Barbie X and Hollywood X, Fashion X, and Everything X!

Hollywood Barbie brought to you by Mattel… or is that the other way around?

If you think this is just a crazy movie for Barbie enthusiasts… you are dead wrong!

Maybe it’s because I’ve been down so many rabbit holes but this appears to be grooming for the new 15 minute smart cities, and no privacy with A.I. viewers tuning in to watch your life from bathing to sleeping, and every thing you scratch that itches. 

This is a film that makes no sense until you realize it is about the past they created and the future they have planned to move their (so named) generation X into … from a world of Kens, and Barbies doing what they control them to do in their “open for all to see” lives where there is no privacy anywhere, not even in the bathroom. So get used to it and think it’s cool because this is what they are feeding the innocent minds in the gullible audience who eagerly pays for it and sits through the entire film laughing.

But the great merchants of the earth are expecting to reap lots of sales from what they call generation X as their new target audience. They have a brand of Barbie X products that range from electric toothbrushes, OPI nail polish, clothing, shoes, roller skates, jewelry, makeup, sweets, dragon fruit yogurt, luggage, you name it…even Barbie themed corner shops coming to London. Top selling retailers have what they call Barbie X Collaboration and it’s very organized!

Welcome to the land of lizards who literally look at people as consumers of whatever they decide to shove at them. And so it appears they are targeting generation X (their branding not mine). Whereas many are having fun reliving childhood days, and comparing this to the Star Wars saga… the KM Oligarchs have an alterior motive to their Barbie X collaborative merchandising world. It is a form of mind control to get ones guard down as the film points out in a subtle fashion how they have messed with with the different generations in different ways.

Today, I see all the labels of the different generations moreso branded for the mind controllers to keep track of their mixed messages and not about those born in that generation at all. It’s an open identification tag to observe their subject matter to see how effective they were with their subliminal and in your face messages. What will they now do when childhood memories are triggered? Will they be led to buy, buy, buy… or will they awake and see it for what it is? And why during the middle of this war are they pushing this now? They are obviously banking on lots of sales and having a generation or two follow a toy? Why? One thing is sure they are going to count how many mindless ones they can trigger to dress up and act like a doll in public for all the world to see. But to do that, they first have to get rid of all the critical thinkers who follow the way of the Lord and are coming out of Babylon the Great. And they are working on that as they push forward to make each human into a mind controlled bot doll that can be led to do as they are programmed to do.

Remember the Elon Musk X of everything, the chip king? And now here comes Barbie X and Ken X?

Seriously a Barbie X Fossil line? Shop the collaboration?

image 228

Bloomingdales pushing Barbie the movie X Aqua? Best Collab ever? An exclusive collection inspired by the summers most anticipated blockbuster?

Serious question, how many of you were anticipating this block buster? How many even knew there was a clothing line for real people by Barbie X?

image 229

Did you know in the new Barbie X movie release there was also a major fashion bomb explosion? Everything Barbie X Doll in the real world? How many will clammor to it and how many will Bud lite it? Will X mark the spot and what spot will that be? Will God’s people come out from her or go Barbie X doll? Time will tell.

In the land of mind control X mania, everyone is Barbie and Ken and a world of bot clones are on the horizon. What if this is a launch for grooming people to accept soulless dolls, clones? The ones they are breeding now in incubators.  Or is that more or less robotic hosts for their demons to move about in? That’s all the evil spirits need is something to program so they can move about and do the devils bidding. I know many are thinking… Dianne you are now way out there… but the truth is… Hollywood, Mattel, Blackrock and the corporations that have manufactured all of this are the real ones who are out there.

So far, nothing is soaring for Mattel… but it’s early yet.

image 236

Barbie Is Winning at the Box Office. Here’s Why Mattel Shareholders Could Win Too.

“Barbie isn’t just a doll anymore. She’s now the star of her own movie, and that movie is taking the world by storm. Barbie exploded onto the scene last weekend, scoring the biggest opening of the year. And the movie just flew past the milestone of $500 million at the global box office.

Mattel (NASDAQ: MAT), the maker of Barbie, was counting on the project to showcase its new strategy of maximizing the potential of its intellectual property. The company aims to do this by putting its top brands in places beyond the toy aisle. This could be a winning move for Mattel over time — and for shareholders. Let’s find out why.” Read: Barbie Is Winning at the Box Office. Here’s Why Mattel Shareholders Could Win Too. (

image 231

It is obvious they just can’t wait to do this in your neighborhood. Your 15 minute walk around.   Wake up and come out from her my people. Now is the time… or you will have a whole lot more of the same. Just keep waiting for the Kingdom to miraculously appear as the false shepherds have told you and watch as your little world gets more and more surreal.  The lukewarm still have the power to end this… but will they?  Most will listen to Hollywood Barbie as a harmless movie, and even recall how they used to play with their own Barbie world as children, so please shut up and quit making a mountain out of a molehill.

image 230

These will ignore the fact this is Hollywood and forget who runs that, and even though they have been warned, these and others will continue to sit in prosperity preachers pews writing out their love of God checks for blessings.  And some will warn of this film just to cash in on the game of selling fear, for fear sells.

Is this B for Barbie or is it for something else? What does the star and rainbow mean? Dragon fruit?

image 232

All of this world stuff was prophecied… we just didn’t know how creatively cunning it would all be, nor how gullible the complacent ones really were, and even more startling… who they were??  This battle is not even worth arguing over… it clearly defines itself.  At this point… wiping my feet and getting far, far away from  those that defend such things is really tempting, but I have to remind myself that most people have no idea of what this all could entail, nor what is going on in the shadows. Most have no clue we are at war, nor how corrupt everything is because they are busy doing things as the Lord said they would as in the days of Noah.

Now that is not to say that those who see the film are among the mindwashed. Don’t get this message all bunched up, that is not what I am saying here. I am saying all of this does not add up to what will help America restore the constitution and end the lawlessness. We have all sorts of lawlessness abounding and the piped piper is singing Barbie X tunes. In order to warn others you have to get inside the swamp… and pull all the garbage up and sort through it.

Yes, there is even a Barbie Music Album…..

In these last days, I for one am not looking for Barbie X to save me or show me the way. And when scriptures tell me the great merchants of the earth weep and wail for no one buys their goods anymore… the devil laughs at God’s children with box office opening sales world wide of $500 million. But, in this war… nothing is as it appears and God is not mocked, and so… all I can say is come out from her my people. And look into the X which today is being used by the dark side.

Are you feeling the Barbie X movement?

image 233

Mind Control and X…

The X symbol has diverse meanings, representing the unknown, secrecy, danger, and the end. It can have mystical significance, as well as scientific, or linguistic importance. X is the pagan symbol for the “sun”, and the symbol for “luck” in ancient Greece. The X symbol with the overlapping femurs in the scull and bones represents danger and death and is used to warn of something that is poison. Read: What is the ‘X’ Symbol? 6 Powerful Meanings (

Mind Control is real… it is demonic…

There is a book which the link is attached below to read it for free. It is titled:

“The Illuminati Formula Used To Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave By Fritrz Springmeier And Cisco Wheeler 2008”

by Fritz Springmeier

Excerpts: “It’s all about the Government [C.I.A.] along with Secret Societies [Illuminati, Masons,New World Order aka World Revolutionary Movement] are creating M.P.D. or now called D.I.D. [Dissociative Disorder] by splitting the human mind with extreme trauma in children to create sex slaves and Manchurian Candidates to carry out top secret, take over the World plots by Order by Chaos, the 33% Masonic motto.The book also discloses locations and names of those nefarious individuals and companies involved, if you’ve never read anything about mind control, this book will not only enlighten you but admonish you to the many devious attacks on people in our every day life.

“When splitting the mind the controllers, like Josef Mengele aka Dr Green, would split each personality with a demon, to protect it from the other alters. Mengele created a grid of 13 x 13 alters or 169 alter personality possibilities, such as,Beta [sex kitten] or Monarch Butterfly, Delta [assassins].The book also mentions the 13 Illuminati blood lines that have always ruled the World, with Luciferian philosophy and blood rituals [skinning children alive in front of other children]. The Illuminati like to have about 40,000 mind controlled slaves in the U.S. alone. Mind controlled slaves are generational and tracked by the Illuminati. Abuse starts at infancy and at 18 months to see if the infant will dissociate. Scares from trauma show up under black lights, thats why clubs use them. Sigmund Freuds sex theory came from Jewish Sabbatianism a form of Satanism. The bottom line is the people who run this world are beyond evil and want to create the perfect soldier and the perfect sex slave and destroy religions.” Read: (The Illuminati Formula to Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler)

image 234

The appearance of any double X form in an Occult context may be a secretive embedding of the square and compass of Freemasonry, marking their territory and performing symbol magick.

Within the double X two very important symbol letters appear, the W and X. The W is above, the M below. They are mirrored, as above, so below. The W is the sign of the goddess, as Inanna-Ishtar. The M is male, the beast. W*oman / M*an. Hermaphrodite-Baphomet – female dominant. In a series of 4, XXXX, W and M appear overlapped, at full height.

That being said, what is the purpose of Elon’s X for everything?

And why is it held in place with sandbags? Read: Elon Musk’s X blocks San Francisco building inspectors from giant rooftop sign – MarketWatch

image 238



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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