A Look Inside Missing Persons Vs Real DCFS Cases… Who Is Involved And Why?

It’s time to hear the rest of the secrets! Listen to first hand witnesses tell how the government trafficks children inside the Foster Care System!

Fransesca Amato Host of Punished 4 Protecting has special guest Malibu Dallas. Listen as he shares how he was trafficked through the courts at 7 years old by DCFS into foster care where he experienced a nightmare of sex and physical abuse until he was adopted at age 15 to a good family. Today Malibu has a nonprofit geared toward helping victims of child trafficking and he is making a difference.

Dallas Wielenga aka “Malibu” in his own words: “I’m not married and I don’t have kids. I was a victim of child trafficking and suffered from the hands of CPS from the ages of 7 to 15. Every single home/group home I was in was very abusive. physically, emotionally, rape, torture, starvation you name it I went through it. One of my biggest passions in life is to expose corrupt CPS agencies and Judges and change the system.” Malibu Dallas has over 260K followers on TikTok, and 14K on Instagram.

When Dallas started sharing his personal story, he found that overnight he had millions of viewers and an inpouring of emails begging for help for themselvesand their family. He has been dedicated to helping others out of the corrupt child trafficking industry. Whether it is trafficking children across the border or taking children from their parents, it is all moving children (trafficking) against their will!

Revealing Florida DCFS Child Trafficking …

Was Trump right that DeSantis is soft on Human and Child Trafficking? It is looking more and more that way.

Learn how the systems in place are broken and need fixed. Missing and exploited persons are put into Christian organizations to avoid detection!

It’s not just little children, it is also adults! Kidnap charges filed within law enforcement as missing persons. Why?

In the video above, you will learn how government systems work together with Christian based organizations in Florida to traffic children. Some tactics include changing medicaid and social security numbers on missing and exploited children in order to traffic children in the government system. Law enforcement have been filing forms to turn kidnapping reports into missing persons reports. It is happening to all ages and adults. Why is that?

    In the video below, get a load of the reality of how the court systems work. This is what is going on across the nation. The lawlessness must stop. But, how do you stop lawlessness when it is in the government’s own allegedly lawful system?

    The places that are supposed to help you… are actually part of human and child sex trafficking. So, do you see the infiltration yet?

    Where to go when the judge does not uphold your constitutional law? There is one court you can go to that upholds the constitution. That court is the United States Court of Federal Claims.


    The United States Court of Federal Claims is a court of record with national jurisdiction. The United States Court of Federal Claims was recreated in October 1982 by the Federal Courts Improvement Act pursuant to Article 1 of the United States Constitution. The court consists of sixteen judges nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate for a term of fifteen years. After 1982, the court retained all the original jurisdiction of the Court of Claims and continues, uninterrupted, a judicial tradition more than 140 years old.

    The court has since been given new equitable jurisdiction in the area of bid protests, as well as jurisdiction in vaccine compensation. The Court of Federal Claims is authorized to hear primarily money claims founded upon the Constitution, federal statutes, executive regulations, or contracts, express or implied in fact, with the United States. Many cases before the court involve tax refund suits, an area in which the court exercises concurrent jurisdiction with the United States district courts. The cases generally involve complex factual and statutory construction issues in tax law.

    Another aspect of the court’s jurisdiction involves government contracts. It was within the public contracts jurisdiction that the court was given new equitable authority in late 1996. In recent years, the court’s Fifth Amendment takings jurisdiction has included many cases raising environmental and natural resources issues. Another large category of cases involves civilian and military pay claims. In addition, the court hears intellectual property, Indian tribe, and various statutory claims against the United States by individuals, domestic and foreign corporations, states and localities, Indian tribes and nations, and foreign nationals and governments. While many cases pending before the court involve claims potentially worth millions or even billions of dollars, the court also efficiently handles numerous smaller claims. Its expertise, in recent years, has been seen as its ability to efficiently handle large, complex, and often technical litigation.

    Punish 4 Protecting”… Brings you “Top Expert Legal Advocates and others” come together for this breaking story about mothers & children and the evil court system! Listen to how it really works!

    Punished 4 Protecting News: Child testimony… if you want to know what the government systems are doing… listen and learn!

    Heart breaking stories of injustice are being silenced in order to protect the inside system that makes money off of the corrupt government systems put in place. Human trafficking has all sorts of games to steal money from individuals of all ages even the elderly. The question is, how do we stop the corruption that takes place across the nation? How do you hold them accountable when the government runs the system? Creating awareness and exposing real corruption is dangerous. The system is designed to protect those who commit the crimes. Why is that?

    As long as they keep people looking at the squirrels crossing the border… no one will look at the squirrels in their own neighborhood. And no good Christian will ever look at any church, pastor or any of their missionary groups as being a part of any of this. That would be a very bad Christian thing to do. How dare anyone even believe such a thing.

    As Fransesca Amato Host of Punished 4 Protecting says, “It’s time to look the devil in the eye and say – NO MORE!”

    Thank you to the sponsors of the filem SOF that opened up this new conversation.



    By Dianne Marshall

    I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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