That’s what this show is folks! One big Black Op! The word “Black”  is a generic term for any government activity that is hidden or secret. Black Budget – in the United States, some activities by military and intelligence agencies are funded by a classified “black budget“. When “classified”, details are hidden from the public…Continue readingBLACK OPERATIONS “Black Ops”

How A Movement Is Infiltrated With Sly Foxes & Wolves Pt. 2…

Enter PizzaGate Infiltrators and other hot topics – Like SAVE AMERICA! Enter PizzaGate Infiltrators… Remember in the last blog when I said, “(Here it comes… wait for it!) “In past episodes, Maras-Lindeman “Tore” has discussed conspiracy theories, including one that baselessly accused high-ranking Democrats of human trafficking centered at a D.C. pizzeria. In an episode last year, she…Continue readingHow A Movement Is Infiltrated With Sly Foxes & Wolves Pt. 2…

Lin Wood Versus Psyop Podcasters and Fake Shills….

What else would you call it? Wow, we no sooner presented the first round of attacks, and BOOM there were a lot more in that wave. There is a lot circulating and we know where they are coming from and no one is surprised at hearing the source, just some are surprised at the who.…Continue readingLin Wood Versus Psyop Podcasters and Fake Shills….

Lin Wood SUPPORTS President TRUMP!

Fake News and Grifters paid by controlled opposition are spreading all sorts of rumors about Lin Wood, again! And none of it is true! This time they are saying he’s betraying President Trump. When the truth is, those who are spreading the lies and rumors are the ones that are not only betraying Trump, they…Continue readingLin Wood SUPPORTS President TRUMP!

Meet Lin Wood At Fightback Rally!

Saturday December 9th, 3 P.M. to 6 P.M. at Cotten Hall Inn! Meet your fellow Patriots! Live Music and Barbeque! Plan now, RSVP! Lin Wood said, “President Trump’s Atlanta mug shot is priceless. Like a Mona Lisa!!! Many will replicate it!!!” I believe President Trump is a stable genius. I continue to support President Trump…Continue readingMeet Lin Wood At Fightback Rally!

President Trump States That Loyalty Matters!

Where’s Wood? I need Wood? I found Wood! President Trump always tells us what he wants us to hear for those who have ears to hear. Did you hear it? Lin – Loyalty matters in politics. Loyalty matters in life in earth. I have been unwaveringly loyal to President Trump despite the false attacks and…Continue readingPresident Trump States That Loyalty Matters!

Lin Wood Retired From The Bar, Not The War!

WE HAVE A CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS! What is coming is a complete overhaul of the United States Justice Department and the Bar Association is on its way back across the pond. That is of course, if it doesn’t drown in the sea first! Wait and see. Research maritime law and research what happens…Continue readingLin Wood Retired From The Bar, Not The War!

Lin Wood… Answering The Call

Here I am Lord, send me! Lin Wood is a strong man dedicated to protecting children and ending human and child trafficking. LAWFARE the new weapon to take down law and order. “ Truth, Justice and the American Way”… that old cliché’ is it still ringing true or is it just a cliché’?  Today people…Continue readingLin Wood… Answering The Call

The Sounds Of Corruption…

Where it is good to create awareness to human, sex, and child trafficking, the film “Sounds of Freedom” has had two types of reactions. It appears, the truth will shake out of some trees pretty soon. Many are saying this is the strangest type of endorsement from President Trump and asking what this means? It’s…Continue readingThe Sounds Of Corruption…

The Calm Before The Storm Is Over…

DO YOU HEAR THE THUNDER AND CAN YOU SEE THE LIGHTNING? Remember this is God’s battle to win with us. Our armor was given to us through the Holy Spirit so we can stand in the wicked days. We each have been given free will to choose who we shall stand for. It is not…Continue readingThe Calm Before The Storm Is Over…