Pay no attention to the hurricanes making landfall and everybody come look at this helicopter crash…

Tell me how wrong this all is. Wait til you see the two pilots who are crawling on their elbows to be rescued by ladder after they ‘SOMEHOW’ CRAWLED UP TO THE ROOF AFTER SOMEHOW GETTING OUT OF THE INSIDE OF THE CRASHED HELICOPTER AND SOMEHOW HAVE NO DIRT, OR DEBRIS FROM THE CHARRED CRASH SITE ON THEM. NOT A CHAR!

image 291

And there is little smoke shown in this photo taken, they said, shortly after the crash. They are elbowing their clean selves to the ladder! This sure looks like false flag script and a very hard to believe one!!!! Shown below are the two clean pilots slowly making their way from the roof to the ladder!

image 289

They somehow jumped up, flew or floated to the top of the roof out of the charred wreckage that also took the lives of two others (or reports have said that)??? We are to believe they made it out of the charred helicopter wreckage, and “somehow” got to the top of the roof avoiding the fire??? I’m all for saving these pilots and no one being harmed, and I am also for having the truth reported. This is a whale of a story to swallow. Why is Broward County giving us another whopper? In the past they have given us quite a few.

So we are to believe that these pilots… were somewhere in this wreckage and somehow made their way to the roof on their own? Oh my head hurts.

Pay attention to the different videos. Things just don’t add up. In the video below we are to believe it is the same building as we have seen in other videos? We see a splash of water go up and no fire or smoke?

It makes us wonder which things are true and which things are false. How many doctored videos and how many real ones. This is obviously part of the psyops propaganda war and it appears it is now up to us to discern all things even more closely than ever before. Why are they having us look at so many false flags when there are real emergencies taking place? This is called the art of confusion. And they want to gather data on who believes this stuff and who questions it. Everything they do that doesn’t make sense is to see where you are with your thinking! You see it frustrates them terribly that they can’t know what you are thinking. They hate that. Especially with the silent majority. So maybe we should start smiling at Joey and tell share on chats that he looks so much like his old self today? Throw their data mining rythms off a bit? Who’s up for that sorta thing?

image 290

Click link to view video: Two BSO helicopter crew members survived Pompano Beach crash – CBS Miami (cbsnews.com)

Meanwhile in Nevada….

Snowden explains what happens with your cell phone and how you are easily tracked by it. Listen up.

Is Kerry still trying to convince people that his bla, bla propaganda is factual? I don’t think he has a leg to stand on any more. DEW you?

Finally someone told Kerry the fact that without CO2 plants die and we die? Rep. Perry shoots back at Kerry that his scientists are “GRIFTERS”! You just got to listen to this one!

The Deep State Cabal pushes one thing and inside their package it’s always another terrible thing they don’t want you to ever figure out! Expose them all!

image 294

This is interesting if true? How does one fact check this? Just collect the dot, we may find out later?

image 292

Is this evidence or more propaganda? Time will tell.

image 293

And now breaking news – has government been the middle man in a multi billion dollar human trafficking ring?

Matthew 10-16: “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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