President Trump States That Loyalty Matters!

Where’s Wood? I need Wood? I found Wood!

President Trump always tells us what he wants us to hear for those who have ears to hear. Did you hear it?

Lin –

Loyalty matters in politics.

Loyalty matters in life in earth.

I have been unwaveringly loyal to President Trump despite the false attacks and false accusations I have suffered and continue to suffer because I support him.

But more importantly, I have remained unwaveringly loyal to Jesus Christ despite the false attacks and false accusations I have suffered and continue to suffer for His name’s sake.

I love President Trump.

He has my loyalty in earth.

I love Jesus Christ more.

He has my loyalty in earth and for eternity.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

image 24
image 20

“We will completely destroy the deep state, we know where the bodies are buried.”

Who believe President Trump is kidding? Who believe President Trump is telling the truth? Who believe President Trump has been going after them from the day HE CAME DOWN THE ESCALATOR?

Who knows who he was going after? Who are “them”? Did he ever need Flynn? What did he do with Flynn?

image 25

Who in this crowd have been loyal? How many can you count? What are their patterns?

Was there a method to these pardons? If so, do you know what that was?

image 22

Who is chasing who? Who is winning? Who is being exposed? Who helped Nixon step down? What’s the pattern?

image 23

President Trump said, “They’re vicious and they’re smart. But we’re smarter and we’re tougher than they are and we’re going to take it back.”

It’s going to be loud and clear! GAME OVER!

Is there any truth to this post below?

image 21

Do you see the game pattern yet? Why would Jim be in El Salvador pushing this filem? Why does he mock Jesus all the time by acting like he is Him? Do Christians have a problem with that? What if he had played Hannibal in Silence of The Lambs? Would he be applauded for saying he is Hannibal?

image 26

So it says they are active there…

image 27

INTERVIEW – Ecuador to launch new anti-human trafficking plan – official

by Anastasia Moloney | @anastasiabogota | Thomson Reuters Foundation

Wednesday, 24 July 2019 19:21 GMT

image 28

“In Ecuador, there’s primarily internal trafficking,” said Tomas Guayasamin, the head of the government’s anti-trafficking and migrant smuggling prevention group at the interior ministry.

Many victims were women forced into prostitution by people they knew.

“The perpetrators of this crime are usually people from (a victim’s) family or social environment, and do not necessarily meet all the elements to categorize them as trans-national organized crime,” he told Thomson Reuters Foundation late Tuesday.

The anti-trafficking plan, set to run through 2030, will be launched within weeks, Guayasamin said while not detailing whether additional funding or resources will be allocated. Read:

image 29

Take a long hard look at Flynn. Who is impersonating him at the road shows? Let the ears be known… these are not the same ears… and do they hear? Not the same anything. Do you have eyes to see?

Do you see a pattern? There is a pattern in all that they do and organize.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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