It’s Time To Unite And Make America Great Again!

President Trump Speaks at Eagle Pass, Texas! President Trump called the border crisis a Joe Biden invasion. Transporting entire columns of fighting age men from many nations. “This is Biden Migrant Crime,” he stated. Trump stressed a lot can happen in 9 months, which is the time frame in which he will be voted out…Continue readingIt’s Time To Unite And Make America Great Again!

It’s A Mad, Mad World!

The problem with doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, is not with doing good… it is with those who take advantage of your kindness and don’t know when to stop! And then, with some it is all lip service. They say, “I do this, and I do that…” and they…Continue readingIt’s A Mad, Mad World!

Are Zombies A Normal Everyday Thing Yet?

Does anyone have the list of dangerous black ops the globalist will be throwing at us in broad daylight this week and then tell us they didn’t do it? The world is in a state of Zeitgeist with every attempt to control the mind and erase all truth and replace that with demonic programming of…Continue readingAre Zombies A Normal Everyday Thing Yet?

The Wheat and the Tares Now Defined With E.I.

What is E.I.? It is Emotional Intelligence. Who has it? Let’s go down that rabbit hole… Have you ever heard the term E.I.? It’s a term that first appeared in a 1964 paper by Michael Beldoch, and later in a paper in 1966 by B. Leuner titled “Emotional Intelligence and Emancipation” that appeared in the…Continue readingThe Wheat and the Tares Now Defined With E.I.

And The Race Is On…

Good morning! By now you all should have heard that President Trump won South Carolina. Smile. And Nikki has declared she’s still in this to win. She is out to win Super Tuesday? Here we go, how many want to bet that after Super Tuesday, Nikki shouts, she’s still in it to win because there…Continue readingAnd The Race Is On…

Spiritual Warfare Has Not Changed…

It has only been heightened! The war is on, and always has been, to steal your mind and soul! Remember when the type of “SECRET” words below leak out, they laugh because they know few will believe any of it to be true because it is so wicked and reads like their own Hollywood Sci-Fi…Continue readingSpiritual Warfare Has Not Changed…

Secret Covenant – Fact or Myth?

Is the alleged Secret Masonic Creed a fact or a Lark? Whether this is old, new, made up or improvised, it matches the goals of the Club of Rome, and the Committee of 300’ reports from Professional Intelligence Agent, Dr. John Coleman. It also reeks of Bohemian Grove ritual rantings, and many secret society initiations……Continue readingSecret Covenant – Fact or Myth?

As Trump Has Said, “America Is Under Siege”!

DONALD TRUMP: “I don’t care about the revenge thing. I know they usually use the word revenge. Will there be revenge? My revenge will be success.”  What President Trump knew long ago, and what he knows today are the unspeakable things! He knows the names of those we never hear and he knows how the machine…Continue readingAs Trump Has Said, “America Is Under Siege”!

WWIII In Progress, Please Refer To Cyber Protocols…

When looking at the US Justice System and President Trump, and listening to the think tanks at DAVOS, and all the mis and dis information campaigns… that means crazy is now unleashed. Go ahead and fact check it! I suppose that also means your firewall has been breeched and it isn’t going to save you.…Continue readingWWIII In Progress, Please Refer To Cyber Protocols…


No more GASLIGHT CENTRAL CASTING! EXPOSE THE LIES AND SHOUT THE TRUTH! Do you want to hear the juicy stuff?  The things that make you fear and hope you have the right survival pack and enough gold? So many do. This world is filled with all sorts of things that make people scratch their heads…Continue readingIT’S TIME TO BOYCOTT THAT CHANNEL!