Sound The Trumpets…We’re At War- Good Versus Evil!

EXPOSING THE EU, UN, and NATO LIES ABOUT PUTIN’S CRIMEA … Crimea as seen by locals is not the communistic hammer that NATO, EU, and US politicians tell you. What Russia has done is allow them protection so they can live their lives by their own governing. Had they not voted to return to “THE…Continue readingSound The Trumpets…We’re At War- Good Versus Evil!

Ukraine, Cocaine, Migraine!

HERE COMES THE BIG BOOT TO THE BOTTOM! Can the dancing President, famous for world go fund me billion dollar tours escape his fate? The show continues and reaches its ultra and we do mean ULTRA (all caps) CLIMAX, as the KM Oligarch appointed (made for TV) president and his fake O’Bidden, I mean Russian…Continue readingUkraine, Cocaine, Migraine!