President Trump Said, “The New Filem”…What Was That About?

Filem? Filum? Fill em? The spelling I chose was Filem, because that was the spelling I saw on other Films. You can search and please share what rabbit hole you went down. Smile. I also found this: What does Filem mean? ( Well, people are buzzing with all sorts of ideas. I got to digging…Continue readingPresident Trump Said, “The New Filem”…What Was That About?

Lin Wood… Answering The Call

Here I am Lord, send me! Lin Wood is a strong man dedicated to protecting children and ending human and child trafficking. LAWFARE the new weapon to take down law and order. “ Truth, Justice and the American Way”… that old cliché’ is it still ringing true or is it just a cliché’?  Today people…Continue readingLin Wood… Answering The Call

Trump In Iowa – Boom, Boom, Boom….BOOM!

FIGHTING FIRE WITH FIRE!!! IT’S GO TIME! “FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE!!!” What did President Trump mean by that? Trump repeats the same post…the second time with another one liner. “DO SOMETHING!!!” The following is from Toy Magnus forwarded from MJ Truth (MJTruth (CandlesinTheNight)) Trump retruthed two very interesting videos today. Let’s go over them. •…Continue readingTrump In Iowa – Boom, Boom, Boom….BOOM!

Who, What, When, Where, Why?

Are we waking up or are we in a dream? Sadly many never had to wake up… they have from early childhood had their head on a swivel… the real world was smacking them left and right. Today, those who were shielded from the storm are now finding themselves being smacked left and right and…Continue readingWho, What, When, Where, Why?


The Light Is Shining On Every Wicked Thing! Roseanne Barr gives a riveting interview. Please watch as she defends herself from an interview where her words were taken out of context and edited to discredit her. Roseanne tells the real story and exposes the creep who did it, along with the truths about those who…Continue readingHIDDEN TRUTH

If I Had a Hammer I’d Want It To Be Like Trumps!

It’s the HAMMER OF JUSTICE!!!! Liz Cochran wants to know WHEN the rest of the history and present story of Child sex trafficking is coming out, especially since now the conservative media is onboard with exposing it! Then we have this email from WikiLeaks and more like this… and you all wondered why Assange is…Continue readingIf I Had a Hammer I’d Want It To Be Like Trumps!

Just When You Thought You Were Ready For The Storm…

You realize, you were never going to be ready for what was about to hit. You just have to go through it! THE BIG TAKE DOWN…. I thought I knew why things had to be done in silence and behind closed doors… but, to be honest, it was so irritating hearing those who said… “It…Continue readingJust When You Thought You Were Ready For The Storm…

It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood…

Maybe? Well, I see there were some that really got a bit ruffled with some truth. But that was expected. Human and Child trafficking and all that goes with it is a touchy subject. Whenever you reveal the truth about key figures that is often perceived as a horrible attack. And then there are the…Continue readingIt’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood…


It is time to STOP being the HUNTED and learn to BE THE HUNTER! It’s time to become empowered from within and let the boldness of truth shine forth as the sun exposing the wickedness hiding in the shadows. The scripture “My people perish for lack of Knowlege” is an absolute. So is the scripture,…Continue readingBE THE HUNTER!


Today we hear that Tim Ballard all of a sudden, and just like that, has left the anti-human trafficking group he founded. This has people wondering and probing to find out why? Why all of a sudden, and most of all… why now? He was sitting on top of the world of heroism and ready…Continue readingBALLARD HAS LEFT THE BUILDING?