Then there is the world of Biden and the realm of Netanyahu… both in their own bubble, and each have their own thought police… or fake news puppets.

So Biden 2.0 declares Netanyahu government is too conservative, meanwhile, Netanyahu is trying to wipe an entire ethnic group of people off the face of the earth? And so, JNS TV is playing their role to roll the dice for war, or so it appears… as Caroline of the “Caroline Glick Show In-Focus” stated, “We all know that this is garbage.” Referring to the fact that all Palestinians are not HAMAS and should not be killed just because they are Palestinian? It appears she believes they should all be killed??? Listen to the video and discern for yourself whether or not the Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) appears to be at work for the KM Oligarchs. Note: JNS is a news agency and wire service that primarily covers Jewish- and Israel-related topics and news.

So Carol Glick is firm that those who say HAMAS does not represent the Palestinian people are wrong. She says, “IT DOES”. So, that’s the same logic that if an American gang has gone on a rampage… like a Bush administration with its war on terror… all Americans should be killed because all Americans represent that same war on terror thinking… which bring us to the question – “How do we tell if something is or is not true?”

Well, having common sense goes a long way. Remember 911?

Jet fuel melts steel, but it does not harm passport paper? It’s one of those science things. Smile.

image 93

If you believe that, we have a lot of other things to show you like how COVID jabs and boosters work, and climate change is the only way to survive the future?? We can discuss how to cook lab meat made from human celebrity skin cells, and the best fried cricket recipes. We can point out that changing a child’s sex permanently, as in “transgender” is a right for a child. Then get on board for transhumanism as the best “piece” of your mind for the future, brought to you by the think tank A.I. mind controllers with social credit scores, sponsored by the WEF, and KM Oligarchs.

Or we can forego the mind washing propaganda and uncover some real truths and forget the fear based global KM Oligarch RESET goals. Let’s do that!!

Today we will take a close look at the evangelical Zionists who are ushering in the new Messiah and cheering on the war in Israel as they cleanse the earth of Christians in Palestine in their ethnic cleansing… just in case any of them grow up to be HAMAS??? And the building of a new Temple for the Zionist Israel so they can start their sacrifices and continue to deny Jesus The Christ as the promised Messiah and usher in Netanyahu’s new one. The evangelical Zionists are all for this because it is the fulfillment of prophecy, or so they say it is. And God is behind all of this. Yep. That’s what they say.

Who will take away his magic red marker?

image 102

Whereas this great falling away is in prophecy, and the messages the Lord gave to the churches in Revelation are true… the outcome of those who don’t “come out of her my people” is also sure. The Evangelical Zionist Christian leaders are now looking at a ChrisLam one world religion… like that’s a good thing? But that is not said in scripture to be a good thing. God never said to do that, at least not in that way. Did he?

I mean… just ponder all of this for a moment. Did God say to join up with those who deny my son and worship their own Messiah, and are ushering in their own global kingdom, in their own way while they are having an all out war and killing other sons of Abraham??? Did Jesus call for any ethnic cleansings of Palestinians? Cease fire should be a first step??

Meanwhile, MECCA is under water and the Kaaba is in ruins?


October 27th, flash floods hit the city of Mecca with a rage. But then again, there are many videos of Mecca being destroyed over the last few years in a flood and It’s still there.

Meanwhile, there are also reports of Netanyahu pushing ahead for the temple plans to be built… and that has a few issues as well.

You can believe Jesus is the Temple as He said He was, or you can build a temple of your own. Good luck.

image 95

I choose to believe that Jesus spoke the truth, that all who believe on Him are living stones and each one together make up the Temple of God of which Jesus the Christ is the cornerstone and the foundation stone, and the stone unbuilt by human hands. Amen.

image 94

Matthew 21:42

“Jesus saith unto them, Did ye never read in the scriptures, The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner: this is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes?”

Today, we are seeing more and more followers of the way of Jesus coming forward and speaking out the truth of what the scriptures say. Below is a video from 2018 that not only describes but explains the various beliefs that have created a false view, or idiology, of Zionism and what the scriptures say about it. It is obvious today that Christianity has been overrun by Christian Zionism which is a man made dogma centered around Jewish Zionism.

Christian Zionism Part 1: Tracing the Lines of a Warmongering Heresy –

Learn more about Theodore Herzl and Moses House, the leaders of modern day Zionism and how it grew into what we are watching today.

Christian Zionism Part 2: Why Christian Zionism Is A Problem –

The more we read the scriptures for ourselves, the more we have questions and many of those are about things we were taught by pastors and never questioned. Back in the day, most didn’t question the interpretations we were given and learned because they sounded right and we didn’t know how to process anything more than what we were told. As new Christians we truly were like new born babes, drinking the milk of the word. As we grew and studied on our own, that is when most had questions and if the questions could not be answered or went against the interpretation given, many were belittled for thinking such things and quickly learned to keep their thoughts to theirself. Or eventually find another church.

Today, people are seeking truth on their own with the Holy Spirit leading them and finding a whole new level of understanding and friendship with God our Father and Jesus our Lord. They are also finding others who are also seeking the answers they so longed to have.

We can learn from listening to others… but don’t forget to always follow up by reading the scriptures for yourself with the Holy Spirit. That is how you learn what else the scripture says and what it means for you in application to your own life’s journey. Pray unceasing and ask the Lord to show you what you need to know now.

Conflict in Israel and Palestine…

Israel and Palestine Part 2: Christian Zionism: What You Need To Know –

Dr. Daniel Hummel joins Tim of “The New Evangelicals” to talk about Christian Zionism. They discuss what it is, where it came from and the theology that underpins it that has led to strong unwavering American support for the nation state of Israel.  Dr. Hummel has written a book and several peer reviewed articles on the history of Christian Zionism. Just presenting this for each person to listen to their perspectives, as they are also new to me. Listen with the Holy Spirit and discern.

And then we have a lot of war crimes being committed right before our eyes and a wrap up smear media launch telling us that none of what we see taking place is happening. It’s a lot of doing one thing and telling us they did another thing.

The world is pushing for many things… it’s at war and wants to depopulate humanity, and do all sorts of things that are destructive in the name of God(s). None of this is new. It is ancient. Stay with the truth and the truth shall set you free.

The Lord said, “Buy from me gold tried in the fire.”

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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