from the same writers (just different versions). Whatever they gained from their roll out, we do know one thing is true… the deep state failed to achieve their desired goal. People are waking up and asking lots of hard questions. This is a worldwide awakening and once people are awake they cannot go back to sleep.

Elon Musk sticks his neck out an exposes corrupt mandates…

Yesterday Elon Musk of X revealed that Judge Alexander gave him orders to suspend and or censor accounts of elected parliamentarians and respected journalists which is not just a direct attack on free speech, freedom of the press and the right to information, it is an eye opener as to how this is done by dark sided officials. Elon of X stated that the company was supposed to hide this legal harassment against X under its own rules of privacy. Elon Musk exposed the mandates of the alleged Judge Alexander openly for the world to see.

image 34

These people all seem to look alike anymore. What do you think?

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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