Barbie X and Hollywood X, Fashion X, and Everything X!

Hollywood Barbie brought to you by Mattel… or is that the other way around? If you think this is just a crazy movie for Barbie enthusiasts… you are dead wrong! Maybe it’s because I’ve been down so many rabbit holes but this appears to be grooming for the new 15 minute smart cities, and no…Continue readingBarbie X and Hollywood X, Fashion X, and Everything X!


What on earth is Musk doing with his X project? Or was it DARPA’s original plan all along? Or is it just a crazy Musk 2.0 idea? Or was it Elon 1.0 intercepted and replaced by 2.0, now acting out a new script to show what Musk 1.0 was originally programmed to do to humanity…Continue readingX WORLD PLATFORM… WHAT THE HECK IS X?

Spotting All The Hyenas!

The GOP Candidates were all dressed up and on parade. Did you spot the Hyenas? The 2.0’s? So a nobody named Hurd stands up and gives his two cents that Trump is only running in 2024 to stay out of prison and gets booed off the stage and leaves with a cat that ate the…Continue readingSpotting All The Hyenas!


Lin Wood under fire for exposing the truth and fighting for the CHILDREN! From the day Lin Wood stood up against a stolen election to the day he openly exposed human and child sex trafficking and all the sins against the innocent, he has been under attack, after attack, after attack! Crimes against humanity take…Continue readingEVERY LIE WILL BE REVEALED!

It’s Time To Turn Things Inside Out…

So Hold On To Your Faith – there’s a new Kingdom coming!  Meanwhile in Gotham City… Today President Trump said his attorneys had a productive meeting with the DOJ in the morning and no indication was given of a notice, so do not trust the Fake News on anything! And President Trump said many things?…Continue readingIt’s Time To Turn Things Inside Out…

A Look Inside Missing Persons Vs Real DCFS Cases… Who Is Involved And Why?

It’s time to hear the rest of the secrets! Listen to first hand witnesses tell how the government trafficks children inside the Foster Care System! Fransesca Amato Host of Punished 4 Protecting has special guest Malibu Dallas. Listen as he shares how he was trafficked through the courts at 7 years old by DCFS into…Continue readingA Look Inside Missing Persons Vs Real DCFS Cases… Who Is Involved And Why?

Friends of God? Or Enough is Enough?

Come out from her my people or get with the new grooming? Just what is the underlying message? Pay as you go? Pay to play? Or pay for redemption? Or pay for blessings? Is it true that God won’t bless you until you give these mega church pastors and profits all your money for their…Continue readingFriends of God? Or Enough is Enough?

President Trump

President Trump was born for a time such as this! We are at war and everything is on the table! Our very lives are on the line. It’s not about who holds office, it is about who will get to control your very life! President Trump is fighting for every child and human on this…Continue readingPresident Trump

Is Lukewarm The Same As Being Complacent?

The question is, are you halfway seeking God and the other half doing your own thing to control your life because you trust in yourself more than in God? Giving lip service only? When the Lord was addressing the people of the church in Laodacea … he said they were lukewarm. That represented a condition…Continue readingIs Lukewarm The Same As Being Complacent?

Hari Kari… or Something Else?

The Truth Channel posted a video yesterday titled, “Fox News Matches Donations to Satanic Temple”. WHAT? YIKES! “Whistleblowers within FOX report to Blaze Media that FOX News is using their employee app to match donations to the satanic temple. In the 50s and 60s the ClA worried about UFO groups becoming honey holes for Communists…Continue readingHari Kari… or Something Else?