Lin Wood under fire for exposing the truth and fighting for the CHILDREN!

From the day Lin Wood stood up against a stolen election to the day he openly exposed human and child sex trafficking and all the sins against the innocent, he has been under attack, after attack, after attack! Crimes against humanity take place every second of the day and Lin is a strong voice to expose all aspects of the wickedness, mincing no words! Watch the powerful video below!

Lin Wood has been a strong voice crying in the wilderness. So strong was his message that the demonic minions have come out of the woodwork to attack him non stop. Pray for Lin that he continue to fight the truth fight to take down the corrupt systems that God has led him to expose.

From Lin Wood –

I discerned early on after 2020 that there was a significant difference between Q and Anons on the one hand and Qanons on the other.

I remember laughing in 2021 when the CIA Mockingbird Fake Media published propaganda articles labeling me as the “leader” of the “Qanon movement” in America.

At the time, I did not have any idea or knowledge of Qanon.

How can you “lead” a group of which you have no knowledge???

It was a Deep State propaganda effort to set me up to be falsely accused. It did not succeed.

I lived and learned about Qanons and who was really trying to set me up.

Do you now know the identity of the REAL leader of Qanon???

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

Listen to Lin Wood speaking with Michael Flynn…


Know what they are doing to your health. They have lied to you all along the way!

Truth about COVID and jabs! Learn the strategy used in this war. There was a reason the vaccine was rolled out in Warp Speed… being experimental you had to consent to it. If this had not been done, you would have been mandated! If you still don’t know what really rolled out of Wuhan… it’s time to learn. We have said this from the very beginning in 2020, but that went on lots of deaf ears. Along the way we kept telling you about 5G, and all the evidence… etc., you can go back in the archives and dig for it… but this video gets you up to date for those who want to know truth! It fast tracks a lot of information in one video.


At 11:29 in Lin Wood speaks out!


This war has been raging, and it is NOT continuing because they have to wake up what go fund me’s call sleepers and normies (two words that cause me to cringe, used most often by sellers of wares) so they aren’t shocked. It’s about sovereignty of nations, saving humanity, the children and taking down the satanic KM Oligarch strongholds designed to depopulate and enslave us that are infiltrated into EVERYTHING!

image 214

Lin Wood

Our nation is a nation in decline because the leaders in every aspect of our society are in an increasing state of moral decay.

They are Godless.

They are communists.

The ruling elite ignores and abuses the servant class.

Those REAL Patriots who speak out for President Trump and freedom are targeted by the Godless communists.

Those who speak out for Jesus Christ are particularly targeted by the devil and his earthy minions.

Be bold. Be confident. Keep speaking TRUTH!!!

Keep supporting President Trump and most importantly, keep praying.

Only Jesus Christ can get this nation and the world out of the mess we are in.

God is sovereign. 

Lin 🙏🇺🇸


This state of affairs is not something that goes away on its own. Nor is it something that can be taken out without God doing so.

This is all about coming out from her my people. Many are shouting phrases for others to wake up and believing they are awake while shouting out mind wash words like “normies”, and pushing their ideas of NESARA, GESARA … and stocking up on all the things their podcasters tell them. The shouts of “yea we’re all going to be rich when this is over”. I sincerely ask you … is that really what this is all about?

Others are calculating with their Kabballah geometric mathematics to show future, past, type knowledge or something like that based on Q drops as they pity the one who doesn’t know how to search for coms? 

Do they even understand what their numerology is based off of? It is part of the Kabbalah which is an esoteric method, discipline and school of thought in Jewish mysticism. When they do their math, do they realize that numerology is the belief in an occult, divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events, via an alphanumeric system, of the letters in words and names? 

Others are buying all the prep things and worried about their bank, and shouting… I’m ready now for anything in one breath, and it’s taking too long in the next?

As I observe all of this I wonder how prepared are these who are waiting with baited breath to hear their favorite podcaster who promised to hand hold…. as week after week they come up with the same news presented in a different fashion and point to the go fund me sign and their list of merchandise designed to save you in the battle to come. In observing all of this, I wonder… what are these ones prepared for? Have they been herded like sheep to follow their favorites?

Meanwhile we watch the new X which is now Twitter 2.0… and the Musk double 2.0 leading people somewhere?  But where?

All of the Babylon the Great show is directed by the same ones who brought you War on Terror, Big Gov, Big Bank, Big Human and Child Trafficking, Big Drug Cartels, Big Money Laundering, Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Education, Big Road Show, Big 501c3 Church, Big indoctrination, Big Fake News, Big Fake education, Big False Prophets, Big Fake ‘we’re here to help you” programs from A to Z… Big Babylon the Great… big hand holding bla, bla, whereas… RUN FROM ALL OF THESE MINDLESS, ONES!  There is no one on that list that is here to help, nor trustworthy to hold my hand. The only ones I want to hold my hand is God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit! 

Rise up people and come out from Babylon the Great, for it is fallen, fallen and it is a death trap for anyone who clings to any part of it.

The fight is big, the Commander In Chief is still President Trump.

As for the fall of this big fat mess, do not look to man… look to God Almighty for He wields the Battle Ax to go before us, in His time and His season. Spend much time seeking God’s Word and Will and let the Holy Spirit lead, teach and show you how to come out… for there is no preparing with manmade items. It is a heart to heart, one on one preparation that no one can do for you. It must be your free will, your decision.

That being said, there is value in knowing what the enemy is doing and how the enemy works. Be not deceived… pray unceasing and ask the Lord to go before you in every breath you take and for the Holy Spirit to lead and prepare the way for you to go. Test all the spirits for many have been deceived by wolves in sheep’s clothing pretending to be bringers of light that instead are of darkness.

image 217

Fear not… here comes hope and help!

We have a problem, here comes the solution… herd the sheep, give them hope, sell them tickets and show them how to pass it forward… buy tickets for someone who can’t afford it?  While you are here buy some hats, badges, and trinkets to forward the cause! Sheep will obey for they are good sheep groomed by the 501c3 church for such a time as this and they are now in need of a good shepherd. They will support the cause and shout down anyone who questions the cause… good little sheep.

And now… just on time as the road show is waning… here comes the film of the century… finally SOF. Let’s present this message of awareness and hope, sell the tickets, pass it forward buy tickets for others… and buy hats, badges and trinkets to promote the SOF cause. Sheep will obey for they are good sheep groomed by the 501c3 church who are promoting the film, along with the road show for such a time as this. Good sheep will support the cause and shout down anyone who questions the cause… good little predictable sheep.

image 218

But… wait… here comes another film, this time from the road show… just on time and just like that on the tail of SOF. Rinse and repeat… create a need, awareness, sell the tickets, pass it forward and buy tickets for others, get your hats, badges, and trinkets to promote and be good sheep and prepare to shout down those who question any of the good shepherd’s motives. Good little predictable sheep.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are many GOOD CAUSES and podcasters THAT NEED SUPPORTING, I am talking about the ones that fleece the sheep and line their coffers. You know the ones.

Is it time to break the cycle?  Or just hold hands and sing along in Babylon the Great?  Poor little sheep … you heard the snake song, and thought it was over there…and there, and there. You had no clue it was over here, and here, and here.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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