President Trump

President Trump was born for a time such as this!

We are at war and everything is on the table! Our very lives are on the line. It’s not about who holds office, it is about who will get to control your very life! President Trump is fighting for every child and human on this earth to end the most hedious of crimes… human and child trafficking. He is also ending the drug cartels, gun running, and the invasion on our borders. The lawlessness is all but over. He is restoring the nation to its original ideals for truth, justice, freedom and liberty. He is restoring our Justice System along with our nation’s safety and security for WE THE PEOPLE!

President Trump came to office with a plan to restore the Constitution of the Republic to the people. He did more than any other president to end child and human trafficking and he is not finished yet! He is continuing to fight for every human life and made note that women sex slaves was the number one and children were number two trafficked internationally.

President Trump is also taking out the communists, and Marxists!

President Trump is bringing back our nations production of essential medicines and will no longer be dependent on foreign nations for any of our basic needs. We will be self sufficient and end the corrupt systems that have crept inside our Banks, Justice Systems, Educational Institutions, Science Hoaxes such as climate change, rebuild our military, restore fair trade, end abuses of the systems and put American citizens first. We will rid the nation of the corrupt fiat dollar and put our currency back on the gold backed dollar.

It is a big task, but one he has been working on non stop since he came down the escalator. President Trump, along with the US military white hats, and key individuals have never stopped fighting for every American Citizen!

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President Trump tells us what he is doing, and what is going down. Just learn to read his messages! He said… “When you hear this radical lunatics and their partners in fake news media, remember it is all a coordinated HOAX!

It was never said to be easy, but it was always said that it shall be done. There is no compromising and no turning back now. Together we shall all press forward and complete the task to make America Great… and restore the Republic to We The People! We are at war, and more has been accomplished than what people know. Have faith and pray for all of our leaders to win the war against lawlessness and great evil.

President Trump is the first president who ever fought back against the KM Oligarchs using stealth and their own tactics against them! Whether you believe it or not, we are winning this war!

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They don’t hide it!

They being the ones who infiltrate the systems to work them to their advantage in lawless ways. These ones wave your facts in your face and act like they know nothing of what you are saying and shout you are a conspiracy spreader, or worse. The sad thing is… many of God’s children chime in with them through lack of knowledge.

When you say… “look what they do”… the gullible shout… “how dare you”, right along with them. We saw this with the COVID lockdowns and mandates, and then again with the toxic jabs.

They told us there was no graphene in the jabs…


image 197

They told us HCQ did nothing to help against COVID. They denied any person access to this drug for COVID.

They told us the COVID jab was safe and all vaccines prior were tested and safe… they lied.

They organized Hollywood Celebs to be spokes persons for, Foster Care, Child Rescue organizations and foundations, promoted Crisis Nursery, Womens Shelters, in line with DCFS, and government funded systems built by Hillary Clinton and John Podesta… they said they were fighting to stop human and child trafficking. All the while Human and Child Trafficking business went from around $37 Billion dollar a year industry to $150 billion now. How did that happen?

So send your silver and gold to these ones and help them increase their revenue higher. They’re now at 150 billion with Hillary et al, go right ahead and see if you can help them reach 300 billion?  Heck keep on contributing to all of their beguiling schemes and help them OWN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

They are reaching their goal and they need your help to reach their pinnacle of success. Volunteer to work in the foundation and raise money for the cause. Support the systems in place and help send congress persons and senators to DC to increase the budgets for the causes in place. Causes like the Department of Child Protective Services, Foster Care Programs, and all the open borders policies and funding programs for displaced immigrants, all the while the citizens who are homeless on the streets stay homeless on the streets.

At the same time immigrants are receiving tax dollar funding, phones and housing, the unemployed citizens are losing their homes, and living in cars and tents and DCFS is helping them by taking away their children into foster care?  Wake up and see. Wake up and hear. Most of all wake up and call them out!

That being said….

In retaliation for those who dare to speak the truth, there are many who are coming out with “ball bats” banging at their key boards as they type comments slamming anyone who questions anything about the system, and especially the Hollywood stars who are spokespersons for causes. The very same causes that have and are being exposed for their cartel drug, child and human trafficking, money laundering schemes. And the ones who are infiltrated inside the circle of deceit of which some are innocent and some are not. This is what makes it all even more difficult.

They hide nothing!

Which bring us to the hot poison dart topic of the day…

Many are misconstruing the comments about the history of the funders of the Filem as a slam against the filem, “The Sounds of Freedom”.  That is not the intent. We all know that it is a good filem that didn’t go far enough but just far enough to get the conversation started and boy is it started now!

Because of that filem we are now looking at all those involved and digging to see who, what, when, where and why. What they expected was donations to the cause and not so much investigations into the cause.

We have Jim Caviezel,  an actor that played Jesus in the Passion which was a great film and one that touched the hearts of most all who saw it. Who we watched during the road show as he sincerely spoke of the filem and road in on his “Jesus starring Caviezel” white horse… it just is what it is and reached to the point of it bothering me deep in my gut.

But long before that, there were moments where he came across like he was actually portraying him in life as though he were him…which is different than doing as he does. But to ever question his passion for the Lord, and how he passes that on to others is something that no one can argue who love the Lord, for we are to all be as our Lord and do as he did… followers of the way of Jesus. So the intellect whisper in the ear was “don’t even go there”, judge not lest ye be judged or in this case don’t rock the boat. Being a fan of both the film and his acting performance, even owning my own DVD of the film, it wasn’t anything I even thought to question, let alone dig into. But, somehow over time, mainly the last two and a half years, it left a mesmerizing stamp that many were following Caviezel because he played Jesus and he was still playing him??? That is what it appeared to look like.

Which lead us to another interesting reveal. A new testimonial that was never before told? Well, that’s what they are saying. Remember we are dealing with a system with a pattern. Part of that pattern is to do things openly and those who have eyes to see shall see, and ears to hear shall hear. Then they will call the truth a conspiracy theory and all the fans will shout it with them.

They don’t hide a thing! They just think we are stupid. There is now a new compelling story and it has been kept a secret for 19 years. So, now it needs to be told… so listen close and you decide what he is saying?

We (as there are many others besides me) present the facts and you decide. Watch the video before you read on and shout bad things at the messenger.

So Caviezel now says he was dying and had a surgery in 2009 and another one in 2014 that saved his life. All stemming from his lightning striking him when filming the Passion which was filmed in 2003 and released in 2004.

Since his lightning strike in 2003, Caviezel was able to also appear in other movies, of which I will list those he was able to somehow do… while unable to do anything? He wasn’t really clear. That part is still a secret. Or the message was a snare for those like myself who question all things?  In this dig, we will NOT look at the Caviezel films released prior to filming of the Passion, except one that was also released in 2004 which was “Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius”. This would have had to be filmed before 2004. His lightning strike was at the end of the filming, sometime in 2003… so I will begin with film releases after the Passion. As his new story, never before told is that the lightning strike caused him to go out of body, behold it all then reenter his body (which is all very possible, not denying any of that) and then rushed to the hospital. Suffer some form of physical disability that he had surgery for in 2009 which he died and was raised from the dead. And still suffered his injury, and in 2014 had a second surgery and was totally healed. According to his testimony in the video.

What he accomplished during his years of suffering from his injury from the lightning strike:

image 199
Actor Jim Caviezel during an interview with host Jay Leno on February 27, 2004. Photo: Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images Source: Getty Images Read more:

Caviezel 2006 to 2023 Film and Movie Releases: Note – Filming is done at least a year or more before a film is released. Release dates are in bold.

2004: (Attended Opening in France Ribbon Cutting) American Pavilion; 2006: (3 films) Unknown; Déjà vu; Ripper;  2008: (3 films) Outlander; The Stoning of Soraya M.; Nature’s Grave;  2009: (mini series) The Prisoner (6 episodes); 2011 thru 2016 (103 episodes) Person of Interest; 2012:(1 film) Transit; 2013: (two films) Savannah; Escape Plan; 2014: (1 film) When the Game Stands Tall;

Then after he is totally healed… 2017: (1 film) The Ballad of Lefty Brown; 2018: (3 films) Paul, Apostle of Christ; Running for Grace; Onyz: Kings of the Grail; 2019: (1 film) Infidel; 2023: (2 films) Sweetwater; Sounds of Freedom.

Sounds of Freedom was filmed in 2018 and released July 4, 2023.

The questions this busy film schedule raises involves the new testimonial story of his deathbed and or health issues. He said he had been taking medication and suffered from an ongoing injury from the lightning strike in 2003 that led to a surgery in 2009. Yet he was able to memorize lines and film 6 films and 6 episodes of “The Prisoner”, before his first surgery? After that surgery he was raised from the dead and went on to film four more films, make public appearances, and the bulk of the 103 episodes of “Person of Interest” prior to his second surgery in 2014 of which he stated it was then that he got his life back?

Here is Caviezel at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival in France – Official Opening of the American Pavilion at the American Pavilion. Looking pretty good. May 15, 2004

image 200
Jim Caviezel May 15, 2004 Cannes Film Festival – Official Opening of the American Pavilion at American Pavilion in Cannes, France. (Photo by Rebecca Sapp/WireImage)

It is obvious that he was very active during this recovering process period. Just asking why he never said anything about his long pain and suffering and surgeries before now?  His surgery in 2009 and 2014?

But aside from that, the biggest question is “Why is he sharing this now? Where is he going with this?”

And just to ponder a bit… Kerri Caviezel talks about the Crisis center for abortions she works with, at the time there were 3,000 across the nation.

Keep on checking for rubber masks, CGI interviews, doubles and other odd things. Pray unceasing and put on the whole armor of God.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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