So Who’s Being Brain Washed Exactly?

So here we go… the last of the liar schemes and the one that they have rested all their bets on…. CLIMATE CHANGE. And MTG is into the planet rotating around the sun, spinning like a top. So what is worse…believing the earth will explode because it’s a climate changing planet that needs to rid…Continue readingSo Who’s Being Brain Washed Exactly?

The Ministry of Truth Psyop Bubble Has Burst…

It’s sick, it’s twisted, it’s pagan, it’s Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome! It’s Biden’s Ministry of Truth, it’s Orwellian 1984! It’s Black Rock City Burning Man! Trump, TRUTH and all of God’s children are merely in the way. It’s all making sense now because everything is designed to make no sense! It’s all designed by…Continue readingThe Ministry of Truth Psyop Bubble Has Burst…

G.O.D. Project Even Has Podcasters!

Who knew that podcasters would truly steal the show and be the real mainstream news? In my last blog I spoke of the script and book “The G.O.D. Project”. Because of the comments and timing of the entire world of events in which we are now living out… I decided to show a section of…Continue readingG.O.D. Project Even Has Podcasters!


Is it Klaus Schwab’s have nothing and be happy? Or do they even have one? More than half an inch of rain did the burning man in. Do they have a plan B? C? D? or are did they go straight to plan F as in FAIL? So much for the wind fires… it’s hard…Continue readingBURNING MAN’S PLAN B?

What Is This  Piedmont  Atlantic  Megalopolis [PAM]?

And what on earth is the new Southeast SuperCity Region? When were they going to tell us about this? Suddenly, and just like that… the weather wars are beginning to make more sense in its tactical battle strategy! It’s appearing to take direct aim at achieving multiple goals. What are they trying to tell us…Continue readingWhat Is This  Piedmont  Atlantic  Megalopolis [PAM]?

Live Theater Is A Military Term…

In warfare, a theater or theatre is an area in which important military events occur or are in progress.  A theater can include the entirety of the airspace, land and sea area that is or that may potentially become involved in war operations. Welcome to the SHOW! We are at war. Theater of operations Theater of operations (TO) is a sub-area…Continue readingLive Theater Is A Military Term…

Will Someone Please Put Biden Back In The Basement?

Biden says climate crisis is undeniable after Hurricane Idalia damage – HE LIES! “I don’t think anybody can deny the impact of the climate crisis anymore,” Biden told reporters at the White House. “Just look around. Historic floods. I mean, historic floods. More intense droughts, extreme heat, significant wildfires have caused significant damage.” Well Joey……Continue readingWill Someone Please Put Biden Back In The Basement?


ARE YOU SICK OF FALSE FLAGS? I SURE AM! Pay no attention to the hurricanes making landfall and everybody come look at this helicopter crash… Tell me how wrong this all is. Wait til you see the two pilots who are crawling on their elbows to be rescued by ladder after they ‘SOMEHOW’ CRAWLED UP…Continue readingLOOK ANOTHER SQUIRREL!

President Trump Did Not Say or Do Those Things!

You will know the psyops by their fruits! It has come to my attention that one of the latest psyops being presented to diminish the great work of President Trump to Americans is that he sold out to the World Economic Forum and he didn’t do anything as C.I.C. to help Maui. Well the podcaster…Continue readingPresident Trump Did Not Say or Do Those Things!

It’s A Politically Motivated Witch Hunt!

And now they are burning the entire world at the stake! HAWAII IS A STATE…Why is the Biden regime acting like it’s some China island in the Pacific and treating it like a third world country while kissing the butt of Ukraine?Who will stop the lawlessness and arrest the ones who committed crimes against humanity?…Continue readingIt’s A Politically Motivated Witch Hunt!