Today Expect A Blizzard, No Wait… Expect Above Average Temps like 90% Above… No Wait…???

Expect whatever they send out to be confusing…or is it a code? Are they communicating with each other in code?

Naw… it’s just cloudy with a chance of a blizzard followed up by a drought… and above average temperatures in specific areas… with flash flooding caused by fast melting snow??? All of which don’t match up with local predictions???

I have wondered for a couple years now why some forecasts seem to sound like secret messages to people who are expecting some form of instructional communication who understand the code.

image 125

For example, “A ten day weather forecast shows above average temperatures sweeping across the US and a huge storm hitting the Southwest, according to predictions from the National Weather Service (NWS)’s Climate Prediction Center.

image 128

Are they speaking in code here? If it is a code…who is it to?

“The current snowfall in Colorado and New Mexico is caused by a closed upper-level low moving through the region, according to FOX Forecast Center.”

Now, I’m just saying this sounds strange… a closed upper level moving through the region? In New Mexico??? So when you look into these two states, you see recently (2022) it was reported that, “The drug trade is alive and strong in Montezuma County, NM, because of its location on secondary highways that connect Southwest Colorado to New Mexico.” Montezuma County a Drug Distribution Center for Mexican Cartels? (

So we look at the weather “prediction from the same day Dec. 14, 2023” from WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, House Committee on Homeland Security Chairman Mark E. Green, MD (R-TN) issued the following statement after the Committee released additional portions of transcribed interviews conducted with the U.S. Border Patrol chief patrol agents responsible for the sectors along the Southwest border stating:

“In these shocking transcripts, chief patrol agents not only shed a light on the unprecedented control exercised by the criminal cartels at our Southwest border, but they also confirmed that Americans are ‘living in the theater of engagement.’ This means that the policies of Secretary Mayorkas have ceded ground along our border to these heartless criminals and have allowed their malign activities to destabilize cities and towns across the country.

“From overwhelming Border Patrol agents with mass crossings to purposefully putting the lives of migrants—including children—in danger, these cartels will stop at nothing to smuggle criminals across the border and deadly drugs into our communities, all while abusing, trafficking, and profiting off of vulnerable individuals. Secretary Mayorkas’ refusal to enforce the law and remove incentives for illegal crossings is enabling the cartels’ booming business model. This is completely unacceptable. Homeland Republicans are committed to holding Secretary Mayorkas accountable for allowing criminal cartels with no respect for human life to control our border.” Read full report: “Now Nobody Crosses Without Paying:” Senior Border Patrol Agents Describe Unprecedented Cartel Control at Southwest Border – Committee on Homeland Security (

image 129

Knowing that… let’s read another part of the weather prediction:

“Southeasterly winds are creating moist air from the Gulf of Mexico, which is interacting with a cold front and the mountainous terrain. As a result, heavy snow is piling up in higher elevations.

Dangerous travel conditions are expected through Friday in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico, where the NWS has issued winter weather advisories.

FOX Weather Meteorologist Britta Merwin said: “We’ll see a little bit trying to work its way into the central Plains, but the storm that we’re tracking right now producing that snow in Colorado – that’s really the seed, the beginning of our weekend woes.

“With Winter Storm Warnings on, I would just sort of pause travel until we start to see some better conditions.” It’s also possible that temperatures may drop enough for one to three inches of snow to accumulate in the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma. Read:Ten day weather forecast shows massive storm with heavy rain hitting the Southwest (

That could with a tiny bit of imagination sound like a message to someone in what could be called, “weather code”???? Remember we are looking under every cloud here? Smile.

Especially when it’s no secret that the Rothschilds have owned the weather channel for a long while now and are playing the HAARP.

E.L. Rothschild and Weather Central Launch MyWeather Site

image 135

Lynn Forester de Rothschild and her husband Sir Evelyn de Rothschild made waves when they launched their private investment company, E.L. Rothschild. Now, they’re tackling everything from local weather to big storm systems with MyWeather, which provides personalized forecasts. Read: E.L. Rothschild and Weather Central Launch MyWeather Site (

Florida Gulf Skywatch 2011: E.L. Rothschild Recently Bought The Weather Channel …

Commentary: “Raytheon reports the weather to AMS in america. AMS desseminates weather to Weather Central and all other weather outlets. Raytheon of course constructed the Alaska HAARP and runs DARPA. Elle Rothshild buys weather central. Nathaniel Rothshild is major investor in UC RUSAL, world’s largest mfg of aluminum, where Evergreen’s PR guy Phil Lader is some sort of Director. Making money TELLING US the weather they are making money DUMPING ON us, using metals they are making money on Manufacturing. Neat.”

Posted : Mon, 31 Jan 2011 20:27:44 GMT
Author : E.L. Rothschild LLC

NEW YORK – (Business Wire) E.L. Rothschild LLC, a private investment company led by Chairman Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and CEO Lynn Forester de Rothschild, today announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire a 70% interest in Weather Central, LP ( The world’s leading provider of interactive weather graphics and data services for television, web, and mobile, Weather Central’s highly accurate and personalized forecasting offers businesses and consumers a truly unique suite of science-driven weather information products. The company will continue to operate under CEO and founder, Terry Kelly, as well as current management. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Founded in 1974, Weather Central is a global provider of professional on‐air, online, print, mobile, and enterprise weather solutions and forecasting. Read: Rothschild Buys Weather Channel – Christian Observer

It’s a lot like singing along to a song… one you heard a hundred times and sang along with, not knowing you were singing the wrong lyrics. How many of you have ever done that? I know I have.

Try to untrain your mind that you got it wrong and it’s a bit tricky. Especially when you heard it one way and recorded it in your memory banks like that by repeating it over and over again… and with music! Of which mind control studies show embeds it deeper into your subconscious mind.

Music helps us remember because:

Read: Why Does Music Bring Back Memories? – Neuroscience News

But, alas… whatever can be used for good… there are those who take that thing and use it for evil. Music can also create nervousnous, stress, and trigger negative emotions and memories. Music and sound frequencies are also used in mind control… and not the good kind. For example, a Japanese television station broadcast a light and sound ‘strobe effect’ as part of a cartoon in 1997. In only 5 seconds, it put 700 children into hospital with seizures, and untold thousands more experienced headaches, dizziness, and nausea.

image 130

Using human guinea pigs for mind control experiments has a very long history… I’m almost certain it goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden… but in the sense we are discussing today… it has been going on since the formation of DARPA, NASA, and all the Alphabet Agencies who specialize in black psyop operations.

Which bring us back to the weather and in this video at 1:12 seconds in… he tells us that cloud seeding methods have been done for over 70 years.

The video covers the one sided push for climate change, but fills your head up with their own admission of their wicked past, the same past they lied about.


Now, I’m just saying these weather predictions just seem to latch up with illegal activity on the ground. Some times it is more obvious than other times. I just look at everything and every time I do, I find out something very important is taking place. Just saying… nothing is as it appears and we must question all things.

It’s a lot like the kid movie, “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meat Balls” but we are supposed to just laugh at all the kid’s shows because it isn’t real? Well, maybe it is revealing and that’s why they laugh at us for laughing at it?

image 127

According to Sony Pictures: “An early version of the story had Flint and Sam confronting a giant food monster off the coast of Swallow Falls. According to Phil Lord, “the Mayor had the FLDSMDFR shot out of the sky and it fell into the ocean. Since the machine runs on water, a huge monster emerged!” Well… that’s kinda our reality now… can you see the allegory in the comparison?

But who cares?

Paul McCartney’s song, “Who Cares” is an eye opener that reveals the occult elite and a plethora of symbols used by them, thus exposing their agenda. Paul McCartney plays the role of a hypnotist who uses the false premise of treating Emma Stone’s anxiety to lead her into dissociation and trauma-based mind control.

This eye opening video from 2019, proves that the elite’s agenda is unavoidable, even for iconic veteran artists such as Paul McCartney. To remain in the industry, all artists must abide by the Orwellian and totalitarian rules of the elite that forces all artists to adopt a specific set of symbols and narratives. And that includes promoting the elite’s most horrific practice: Monarch mind control.

image 131

So why is McCartney called Dr. Lorenz and why is he also a meteorologist? These clues point to a specific person: Edward Norton Lorenz. Who Lorenz happens to be an American mathematician and meteorologist who founded modern chaos theory from which is derived the “butterfly effect” which theorizes that the flapping of butterfly wings can lead to a tornado.

image 132

In “Who Cares“, the fields of psychology and meteorology are combined to tell a story rife happening in the inner-world of Emma Stone. In our own reality show today… we are experiencing the very same psyop and meteorology combo… and it’s called “The Show” because it is LIVE MILITARY THEATER and we are in it. So look up at the skys and don’t laugh when we say it’s “Sunny with a Chance of Meat Balls”. Because that my friends is exactly what it is!

image 133

Who cares? We do. Read: The Meaning of Paul McCartney’s “Who Cares”: It’s About MK ULTRA – The Vigilant Citizen

In reality we are now witnessing the forces of antichrist, or demonic entities who are in our faces and screeching all manner of words to create fear, anxiety, and to kill, steal and destroy God, His Son, and every Soul that Loves Him and every bit of creation God made. How much longer do you believe God will allow the demonic world of mammon to have its way? Does it matter?

The KM Oligarch’s puppets shout it’s all about climate change and carbon emissions… which all of their green creates the changes and uses more resources and creates more carbon than sustainable. Which the meme below tells you the big secret….

image 134

The other big secret is… they are all earth bound and can not go to a galaxie far, far away.

Right now we are in a very epic spiritual warfare battle… the important thing to be sure of is being with God and holding onto His ways with all of your heart, mind and soul. Jesus told us great tribulation would continue until the end of the age… and He told us at the end of the age… Satan would be bound and removed. He said no one knows the day or the hour except His Father God. Who is now our Father through Christ. Hold on tight to the Holy Spirit who God sent to be in you, so you will be strong in faith and wisdom with great discernment and be comforted in your heart.

In ending… we have an older video from now deceased Rob Skiba on Satan’s Great Deception, the two Babylons…. The NASA and Nimrod connection.

He raises very good questions and so far they haven’t been answered, at least not openly.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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