Whether it’s past, present or future… lies and mind control is not new, it is ancient. Why? Because it works.

Remember when we talked about Plato’s Shadow’s On The Cave Walls? I wonder if they put music to the cave shadows? Or hummed or something?


How did American school systems become infiltrated with feeding young minds with what the government or KM wanted them to know? It starts with Horace Mann the so acclaimed “father of education”, which is more accurate to be said the “godfather (as in deep state mafia) of education”.

Discouraging critical thought and questioning narratives has been practiced for decades by design. This makes people easier to control. Starting with the indoctrination of youth and lasting throughout adulthood. For the rest of your life sort of thing. This system has programed and or led people to blindly trust what they are told. Critical thinking and questions that go against what is being taught are to be dismissed and children who persist are labled with some type of attention deficit disorder and prescribed drugs so they will comply in the classroom. In short, it’s communism.

THiS LiL’ MiSS Can’t Be Wrong@l42022425 on X points out that the real Joe Biden has a tatoo and the replacement has none. Lil’Miss Can’t Be Wrong said, “The real Biden was arrested, had a military tribunal and was excuted for crimes against humanity and treason.” She and others have pointed this out all along the way. Each can choose to believe what they desire, however the new Joey does not have a tatoo. That being said, who is in the White House and why?

image 136

Ask no questions… just get stamped on the forehead by fact checkers and mis and dis info social media police for their bold, new A.I. world!

image 137

The concept appears to be let the mind controlled slaves program the slaves while the fire starters fan the flames. Modern day technology allows for all seeing eyes on everything. RESISTERS are frowned upon and to the fact checkers your life is a big fat game. They zero in to find a target and hit it up… score points and make a win.

Modern Day WEF “A.I. Mind Control” Think Tanks are out of control… and out to depopulate humanity! It’s beyond communism!

Listen to Pascal Najadi and Dr. Kelly Victory expose the WEF with Dr. Drew…

The son of the Cofounder of the World Economic Forum, Pascal Najadi, came out a month or so ago and called for the arrest of the people who created and carried out the COVID-19 RESET plans and tells this was an attempt to depopulate billions off the earth. He and his mother are dying from the vaccine side affects and he is calling out the rogue governments, Big Pharma, Fauci, Gates and all who were behind the entire vaccine programs that were unconstitutional and violated human rights.

Pascal Najadi ““My father was a co-founder” of the WEF, says Pascal Najadi, who “left Klaus Schwab out of disgust”. Najadi speaks out against the globalist organization. “I call on the Swiss authorities and security to arrest those people immediately.”

Najadi calls out the Head of the Snake in Geneva, Switzerland!

Injecting Nano Lipids into 5.7 billion people knowing they are poisen, is a crime against humanity. Whereas genocide – wholly or partially targeting a specific group of people for elimination, may or may not include government participation, democide is a broad-spectrum murder by government officials acting under the authority of government according to an explicit or implicit government policy or with the implicit or explicit approval of the highest officials. “Everything evil in the world related to democide unfortunately comes from Geneva,” -Pascal Najadi.

COVID-19 Vax mandates and boosters, have been an open example of how a black operation psyop to create a fear of dying has caused MILLIONS OF DEATHS and collapsed economies.

image 138

The very same head of the snake are the same ones behind the climate change hoax that is destroying the planet and causing man made famines, shortages, and increased poverty. Both depopulation and climate change destruction hoaxes are running neck to neck like a malestrom of destruction!

Most of what they declare they have and can do is a fake declaration. They rely on psyops and fear. When you succumb to fear you mess up, stress out, make mistakes, get sick and basically self destruct both mentally and physically. They know this and they have studied the brain and how to control the thoughts from the days of the ancients. Today, they have convinced people they know more than they do. They have introduced technology that they never had such as going to the moon in 1969, and technology that doesn’t work in the way that they told you it does. NASA is good at showing you that sort of thing, and so is Tavistock Institute and their mini me in Silicon Valley – known as Stanford University – or so it appears as they seem to be the A.I. capitol of Cali and now house the A.I. European Union.

So is the number one thing on their A.I. list of things to do, to censor free speech? Or is it to just make the new rules that do that for them?

image 139

In August of 2022, The Hill covered the opening of The European Union’s new liaison office in California’s Silicon Valley. They needed to plop it on American soil to streamline communication with U.S. tech companies, as new laws were being set to go into effect that will ramp up regulation of the technology sector in Europe.

The Hill article explained how EU’s executive branch, the European Commission, will run the new tech embassy, according to the Wall Street Journal. Gerard de Graaf, a senior executive at the European Commission who has worked on technology legislation, will lead the office in the San Francisco Bay area.

Excerpts: Their Technology is Bogus

“Just as we run the risk of making the social misfits and deranged psychopaths of the globalist jet set appear more fearsome and powerful than they really are, we also run the risk of perpetuating the technocrats’ propaganda by taking their press releases about their latest technological breakthroughs at face value.

“Case in point: the Google AI “whistleblower.”

“As you’ve probably heard by now (because there was no shortage of tabloid MSM headlines screaming it from the rafters), a Google engineer recently came out to “blow the whistle” on the company’s AI research unit, which, he claims, has created a sentient chatbot. The chatbot—called LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications)—has apparently “admitted to such feelings as loneliness, spiritual hunger and even fears of being switched off” according to the crusading truth-tellers over at The Daily Fail, so you just know this is a super-duper well-kept secret that Google and the deep state really don’t want you to know about.”

Well, that all turned out to be bogus. The truth is the public’s believability of this AI mind-reading pseudoscience is rapidly evaporating. The hidden cameras and surveillance apps in everything is the bigger culprit here. They haven’t created A.I. to read your minds… just mastered techniques to control it. Putting ideas in your little head and making them stick. A sort of “Plato’s Allegory of The Cave” on steroids! This is not to be confused with other forms of ultra mind control… this is surveillance and mind tricks. The sort of thing they dream to bring about, and can fool you so they do. That sort of technique. Read: Technocracy is Insane, Anti-Human and it WILL Fail | Politics |

Connect the dots…

In an article from TNW, last June titled: “EU plants flag in Silicon Valley ahead of big tech crackdown”

They wrote, “The EU’s industry chief Thierry Breton travelled to Silicon Valley this week to prep tech giants for sweeping new rules governing social media, AI, and data. How do they get to do that?

image 142

“Breton also made the trip to inaugurate the Commission’s first-ever office in Silicon Valley, as the bloc looks to plant its flag firmly on big tech’s home turf. 

“EU officials entered Twitter’s headquarters yesterday to conduct a mock exercise with the company’s staff to analyse its handling of issues such as Russian propaganda, fake news, and criminal activity.  This “stress test” was aimed at preparing Twitter for the bloc’s new Digital Services Act, which looks to crack down on online hate speech, illegal content, and disinformation.” In other words take over what the FBI and fact checkers did before they were removed. Read: EU plants flag in Silicon Valley ahead of big tech crackdown (

Isn’t it time we tell the EU to get on the other side of the water and a few other things? These are not elected officials, and they are not American citizens… this is a foreign organization that has been appointed to enforce KM Oligarch global orders and ideology. Or so it appears that is what they are??? Let’s just call them the enforcers. Maybe we can’t say that, so we won’t. None of them are electable… can I say that as an opinion? Maybe not, so I won’t. I never said that.

In a Dec. 14th CNBC article titled, “Musk’s X hit with complaint alleging platform broke Europe’s strict privacy laws”, Musk was hit with another complaint. This one came from privacy activist Max Schrems, which alleges the platform broke the European Union’s hard-hitting privacy rules.

image 140

It appears Schrems’ campaign group Noyb with the Dutch data protection authority, made a complaint that X unlawfully used people’s political views and religious beliefs to target them with ads. The European Union is also accused of using X to target users based on their political views and religious beliefs. (Isn’t that what they’re doing to everyone??? How should we feel about this one? I’d feel better if it weren’t a foreign entity??? They are acting like we have a global order or something? Do we?

It appears that instead of out right censoring… they are using opinions of what they see, feel or believe is taking place as the new form of censoring free speech. So if they keep this up… X will look like a billboard for EV car sales, climate change bla, bla, Klause Schwab’s push for bugs and faux meat, Ursula Von Der Leyan and her rah, rah global policies, Jab mandate ads, fake war footage, and the rest will be blank pages. Why don’t they just come right out and say they want to use all social media for their own mind control tactics?

The complaint could ultimately lead to a full-blown investigation under the European Union’s General Data Protection, a strict EU privacy regulation introduced by the bloc in 2018. GDPR has led to massive fines for U.S. technology giants, including Amazon and Meta. Under GDPR, firms can be fined up to 4% of their global annual revenues for breaches.

CNBC noted that, “X has been in a hard place lately, with brands including AppleDisney and Microsoft, pulling ads from the platform due to controversies surrounding Musk, including sharing a post that explored a popular antisemitic conspiracy theory.(Which means an opposing opinion). That’s rich coming from fake news and the three mentioned who have their own surrounding troubles. I guess we get to thank Ursula and bow to the EU A.I. Headquarters plopped on US soil in Silicon Valley. Will their supporters get T-Shirts made that say, “Mammon sent me” and walk around like zombies? Read: Musk’s X hit with complaint alleging it broke Europe’s privacy laws (

Uncensored talk is a totally different conversation! Listen to Rosanne show you how to say what’s on your mind!

Meanwhile… BRICS Nations places sanctions on Israel. No more trade, and freezing assets of Israel within their nations.

That being said… the devil does not want you to know that you were made a little lower than the angels and you have a mission while you are here!

That mission is to serve God and your fellow man of your own free will from your heart! The man in the video below says it all!

I found a very interesting and informative video and this seems like a good time to share it. They discuss and reveal the way it historically is.

It’s just another one of those things we will have to look at for what it is, sooner or later.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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