Florida is preparing for hurricane Idalia as tropical storms hit in the southwest region and people gather water, supplies and gas. And just like that… many are filling up at the pumps only to find they have just put diesel fuel in their unleaded gas tanks. Now how did that happen? With everything taking place around the world, people are questioning all things. They are doing their own research and connecting dots.

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Whereas many are talking amongst themselves on social media saying, one gas station is an accident, two a coincidence but a long list is proof of foul play. There is true concern for their own families safety and a growing mistrust in their state and local protective services, especially after watching Maui and other states getting hit with disasters and left with no help. After Ian, many became believers that weather manipulation is a very real thing and after Maui, they know it!

And now they are looking at contaminated fuel that can harm engines and vehicle performance, and can cause the engine to stop all together. Purchasers of bad gas have already left some drivers stranded on the highway. So many who filled up their tanks with intent to get out of the path of the Hurricane… have found themselves with diesel and no transportation… at least not until that issue can be fixed.

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But fear not… they found the problem and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services issued a warning. The impacted stations have stopped gas sales until they receive clean fuel and their tanks are cleaned.

Anyone who believes they were sold contaminated gasoline can file a complaint by calling 1-800-HELP-FLA online at

The list of gas stations with bad gas is posted below.

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At least they said it was due to a “HUMAN ERROR”. (That was obvious.) But, many are talking and they say it has the hallmarks of “On Purpose” more than by error, as in an “Oops”. If it happened to you, knowing what you now know, what would you think?

How did this bad gas issue happen? It appears that somehow Citgo gasoline from the Port of Tampa ended up getting contaminated with diesel fuel. That was the statement from the The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS). I’ll repeat that, “SOMEHOW CITGO GASOLINE FROM THE PORT OF TAMPA ENDED UP CONTAMINATED WITH DIESEL FUEL”. Isn’t that good to know? I mean… somehow? Read more: Citgo gasoline from Port of Tampa contaminated with diesel, FDACS says (

How many think there just might be more of this type of thing elsewhere?

Meanwhile as Hurricane Idalia is heading for the West side of Florida, Fox local news reported…

“The state is preparing its ports to ensure fuel is readily available throughout Florida during and after the storm. Over the weekend, the state learned of fuel contamination at gas stations serviced by the Port of Tampa.”

The Emergency Operations Center have been coordinating in Tampa with everyone from petroleum retailers to the ports themselves to ensure that the disruption will not be widespread or prolonged and that residents can have a seamless access to fuel.”

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Florida Governor DeSantis said power companies began staging linemen on Monday. More than 1,000 National Guardsmen have been mobilized and can use high-water vehicles as well as aircraft for rescue and recovery efforts. So Florida is bracing for another hurricane, as they are still yet recovering from Ian that hit last September and have a large number of homeless families who were displaced by Ian. It was reported around 7,000 still homeless in the Cape Coral area alone.

Time will tell just how hard Florida gets hit again. Idalia is expected to make landfall on Wednesday as Soutwest Florida continues to have heavy tropical storms. Read: Florida prepares for Tropical Storm Idalia with lessons learned from Ian: ‘Do not focus on just the cone’ (

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As fires continue to break out in Hawaii and throughout the US, the weather continues to pound down and the news continues to shout, “Climate Change”… people have caught on and aren’t buying it. They are demanding answers. Let’s face it… people know they are under attack by the ones who have the DEW weapons and they are now demanding answers as to why their government is allowing this to happen.

Meanwhile the government is acting like they have no idea what the people are alluding to. You can’t make this stuff up. People are no longer going along and keeping quiet in order to get along. They are talking and talking loudly. The government is not fooling anyone, not any more.

That being said, there is another arm of destruction in play. And that is coming from the church. See video below.

“CHURCH in FLAMES: Traditional Catholics, Predator Priests & the Latin Mass”, by Michael Matt.

Is it Dismantling itself or is this part of a plan? And is that a good thing or a bad thing? The dismantling part I mean… not the process.

Michael Matt paints a vivid picture of what is taking place and did a good job of connecting the dots. There is a very clear pattern here and one that is repeating itself.

Matt takes a closer look at what he calls a “Hostile Takeover”.

Making sense of things that don’t make sense…

In the video below, Derek Johnson gives a good overview of what is taking place and answers a lot of the questions many people have been asking.

Hang in there people and know that we are at war. Neither side are going to announce their battle plans and plots… that comes after the war is over, if ever at all? For now know that we have good versus evil forces warring world wide and all things work together for those who love the Lord. You can’t just stop this train on a dime that is now going a thousand miles an hour and picking up speed. But you can call on the Holy Spirit to guide, strengthen, comfort, and keep you calm so you fear not and make wise discernment in all your decisions.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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