Fani Willis Implodes Under RICO Bombshell!

FINALLY THE ONION IS GETTING PEELED BACK BETTER – There’s a whole lot of layers to rip off! Eyes will water! Fani Willis Linked To Massive Election Fraud And Money Laundering RICO Enterprise! “In a shocking turn of events, a bombshell investigation has uncovered jaw-dropping connections between Fani Willis and a sprawling web of election…Continue readingFani Willis Implodes Under RICO Bombshell!


And then continue to expose the truth! There is little time to argue, stay focused and keep moving around the walls of Jericho… let those who want to argue get out of the way and gather together where they can have all the time in the world (or what is left of it) for them…Continue readingEXPOSE THE TRUTH!

For Those Who’ve Been Asking…

Why is Trump trying to stall his trial? What’s the big deal? And for those who missed all the posts regarding the four indictments and the Trump Grand Jury fiasco moving everything to D.C.? Or the efforts to do so. It’s been one of those things where people read something and believe they know what’s…Continue readingFor Those Who’ve Been Asking…

Will Someone Please Put Biden Back In The Basement?

Biden says climate crisis is undeniable after Hurricane Idalia damage – HE LIES! “I don’t think anybody can deny the impact of the climate crisis anymore,” Biden told reporters at the White House. “Just look around. Historic floods. I mean, historic floods. More intense droughts, extreme heat, significant wildfires have caused significant damage.” Well Joey……Continue readingWill Someone Please Put Biden Back In The Basement?

Florida Braces For Hurricane Idalia…

Storm Chasers on the Ground say – 125 to 130 mile an hour winds expected to hit Tallahassee, Florida by 8:30 A.M.! Watch live and see things as they happen! Reliable source for storm activity. It’s real people showing real footage. Idalia is currently a category 2 with 100 mile per hour winds. As with…Continue readingFlorida Braces For Hurricane Idalia…


Will the billionaire driven WEF Lizards be exposed for being the perpetrators that they are and arrested for their crimes against humanity, or will they succeed in their evil schemes to kill, steal and destroy? The Lizard People’s goals include killing all but 500 million people on the planet. It is not a secret, people…Continue readingTOP DOWN, BOTTOM UP, INSIDE OUT…. IT’S HERE FOLKS!


ARE YOU SICK OF FALSE FLAGS? I SURE AM! Pay no attention to the hurricanes making landfall and everybody come look at this helicopter crash… Tell me how wrong this all is. Wait til you see the two pilots who are crawling on their elbows to be rescued by ladder after they ‘SOMEHOW’ CRAWLED UP…Continue readingLOOK ANOTHER SQUIRREL!

“Let Trump Be Trump”, It’s His Move!

It’s not where you start it’s where you finish… and that means little unless YOU WIN! Trump Plays To Win! Every once in a while… it’s good to pause and reflect in order to refocus the mind, and look at the chess board. The psyop war wants us to chase our tails… instead, of fuming,…Continue reading“Let Trump Be Trump”, It’s His Move!


TODAY IT WILL BE CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS! LITERALLY ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Florida is preparing for hurricane Idalia as tropical storms hit in the southwest region and people gather water, supplies and gas. And just like that… many are filling up at the pumps only to find they have just put diesel fuel…Continue readingWIND FIRE, HURRICANES, AND NOW GAS!

President Trump Did Not Say or Do Those Things!

You will know the psyops by their fruits! It has come to my attention that one of the latest psyops being presented to diminish the great work of President Trump to Americans is that he sold out to the World Economic Forum and he didn’t do anything as C.I.C. to help Maui. Well the podcaster…Continue readingPresident Trump Did Not Say or Do Those Things!