That Box Has Been Open For A Long Time Now!

Biden can’t close it, nor can any of his handlers. All sorts of goo is swirling around the swamp drain!

“On God almighty Himself, they are waging war. It’s not a war they are going to win.” President Trump.

A Gooey Supreme Court in Colorado is shaking Pandora’s box in court removing Trump from the 2024 ballot. We will see what happens.

So far there has been no trial on this matter and the ruling is absurd under the circumstances and has no factual basis. We’ll see what takes place at Trump’s appeal in January. Right now it’s on pause.

Meanwhile, Chuck Callesto announced on X a BREAKING REPORT: Colorado Republican Party announces it will WITHDRAW FROM THE PRIMARY and “convert to a pure caucus system” if the states Supreme Court’s ruling stands. “We will withdraw from the Primary as a Party and convert to a pure caucus system if this is allowed to stand.

Hours after Colorado’s verdict, President Trump delivers a speech in Waterloo, Iowa.

At Waterloo, President Trump defended his position on the blood and fabric of our nation and the illegal border crossers from all over the world, from Africa, South America, Middle East and all over. Trump stated, “No country can sustain this.” He’s right. Read: Trump Defends Comments About Immigrants ‘Poisoning the Blood’ of America (

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Meanwhile at the UN: Reuters reported last week that the General Assembly resolution demanding a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war was adopted on Tuesday December 12, 2023, with the overwhelming support of 153 countries, while the United States, Israel and eight other countries voted no and 23 countries abstained.

“With its veto the American side essentially issued a license to kill and now bears full responsibility for each new victim of the conflict in Gaza,” Russia’s U.N. Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia told the General Assembly after the vote. He added, “Sharing this blame with them is something that other members of Security Council and members of the U.N. as a whole should not be asked to do.”

While a senior European diplomat stated, “They are loving it”, describing Russia watching the U.S. come under fire at the United Nations for its support of Israel.

Don’t you love the way politicians with a global agenda make it all a big fat game of who wins and loses at getting what they personally or in a group effort desire? The heck with humanity and their little lives… it’s all about the global agenda and the theme is to kill, steal, and destroy! Or so it sure does appear to be that way now doesn’t it?

Ahead of the vote, U.S. President Joe Biden, said that Israel was losing international support for its campaign to wipe out the Palestinian group Hamas because of “indiscriminate bombing.” Some one must have written him a cue card to word it better than what we are watching. For he forgot to mention all of the women, children, elderly, and disabled that were bombed along with the Hospitals. And he didn’t mention the call to genocide an entire ethnic race of people which is what got the support of 153 countries and 23 countries abstaining (not voting at all). Leaving it obvious something isn’t quite right? Leaving US, Israel and 8 EU puppet nations saying go for it?

What can be said about Israel bombing Gaza, and other Palestinian areas over the years following the Bush antics of war on terror?

The world watched Netanyahu once again, bombard Gaza from the air, this time making an all out attack, imposing a siege and launched a ground offensive in retaliation for an Oct. 7 attack, allegedly made by Hamas, that Israel says killed 1,200 people and saw 240 people taken hostage. Where the footage showed paragliders descending over the border and landing at a festival, which 8 hours later… Israel in all of its defensive powers… finally responded?? While Gaza’s health ministry says that 18,608 people have been killed and 50,594 wounded. So Netanyahu says the answer is to kill every Palestinian, even children because they, he believes, will grow up to be HAMAS and attack Israel.

With that type of thinking...meaning, thoughts that turn into bold words with action behind them that appear to be war crimes, who will be next? It’s like, an evil war cry to kill every child that a select group of nation leaders believe may grow up to be against anything they desire to do? And while at it, and just to be safe, let’s kill every woman that could someday have a child who could grow up to think differently than they do? But, rape them first??? And may the world nations join us in this effort? If it sounds evil and insane… that’s because it is. We are listening to the hearts of men speaking great things and they are showing the world their wickedness. It’s not about Israel, it’s about puppet leaders and KM Oligarchs who desire to rule the world.

Reuters stated, “”The U.S. and other Western governments have quite rightly taken clear positions in support of human rights and the laws of war when it comes to Russian atrocities in Ukraine and Hamas’ atrocities in Israel,” said Louis Charbonneau of Human Rights Watch. “But international law applies equally to everyone.” Read:Russia seems smug as US diplomatically isolated at UN for supporting Israel | Reuters

That being said, President Trump continues to speak his truth to the American People…

…and Chris Christie continues to do what he does best which is to bloviate for his puppet masters. Which appear to be the same puppet masters Zelensky bloviates for.

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Meanwhile on the US border… we have a bit of a problem of our own….

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, signs bill letting police arrest migrants who cross the border illegally and allows the judges to deport illegals back accross the border!

Biden has failed the nation, and there is no excuse for that.

This is going to be interesting… civil rights groups are calling this unconstitutional? Wait a minute… illegal border crossers are not citizens with constitutional rights. They are invaders. Pull that in China and see how far you get!!!

Other border states need to get on board with Texas!

What do you make of this? I know what I make of it.

Jack Straw’s post below, full comment: “The United States Inc and the United Nations have formally conceded defeat in the conflict with Putin in Ukraine. This development is considered positive, as investigations revealed that funds allocated for the Ukraine and Israel Wars were illicitly funneled back to global and political elites through money laundering schemes. Russian forces successfully dismantled at least ten unauthorized US Inc bio-weapon laboratories (one of them in the Ukrainian village of CHYNA) and conducted rescue operations, saving numerous children. Tragically, additional children were discovered deceased with missing organs in the underground tunnels of Ukraine, including one that extended beneath FJB’s 200-acre property. Analog recordings will be released by the Russians in 2024.

In the White House? Yea, right…. because we saw it right? What did you see? I know what I saw.

image 155

There were some who watched and filmed what they saw live. What was it that they saw? Trump said, they had everything… what do you think?

Why isn’t anyone asking where’s Jeb Bush? Why isn’t he running for president? Where did he go? He’s been quiet lately? Why is he so quiet?

I wondered why Trump said this…

image 157

Until I saw this… now I know why.

If you aren’t sure what that all means… the “Abominable Brebman” explains it further.

image 158

If you’re trying to figure out who’s a good guy and who’s a jerk. Hint: There are a lot of deep state sell outs and jerks in congress on both sides of the aisle. It’s an all out war on America.

image 159

Trump said, “You come after us, and we come after you!”

Everybody seems to need Trump’s endorsement or appearance to get public support. There simply is none without Trump. Yet they are trying to sell to you that he lost the last election and/or has lost his base? And when that doesn’t work, they make up something. When that backfires (as it always does) they act like they support him again, because when they don’t, no one listens. So they pretend to support him for ratings and votes, and then they stab both Trump and you in the back. Good grief, they tell on themselves all the time! Turn them off! Let them beg, plead and grovel, just continue to say NO – YOU LOST MY TRUST!

It’s like President Trump said, they have waged war on God and that is a war they will not win. God is with the upright who follow Him with a servants heart. Hold tight to the truth, pray unceasing and fear not. Call on the power of the Holy Spirit to lead and protect you and remember always, God is NOT MOCKED!

And last but not least… someone was asking in the comments on another blog on NASA about the other countries who tried to go to the moon. Putin knows it was all staged…

image 160

Josh says… “According to a Russian inquiry, which used Google’s AI, film from the 1969 moon landing was manipulated using synthetic imagery.

The video also shows that Putin was not even slightly shocked to learn of the massive fraud.Putin has been taking hits from the world’s elite and waiting for the ideal opportunity to strike, much like a boxer who is confident in his own power, ever since he declared his intention to topple the New World Order and reveal the lies that support their house of cards. The proof is explosive because the New World Order is accountable for the largest and darkest deception ever told to humanity. Putin is aware that all it takes is one hit to bring down the New World Order.”

I’m going to place this right here… and just say… God always sends a watchman to warn you of the danger approaching.

image 161

We have been sent many who are pointing right at the wolves. With the watchman on the wall, his warning is always dire. It’s immediate and an approaching danger.

It’s a dire warning to listen and come out from her my people. Awake and see with your eyes and hear with your ears.

Heed the warnings… it’s Biblical!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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