Gaslighting In Your Face!

They teach it, write about it, do videos on it, make international laws to govern it, then have their fact checkers tell you they don’t. That’s all part of the psyop!

We’re talking about the chem trails, smart dust, and a host of climate changing tactics!

What makes the Con-Chem trails in the sky? The answer has been “Next Door” all the time.

“Next Door”, a social app that connects neighbors had a post explaining that “Aircraft do not make contrails or chemtrails.” They stated: “Those trails are caused by toilet water being dumped. For instance, a Boeing 777 with over 300 passengers would be too heavy to land with all that sewer water.”

image 96

At first I thought… that’s not true… but after seeing that fact checkers and mis and dis info specialists never called them out… it must be true? That is, only to those who rely on fact checkers to think things through for them… so all that sewer water stays in the sky and explands into puffy stripes? Is that how we are to reason it? Or is that the toilet paper residue?

So, if anyone was wondering what was really in the aircraft accused of spraying the skys with something?? It was water waste all the time? Nothing here to see. Go back to sleep.

image 97

In 2021 another myth was busted… an article titled: “Georgian Facebook Users Spread the Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory”.

image 99

Excerpt of the article involving the nation of Georgia, not the US state: “On April 25, 2021, a Facebook user Levan Navi published a post that combines 33 photos and one video. The pictures show condensation trails of planes, tanks in plane cabins, and pilots wearing a badge that says “Chemtrail”. Angela Merkel also features in the photos – she was in a cabin of a plane carrying dozens of barrels. The video, uploaded with the photos, shows a plane leaving a white trace in the sky. The main part of the video comprises the aforementioned photos. Although Levan Navi does not specify in the description, what the given visual materials show, the Russian subtitles of the video mention that the footage shows the spread of dangerous chemicals and viruses, created in military laboratories, via condensation trails of planes – all while governments and airlines are in the know.” Read: Georgian Facebook Users Spread the Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory –

image 98

The truth and the fact is, we have an entire generation of kids who grew up thinking these sort of skys were normal and white puffy clouds were the odd things.

It was so normal to these youth that they never questioned it, they just looked up and that was the sky. How many of you ever told the children and others that this was not normal and this was not contrails? How many of you knew right away and how many had to have it get worse and crazy before you questioned it? At what point did you know it was chemtrails but shrugged your shoulders and sighed, “What can I do about it?”

image 100

How many remember on July 4, 2019, when President Trump said, “We now own the skys”, and after that… the skys were blue again and the stripes were gone?

Which bring us to Stratospheric aerosol injection – SAI!

The video transcript tells us the following: “Official documents link these persistent trails to a weather modification technology called solar geoengineering by stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI). These sprays would be mainly composed of metallic particles (Al, Ba, Sr, Fe, nanoparticles) and sulfur, which would considerably increase air, soil and water pollution. Many of the current environmental and health problems are consistent with those described in the literature on solar geoengineering by SAI if this method was employed.

“What are those long white trails in the sky left by aircraft, which persist and spread out forming a cloudy veil to give a milky sky that strongly obscures the sunlight all day long?

“The information given to the public stipulates that these are “Aircraft condensation trails” made up of water and combustion emissions, which form only under specific atmospheric conditions. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO), a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN), has named these new clouds: Cirrus homogenitus

“Aviation emissions and persistent aircraft trails are known to increase air pollution and have climate and health impacts. Air pollution is an important factor in cardiorespiratory diseases, which are constantly rising, and also induces an adverse effect on the central nervous system (CNS); (2) The metal particles (such as aluminum, barium) that would be contained in these aerosols are among the causes of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism, transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis. For example, aluminum is neurotoxic and is strongly associated with neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. In addition, a burgeoning number of studies demonstrate the presence of aluminum in human brain tissue, and data support that high levels of aluminum in the brain are not a fatality of aging; (3)Many diseases are linked to vitamin D deficiency, whose synthesis is impaired by reduced sun exposure due to air pollution. It is important to note that this deficiency is global.

“In 2013, in the European Parliament, solar geoengineering by SAI is described as a military science that has been active for several years.” Read:

image 103

Aircraft-produced contrail cirrus—the only man-made type of clouds—comprise line-shaped contrails and irregularly shaped cirrus clouds evolving from them. Read: Cirrus Clouds and Their Response to Anthropogenic Activities | Current Climate Change Reports (

Conspiracy Theorists have been telling you about this for a long time… are you listening now? Or are you still believing it’s contrails?

image 104

In this article from 2017 they show you how cloud seeding is done, what the ingredients are and how they are used and interact to create rain. They list the 8 chemicals used which are Silver Iodide, Potassium Iodide, Carbon Dioxide, Propane, Calcium Carbide, Ammonium Nitrate, Sodium Chloride, and Urea Compound. Read: 8 Chemicals Used in Artificial Rain – Cloud Seeding • Zero Geoengineering

Today, they have many more chemicals they spray that are not good for the enviornment nor your health. Things like Barium and Alluminum. They have dumped a lot of toxic things on us and the earth for a very long time.

And then there is DARPA, Smart Dust, Mind Control, and Weather Weaponization, also known as Geoengineering!

image 110

It’s no secret now that Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, “DARPA”, has been at the forefront of military weather modification, mind control programs, and everything connected to geoengineering research projects for decades. Among a host of other things like monitoring our social media through In-Q-Tel which that technology was stolen in the US patent office and originally belonged to Michael McKibben of Leader Technologies. Read: The true story of social networking – The theft of Leader Technologies’ invention (

In an article from December 7, 2023, titled: “DARPA, Smart Dust, and Rogue Geoengineering”- They used the example of geoengineering. Specifically the “method of moderating planetary warming trends by temporarily increasing the concentration of sulfate aerosol particles in the lower stratosphere” that was discussed in DARPA’s 1975 report, SOVIET DEVELOPMENTS IN WEATHER MODIFICATION, CLIMATE MODIFICATION AND CLIMATOLOGY.

They have been working on these things for decades. The recent A.I. advancements are mind boggling. Literally… as they now can boggle them with their little smart dust!

Weather and climate modification, has been rebranded as SAI geoengineering or solar radiation modification (SRM). These modification processes continue to be promoted by governments, grant dependent academics and military intelligence agencies as if this form of environmental warfare is new. It is not new. It’s just that anyone who ever said that DARPA, and or any research facility were doing this was called a conspiracy theorist, a nut, wack job, liar, and or crazy.

image 108

“Smart Dust” and remote sensing is a big area of interest for military intelligence agencies. Read: DARPA, Smart Dust, and Rogue Geoengineering • Zero Geoengineering

Meanwhile in Ukraine, Zelensky is begging for more dollars and the EU is backing away from their proxy war!

When all else fails, the EU always shifts the focus back on climate change, even if the weather isn’t cooperating. It appears recently when the elite headed out to their climate change meeting, where they discuss how to tax those who use too much… well??? It’s sorta like this, if the carbon exchanges spent on the war alone wasn’t enough to break the climate change facade, the winds of winter tell the story.

image 106

Between climate change and war pow wows in DAVOS, with 1,500 private jets ascending and descending, a proxy war in the field, and chemtrails in the sky… the EU’s carbon allotment is very much overspent. How long did they think they could continue their charades before they were exposed for all the lies they told?

The photo below has been fact checked by fact checkers to have a good reason to be covered over… they said it hadn’t been in use in a long while. None the less… it does not change the fact that there is no global warming.

image 107

Either their geoengineering is manipulating weather again, or the snow is a seasonal omen of sorts? You know like a thing called winter? Right on time in December to show the world their climate change hoax is all but over?

Which of course, ALL OF THIS leads us to NASA….

Whether you believe our astro nuts walked on the moon and took cool moon walks and got moon rock and soil samples… and did that a number of times or not… the question is… once they quit going to the moon and back… what were they doing? For those who know we never went to the moon in the first place… here is NASA’s own account, sorta… of what they have really been doing. It appears these things were more pressing than moon walks and rocks with land phone communications.

Zero Geoengineering wrote an article sharing NASA’s Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare (Circa 2025) dated from 2001. It’s safe to say that this is the real idea behind NASA.

They stated that in this 2001 NASA document, it describes future weaponry and outlines warfare capabilities inclusive of a scenario to “Takedown” the U.S. by 10 People and $10 Million dollars .  “PSYWAR”, RF/Microwave Towers, Mechanical Micro Dust, Chemical Anti-functional/Anti personnel weapons and other lethal systems are listed in this overview.

Immediate civilian oversight and strong safety measures are essential to reigning in out-of-control alphabet agencies and rogue government actors

image 111

The presentation is based on a Club of Rome type “what if” scenario, the same as they did in 2010, with the writing of the manual, “COVID-19: The Great Reset”. (So pay attention for they have been doing this for a very long time.)COVID-19: The Great Reset | World Economic Forum (

They rely on people to not believe the government agencies would ever do anything like this and the government has only our protection and safety in mind.

image 118

This presentation….

• Is meant to incite thought/ discussion.

• Is based in all cases upon existing data/trends/analyses/technologies (e.g., NO PIXIE DUST).

• Provides in some cases a somewhat broader view of prospective developments and issues.

Utilization/Application of 2025+ Projects

• Inputs to Future Warfighting Concepts Development(s) (Enemy After Next & Blue).

• Inputs to New Procurement Decision (15+ years to Produce, 40+ years in Inventory.

• “Heads Up” for Intel Community (“Watches and Warnings”).

• Inputs to DOD R&D Planning.

“Going In” Assumptions

• Politics can/does change “overnight” (e.g.Russia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, etc.), Potential CAPABILITIES is the future warfare issue, not Who but WHAT?

Need to Plan “Differently”

• WORLD is in the throes of triple/exponential (IT/Bio/Nano) Technological Revolutions.

• Changes occurring at scales of months (instead of decades).

• Zeroth order potential effects upon Defense/Offense equipment/conops/threat.

image 112

These typical scenarios have been taking place in real time people!!

image 120
image 121

There you have it, as NASA admits that they believe these things they still deny are apparently “Legal”.

image 122
image 124
image 123

One of the most repulsive ideas of NASA and their evil plot is this one where they capture/torture Americans in living color on prime time. Serious Psychological warfare and destruction of our infrastructure!!! Oh how these evil ones are sick, vile, and they are implementing all of this right now around the world and we are not just watching their sick psyop show presentation here, we are living it!

image 113

NASA sure appears to be nothing but a research center for Satanic destruction and the moon walk was a lark to get tax payers to support it. What a big fat psyop joke played on humanity! I hope Satan explained their eternal lot to all of them who played along for gain in all of this evil. “Their” meaning those who weren’t lizards. I do pray that those who knew not what they were really doing when they were doing it, repented once they knew it.

image 114

So, anything you can see you can kill? God was waiting for us to wake up and see and hear. This is one big fat wake up call!

image 119
image 115

They presented this in 2001 as a scenario of what can happen if they do not advance in their research. (Follow the money). Fear is a great persuader. The fact that they have lied to us in the past, plus knowing how the KM Oligarch think tanks work… as we saw inside the COVID 2019 RESET manual…. we now know that all of this is written as a doomsday future scenario and is not intended to be a game plan… just one that could happen??? Yet, they are in full swing with this as you are reading it. Spray, spray and spray the skys and fact check those who warn you as wrong, conspiracy theorists or down right liars? That’s been the psyop every inch of the way and a big part of the reason why so many people are still fast asleep!!

God has been watching all of this just like He watched them build the tower of Babel. I used to wonder about the scriptures that talked about a remnant will be left when the Lord returns. Today, I no longer wonder… I see it with every Zion shout from the pulpit. That what they are building and pushing is not blessed, it is all according to a well thought out psyop. Come out from her my people is ringing loud and clear from ear to ear… and those who have eyes to see… are staring evil in the eye!!

image 116

I am not trying to induce fear here… I am just showing you what they planned since they began NASA and how far they have come with their implementation of such a great evil. The Lord said it would be so bad that if time was not shortened, no one would be saved… I understand that scripture fully right now.

Matthew 24:22

22And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened.”

Fear not and know God, His Son Jesus our Lord of Lords and King of Kings, and the Holy Spirit are within you and you are one with them!

image 117

Read the full presentation: Session I – Future Strategic – Dr Dennis Bushnell [Read-Only] (

Now you know why a group of generals came together to stop the evil being done within DARPA, the alphabet agencies and all the corrupt research centers, and why a man like Trump was chosen for the job and the creation of Space Force! Keep your eyes on Skys!

It’s time to take down the entire lawless system!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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