Ode To The Show

Wolves, Possum, Vipers, and Lions – Oh My! Where is truth? Regardless of where you are with eyes to see and ears to hear… you are in the war whether you want to be or not. The reality is this. As much as you would like to wake up and not remember a thing (which…Continue readingOde To The Show


Most people have no idea that their City just might be part of the New World Order…RESET!  They are not aware; they believe their Mayor and City Council is just doing the right thing for their city with innovative programs. Or the voters are complaining because they aren’t doing the constitutional thing, especially with COVID…Continue readingUNITED NATIONS AND YOUR CITY! 

Who’s In Charge? Who’s Being Charged?

That depends on how the word charge is used to describe what its action is! In the situation the world is now in… it appears the word Charged is being used as in the old fashion way of early 13c., “to load, put a burden on or in; fill with something to be retained,” from…Continue readingWho’s In Charge? Who’s Being Charged?

Free Speech Now Versus Then…

For those who wonder what they did before social media…trust me FREE SPEECH was pushed to the max. It was often skewed, pointed, and relentlessly aimed at the opponent in politics. In fact… many political campaign cartoons and ads would never have passed the Twitter Fact Checkers, nor any social media standards. Yet, we all…Continue readingFree Speech Now Versus Then…

Lawrence Sellin Speaks His Opinion on Snake Venom…

Joe Hoft of Gateway Pundit put out an article on April 21, 2022 giving an opinion platform on the most recent controversial subject put out there by a man named Dr. Ardis and pushed on alternative media podcaster’s platforms and internet articles. Hoft titled the story: Lawrence Sellin: No COVID-19 is Not a Snake Venom…Continue readingLawrence Sellin Speaks His Opinion on Snake Venom…

Ask Questions And Discern All Things!

Be not deceived! Truth is Power! One of our guests had questions of Paul Oebel and his recent passing. The truth behind that story is still a private matter. However, we catch a glimpse of what is taking place in a recent video by Christopher McDonald with Mark Tayor and Dr. Etienne Graves. The video…Continue readingAsk Questions And Discern All Things!

Another Lin Wood Reveal…This One is 2000 Mules and Some Donkeys!

Lin Wood, [4/4/2022 9:47 PM][Forwarded from Brian Cates – Political Columnist ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (Brian Cates)]🚨SNEAK PREVIEW OF MY NEW COLUMN!🚨 Here’s the opening of new column on the upcoming documentary film ‘2000 Mules’: For more than a year and a half since the November 2020 election, debate has raged over exactly how the Democrats pulled off…Continue readingAnother Lin Wood Reveal…This One is 2000 Mules and Some Donkeys!

BOOM! Arrests Were Made In November 2020- GITMO Barge FULL!

Text messages from Virginia Thomas show arrests were made in November 2020 including Biden and his crime family! Conspiracy or truth? Those of us who have been shouting about doubles and an empty White House, and empty chambers in Congress sure look like they are about to be validated that they were reading all the…Continue readingBOOM! Arrests Were Made In November 2020- GITMO Barge FULL!


Imagine a cork gun with a flag that pops out and says “Bang”. That’s Biden bot. The real guns are controlled by the Oligarchs! With all that is taking place today being St. Paddy’s day, and the Ukrainian Actress killed in a so called bombing by Russia,  topped off with authorities arresting 108 people connected…Continue readingBIDEN’S BIG BOOM-erang!

Standing Strong For The Kids!

Keep on PRESSING FORWARD….THERE IS NO STOPPING US – THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS COMING AS IT IS WRITTEN! Do you feel the Lord calling, do you feel His presence? Hold the line… come out from her my people and hold the line! Because this is the best thing that we’ve seen since this COVID…Continue readingStanding Strong For The Kids!