The Sounds Of Corruption…

Where it is good to create awareness to human, sex, and child trafficking, the film “Sounds of Freedom” has had two types of reactions. It appears, the truth will shake out of some trees pretty soon.

Many are saying this is the strangest type of endorsement from President Trump and asking what this means? It’s obvious that this isn’t the usual type of endorsement from President Trump, but, there is no doubt that he does fight and fight hard to end child and human trafficking. He is pointing out that he is a big fan of Dr. Ben Carson, and since Ben asked him to post this… he did… because BEN thought it was so good.

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It is obvious President Trump worded the comment strategically. We know the difference in his endorsements. So the posturing here is not about not supporting the take down of cartels and traffickers and rescuing the children and sex slaves… it appears it may be something about casting central???

That being said… here are some other people’s fact finding, that perhaps President Trump already knows. Just perhaps?? It’s obvious that people like Ben aren’t aware of some of this?

 Enter Lynn Packer, investigative reporter…

The video below is from an article by LYNN PACKER from Monday, December 12, 2022. It has amazed me how many people have come forward who are reliable and known for reporting truth, who have been exposing what they believe is a fraud. Whereas human and child trafficking is a horrendous crime and our hearts break at hearing these things take place every day, another hideous crime is to use tragedy to gain millions of dollars for personal gain by inventing stories to gain donations. This type of fund raising is a scam, a crime, and sad at the same time. People need to discern who to donate to, and who to stay away from.

Lynn Packer is an award-winning investigative reporter, legal consultant and author of “Lying for the Lord: The Paul H. Dunn Stories“. Lynn graduated from Utah State University with a degree in broadcast journalism. He served in the United States Army from ’68 through ’70 in Vietnam, as a television news anchor and producer for the Armed Forces Vietnam Network (AFVN) Quang Tri detachment. Lynn was awarded the Bronze Star. For 15 years Mr. Packer reported for KSL Television News in Salt Lake City. For ten years Lynn was an adjunct professor teaching journalism at Brigham Young University and the University of Dortmund.

My insight when watching this video is – there is way too much snickering and smiling when telling the horrible sex slave nightmare experienced by these women. It is troubling to listen to Ballard describe the horrible experiences and laugh. The entire interview stinks as Ballard just keeps laughing inappropriately. The woman he is telling the story to, also appears too smiley to be listening to a real human tragic event.

To top it off the investigative journalist is exposing Ballards liar story. I’m sure President Trump let him lead the right people to all the players. Never interfere with the enemy when he is destroying himself.

Read full story here: OUR’s Hookers from HeavenAmerican Crime Journal |For A Better Informed Public

This is a short, eye opening video that looks like a rerun of casting central … and the 87 thousand new IRS recruits getting trained.

Remember that? Well, look at this one. Terrible scripting, and bad acting. Good grief!

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Click to watch the video:

And then there are things like this…

Just something that’s being shown out there that raises another few questions…

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So What is going on in Utah?

In August of 2020, Lynn Packer, Investigative Reporter did a story on Tim Ballard titled:

Tim Ballard Utah’s Flim Flam Man

The story exposes Lynn Packer’s five year investigation into Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad!

Award Winning Journalist Lynn Packer brings forth facts that cause you to take a closer look and discern whether the nonprofit charity Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) is a sham and its founder, Tim Ballard, is another Utah film-flam man or the real deal. Lynn exposes the movie Operation Toussaint and Haiti’s well-known LDS connected adoption racket. While Tim Ballard continues to claim that Haiti is a “well known pedophile sex destination”, Haiti tourism is in shambles. The year before, in 2019, Haiti attracted roughly 100,000 tourists globally. Most were passengers on cruises that docked at Port-au-Prince. Ballard’s claims don’t hold up, for in applying his own statistics that would mean less than 500 out of the 100,000 would be pedophiles? But something is going on there. What could it be?

Packer suggests Ballard may be running his own adoption racket out of Haiti …

Packer reports, “Before the 2010 Haiti Earthquake, UNICEF estimated that there were 400,000 children living in Haitian Orphanages. Many were abandoned by their families hoping that their children would be raised outside of poverty, often with the dreams of having their children adopted and raised in a rich Western nation.” So says our not so trusted UNICEF. Do you trust those lizards? Read the full article on all the corruption taking place inside the corrupt court system and the orphanages. It is more like an operation and Ballard just may be coming clean any time now. It’s gotten very sloppy and very open. Things just don’t work like they did when the people were sleeping. Read: Tim Ballard Utah’s Flim-Flam Man – American Crime Journal | %

Now for some truth. US Government bad actors are the middle men for human and child trafficking!!


Lin Wood’s court case toay….Wade, et al. v. Wood, et al., CAF: 2020CV339937. A case that has no legs to stand, just a pain in the knee and an ongoing attack. Pray that truth prevails. You can listen and see for yourself.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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