Florida Braces For Hurricane Idalia…

Storm Chasers on the Ground say – 125 to 130 mile an hour winds expected to hit Tallahassee, Florida by 8:30 A.M.!

Watch live and see things as they happen! Reliable source for storm activity. It’s real people showing real footage. Idalia is currently a category 2 with 100 mile per hour winds. As with all weather reporting… conditions are subject to change.

They announced that later tonight, they will be getting some rest and get back on live around 5 A.M. Eastern time to ride you through the storm. So if you miss them tonight… save the link and watch at dawn.

He said even the air force was like, “Yea, I’m out. And when the airforce says, yea I think I’m gonna go, then maybe you should? Ya know, if you’re too close to the coast?” But, Ryan also reminded everyone that this forecast could change and the weather people are wrong, no one knows for sure what’s going to happen with this.

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Ryan stated that he is against fear mongering and trying to make a bigger deal out of something than there really is…which is what a lot of people do in the weather industry, like it’s part of the game… but he stressed the last thing we want is people in big cities inland trying to evacuate.

Ryan said, “People who are like 60 miles inland packing up and clogging the interstates trying to get out of Florida. There are a lot of people in Florida who are going to be just fine. People might lose power and have trees falling around them, lose shingles, and even have significant damage to their home… but the people who need to get out are people who are in low lying areas along the coast and there are a lot of them who are staying. There’s a lot of them who are probably watching right now. So it’s those people who have to go or else. It’s like when there are active tornadoes on the ground, you can’t be out there and accidentally survive this. You have to take some form of shelter, and get to safety. Those are the people who need to go, the ones on the coast lines. They need to get out if at all possible”, stated Ryan.

That being said, the question of the day is… “If the weather modification cloud seeders have admitted they manipulate the weather to cause rain, etc., of course for the common good of all???? They are here to help man kind, etc., then why haven’t they or why aren’t they, using their modification systems to disperse this monster hurricane? Why haven’t they used their space based toys to stop Idalia and all the storms pummeling the nation?” Just asking???

Fort Meyers has already reported serious flooding in some places due to the tropical storms.

Meanwhile a tornado touched down in Marco Island off Florida’s west coast.

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At 6:15 Eastern Time, Idalia was intensifying and expected to increase, as it was still over a hundred miles out and already a Category 2 (almost a 3) with winds at 100 to 115 miles per hour and gusts up to 140 mph, and increasing as it draws nearer to land.

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And now they are announcing a rare ‘blue supermoon’ will appear in the night sky tomorrow (Aug. 30).

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Wonder if this had anything to do with India’s recent Moon landing?

They are now, finally after all these years, among the many Nations to land on the moon… and by golly they landed just like all the rest! Maybe they’ll share their technology with NASA since they lost theirs after 30 landings?

Are they mocking their own moon landing? Or just mocking the US and other nation’s moon landings?

And then there is our Forever President trump ….

Chatter is all over the place on what he should and shouldn’t do, along with all the false allegations and rumors of him, even some blaming Trump for allowing the destructive DEW wind fires to melt Lahaina on Maui like a marshmellow?? How does Trump get to be the punching bag for every thing wrong in the entire USA? With some allegations blaming him for everything wrong throughout the entire world. It’s always Trump’s fault now.

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I know this is a meme, but hey… it really would make a great stamp!

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There are all sorts of rumors being pushed and opinions flying around based on frazzled nerves, fear of what is coming upon the nation, fake psyops and down right lies from Marxists, Communists and Lizard people. And that’s putting it kindly.

Truth is truth and it always remains the same. It’s easy to remember for it stands the tests of time and you don’t ever have to worry about what you said to who? Truth sets you free.

But for some straight talk with facts and truth… you can always count on Lin Wood and his Tomotley Talks!

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Click the link to hear the latest news about President Trump and the state of our nation from Attorneys Lin Wood and John Exum: Lin Wood’s Tomotley Talks – Episode 40 – Tomotley Talks (buzzsprout.com)

“Lin Wood and John Exum discuss the state of our nation, the continued persecution of President Trump, and what may come next for our country. Most importantly, we share our faith in Jesus Christ with others.” Tomotley Talks

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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