Justice Thomas Can Rule Independently On Election Fraud Cases!

Writ of Mandamus Approved for Florida’s 2022 General Election with a 2020 option!

From the Connecticut Centinal- BREAKING: 11th Circuit Emergency Writ Accepted To Hear Case To Invalidate Fraudulent 2020, 2022 Elections – Justice Clarence Thomas To Rule!

“An ‘Application’ to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was accepted as a Writ of Mandamus through the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

“This Writ of Mandamus (Application) is something Justice Thomas can rule on independently, or he can forward it to the whole of the Supreme Court.

“The applicant is asking that Florida’s 2022 General Election (with a 2020 option) be set aside and held anew. There is also room for the 2020 election cycle to be set aside as well, since the evidence shows the same uncertified and uncertifiable equipment was used in both election cycles.

“The same evidence proves that the whole of the elections throughout the country were vulnerable to the same fraud, which allows Justice Thomas, or the whole of the Supreme Court, to set aside the results of the entire country for both the 2020 and the 2022 election cycles.” Read more: BREAKING: 11th Circuit Emergency Writ Accepted To Hear Case To Invalidate Fraudulent 2020, 2022 Elections – Justice Clarence Thomas To Rule – Connecticut Centinal

“The 11th Circuit also covers Georgia!”

You can see the writ on the links below:

image 309

Original Filing

Application To Justice Thomas

To understand the process of wit of mandamus more clearly, there is a Reporter’s Guide to Applications link. Here are some excerpts, the PDF is below.

Reporter’s Guide to Applications

“An application is a request for emergency action addressed to an individual Justice. Although most applications involve routine matters such as requests for extensions of the time limit for filing papers, some—such as applications for a stay of execution or injunctive relief in a dramatic case—draw the attention of reporters. These newsworthy applications usually concern an effort to buy time, to maintain the status quo—to stay the implementation of a lower court order—pending final action by this Court (or under certain circumstances, a lower court). Applications are addressed to a specific Justice, according to federal judicial circuit. The United States is divided into 13 federal circuits, with each Justice assigned to a specific circuit or circuits (see page 19).

Case law has established four general criteria that the applicant normally must satisfy in order for the Court to grant a stay. They are:

1. that there is a “reasonable probability” that four Justices will grant certiorari, or agree to review the merits of the case;

2. that there is a “fair prospect” that a majority of the Court will conclude upon review that the decision below on the merits was erroneous;

3. that irreparable harm will result from the denial of the stay;

4. finally, in a close case, the Circuit Justice may find it appropriate to balance the equities, by 2.

Read the full Reporter’s Guide to Applications Here: reportersguide.pdf (supremecourt.gov)

image 310

Now we know why the deep state has been throwing out accusations at Justice Thomas accusing him of all sorts of things trying to get him impeached. Not of anything the man ever really did, but to get him out, take him down. I’m sure the Puppet Masters were afraid something like this might present itself. I’m sure they fully knew the power of one with a writ of mandamus could hold and now, Justice Thomas holds that power.

Whether the cases will go before the entire Supreme Court or be determined by Justice Thomas, that is not know as of yet. I believe that outcome shall in either case be as God determines it will be. I’m sure there is a lot of weight on Justice Thomas’s shoulders tonight. This is a verdict that will go down in the Halls of History either way! Which way will it go? Is this false hope or a game changer? I believe it is a game changer and it definitely will throw moving chess pieces all over the board!

This just may explain some of the gymnastics taking place in the casting central plea bargains and crazy actors doing their weeping and smirking in the Georgia court room. That is still all waded up and developing. But, it does explain the odd behavior and things that aren’t making a lot of sense. So how do you believe this will all play out?

Meanwhile… the lawlessness in Washington, DC is off the charts. There is no law. Listen to the video. It substantiates what President Trump said last night about the city in DC.

I believe all will come together very quickly in a very short time.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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