Lin Wood SUPPORTS President TRUMP!

Fake News and Grifters paid by controlled opposition are spreading all sorts of rumors about Lin Wood, again! And none of it is true!

This time they are saying he’s betraying President Trump. When the truth is, those who are spreading the lies and rumors are the ones that are not only betraying Trump, they are now going after Lin Wood and every one who supports the both of them!

The truth is Lin Wood’s life and his heroe’s journey is far different than the fake script the grifters and fake news and fake podcasters are reading. Lin has a life of overcoming and winning and he fights for truth and he has always supported the underdog throughout his entire life. His heroe’s journey has MUSCLE! IT HAS STRENGTH, ACTION, DETERMINATION AND SUCCESS! And as all of us it has trials and tribulations. This is one of those arcs in the story where the wolves are surrounding the Hero and people are waiting to see what will happen next. Trust me… our heroe will win in the end! As far as his support for President Trump, in that he has never wavered and it doesn’t look like he will any time soon.

We with eyes to see and ears to hear know the drill and how this game is being played. The majority of people know the game but a lot still don’t understand the rules of Lawfare, nor the ways of those who play it. First of all, one has to understand that most of the people they are admiring, listening and donating to are paid shills reading scripted psyops and a lot of them are common grifters who are in it to make some fast cash.


image 187
image 188


image 189

Or blackmail, hmm?

What surprises me is that after all we’ve seen, heard, exposed and watched live, from the stolen election, J – 6, to Trump indictments, and all the lies on Lin and attempted set ups through Kyle Rittenhouse and Tucker, to his own snakes slithering into Tomotley, and the phoney lawsuits he’s presently under… with all the thousands of attacks since Lin stepped out to defend President Trump, the constitution and expose voter fraud, that anyone for Lin and Trump would even be listening to this stuff and not see through it for what it is? Which is one more attempt to bring down a man who they have nothing on!

The way of the law of the land these days in Sodom and Gomorrah, which is the Biblical name for Biden’s KM Oligarch driven deep state American bankrupt corporation… is kill, steal and destroy and that means reputations. To do that they find a name and then create a crime to pin on the name. This time they can’t even find a crime… they ran out of rabbits to pull out of their hats, so they have to blame Lin Wood for some states attorney slapping a subpoenae on him to testify as a witness in the Sidney Powell Trial. Which has nothing to do with his loyalty to President Trump.

image 191

But, that could explain Catturd’s anger at Lin Wood, because his status was boosted back in the day when Sidney liked and reposted a Catturd. Yep, that’s right. And of course he loves Trump because Trump sells and gets high ratings and… so??? We’ll see how the Cat turds shake out of the litter box.

image 186

But then again… who knows what’s hiding inside a cat’s nine lives?

Here comes the boomerang – anyone who jumps on the podcaster script bandwagon to oust Lin Wood will have and has exposed themselves as being part of the paid scripted podcasters, or have no sense of true discernment and therefore, are just as bad as those being paid to do it!

Meanwhile the truth is shining a spot light on the liars and there is no place to hide! Expose them all with facts and truth!

image 174

THEY ARE NOW TELLING ON THEMSELVES! It’s like they are all coming out in the open exposing their deep state connections and don’t even know it!

Even Pete Santili was part of the deep fakes! Wow, just wow.

image 175

From April 19, 2021 to yesterday….

image 176

Make a list of all the shills, they are out on parade talking as though the devil himself put a stupor over them!

Now it’s no secret that the psyops, fakes and shills all love to make money off the Trump brand, even CNN will break down and show a Trump rally when their ratings tank. And the second most popular man in the deep state war is guess who? Lin Wood! So between President Trump and Lin Wood, these two are standing in the gap and that is really driving the think tank and their sponsors crazy. They have no idea of how God and God’s true people work. They don’t jump on fake news, they assess and they expose the fakes. Some of the first fakes were easy, most had not even considered the social media other than the obvious shills and mis and dis information fact checkers. But what we had, and what many have been saying is that there is a problem in the road shows and all the thriving podcasters that Flynn and Byrne organized. We saw many exposed and now they are busting out of their own seams!

Lara Logan just outed herself as deep state shill… wow!

image 177

It is a preplanned wrap up smear roll out!

image 185
image 184

Gene Robar said, “Lin, it’s literally like you threw holy water on a bunch of vampires!!! They are freaking out en masse! They might as well be wearing clown noses in their profile pictures! Keep your head up! We love you!”

Exposing Flynn Networks said, “All of the people who are sharing the false narrative about Lin are doing nothing but highlighting themselves. It backfires every single time.”

Sally Brewer said, “Oh Lin! I know you are a true Patriot and wholeheartedly support President Trump. I know how even when evil people say horrible things it still hurts.
I am glad they are coming out into the open so we can see exactly who they are.
In the meantime I pray for you not to absorb any of their nonsense. The more they try to crush you the more the Lord will lift you up!
I pray for their repentance and conversation. (A Biblical principle you often remind us to embrace)”
God bless you Lin!!!

image 192

Lin Wood said,

Who is this character Ian Miles Cheong???

I had no involvement whatsoever with the group or movement known as “Stop the Steal.”

Some of its members showed up on the platform behind me when Powell and I held a press conference at Wills Park in Alpharetta, GA in December of 2020. I did NOT know they would be attending and only saw them on the stage when I pulled up to the stage to go up the steps to the podium.

Maybe Powell arranged for them to be present. I sure did not. But I was polite to them.

For that I am falsely accused of being the leader of that movement???

Are you kidding me???

I convinced President Trump that the election was stolen???


I convinced President Trump that the election could be reversed by state electors and the VP???


What is this man talking about??? When did I speak with President Trump to “convince” him of anything related to the 2020 election??? When President called me after the election, he told me he won the election and would never concede.

I urged him not to concede.

This character Cheong just made up his lies out of whole cloth to spread anti-Lin propaganda that is actually propaganda against President Trump.

“Cooperating witness” against President Trump or any other person indicted in Georgia???

Errant nonsense.

I did not volunteer or offer to be a witness. My civil attorney was told that the DA was going to issue a subpoena for me to appear at the Powell trial. I never asked to be a witness. I have no desire to travel to Atlanta for that trial or any other trial. I am an innkeeper and prefer to stay close to the Inn and meet with its guests.

The DA offered my civil attorney the option of allowing me to accept service of the trial subpoena as opposed to having it served on me by the Beaufort County, SC Sheriff at Tomotley.

I agreed to accept service. Seemed like the reasonable response to me.

And for that I am now accused of turning on President Trump and his supporters??? And being described by many as being a traitor, a rat, and a snitch (and worse)???

I do not personally know Ian Miles Cheong but I know enough to know that he and all others who are accusing me of being a “cooperating witness” for the State of GA against President Trump or any other defendants are LIARS.

We ALL know Rolling Stone is Mockingbird FAKE Media.

Well, maybe not ALL of us know that TRUTH.

The alleged supporters of President Trump who are relying on the Rolling Stone headline must not know that Rolling Stone is Mockingbird FAKE media.

Unless they are FAKE supporters of President Trump who seek to “cooperate” with Rolling Stone in spreading its false propaganda to the public.

What do you think???

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

Lin is busy now doing his research on these guys. He’s got to be having some fun with it. Look what he posted!

Lin Wood, [9/21/2023 6:08 PM]

Of ALL the people who are falsely attacking me for allegedly “flipping” on President Trump, identify which of them have consistently urged that we must #FIX2020, end rigged elections, and end child trafficking and modern day human slavery???

Good luck finding even one.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

image 193

Oh this guy…. this Ian Miles Cheong… yes, this guy. Gotcha Lin! Loud and clear!

Rise Up said, “Wow-they are all coming out -exposing themselves to
The Light of Truth. 🙏✝️🗡️🔥”

Mary Beth Spivey said, “Once again, they accuse the innocent of what they themselves do.”

Red Headed Patriot said, “I know it’s hurtful to have your name dragged through the mud, but they are in full destruction mode exposing themselves for who they really are- Communists. Anyone who follows you, Lin, knows you are a true MAGA Patriot and a follower of Jesus Christ. You walk in the light and speak Truth. We know you by your fruits and they are good. ❤️”

Lin Wood, [9/21/2023 12:19 AM]
Jennifer Johnson said, “Patriot Voice? More like Parroting Voice. I don’t know how Lin puts up with this nonsense (actually I do- it’s because he has Jesus on his side). All of this projection and fake news is exhausting & tiring.”

Sunnyside 33 said, “Your stregnth is contagious for those of us fighting our own battles also.We are gathering under God,all over the world.”

I do believe I can answer this question for Nick Mordowanec….can you?

image 178

Lin Wood answered:

image 179

Scarlette Red said, “Wow. This is raising my blood pressure…all of these so called ‘digital soldiers’ have been telling us that MSM are liars and yet the second Rolling Stone puts out an article they jump all over Lin in lockstep as if the MSM are finally telling the truth? Rolling Stone? This opened my eyes big time today. I stand with you Lin. 🙏🙏🙏”

Well, it appears to look like this…

Remember when we all were asking why Lin Wood didn’t get hauled into the indictment line up to be charged by Fani Willis? I wondered about the sneering never Trumper Jenna Ellis being among those who got hauled in with fake mug shots. Especially after she tweeted her distain for Trump right afterwards. And even now she is having her go fund me and has raised over $205,000 dollars for attorney fees?

Of which she is bad mouthing Trump and comparing herself to George Washington as she pimps for more money.

image 182
image 180

Jenna is getting lots of negative backlash as she Trump bashes and the podcasters say zip, nodda, nothing?

image 181

Then we have this political Trump Bashing where Mitchell the weazel does his trashing Trump and Jenna says like a drunken snake as she sits on her $205K donated eggs and squawks, to – definitely follow the ones who trash President Trump! You’ll have to go to X to view the video because I can’t stand to listen to Narcissist Mitchell ever since he threatened to sue me in 2016 for posting a comment in my “opinion blog” from someone who was quoting something Mitchell said against Trump. He’s a poster child for Narcissist. I still have the emails.

image 183

This is all part of election interference too! So they believe we are too stupid to see what they are doing. They are all in on it together. The psyop and RINO podcasters are all doing the exact thing they say Lin Wood is doing, of which Lin Wood is not. He is being smeared by liars and podcast pysops. Connect the dots!


So Lin Wood is subpoenaed, in an effort for fake news to blast his name as some volunteer betrayal in a wrap up smear press release and podcaster pysops take it and do their thing to convince their followers they got the news. What they got was the script to use them as their extra side vehicle, just like fake news is their main stream locomotive, that they all used for years and years to mind wash and gaslight the people. Which people were sick of the lies and is why the people turned to social media in the first place.


So now fake social media shills podcasting are taking the roll of the info and wrap up smear to ruin Lin Wood’s name and have the public opinion believe it all hook, line and stinker! And it’s a big stinker that real discerning patriots can smell a mile away! Lin Wood is still standing as they haven’t been able to take him down in the Georgia courts that they have been wearing him down in with bogus charges. So, while many were wondering why he wasn’t indicted with the other 18 Willis varsity ball team mug shots, it looks like they always planned to bring him into the Willis courts this way, because they had nothing else and they didn’t want to make him an even bigger hero, so they wanted to make Wood a villain. But this is all going to backfire on them all big time!

image 190

Lin Wood said….

“President Trump is a genius. He plays chess at a level we will never fully understand.”

“My faith in President Trump has never wavered. He is doing God’s will for our country. I support President Trump 100%.”

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

Lin Wood,

At age 14, I was honored to be asked to preach the Sunday evening sermon on Youth Day at Shurlington Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia.

I focused my remarks on the whole armour of God described in Ephesians 6.

How many times in the last 3.7 +++ years have I have been comforted and inspired by those words of God written by God through Apostle Paul???

More times than I can count.

Last night as I reflected on the barrage of lies published and uttered against me yesterday, I was again comforted and inspired by the words of Ephesians 6.

Yesterday’s attacks were waged against me in earth by flesh and blood. But I know that the attacks were not a struggle against flesh and blood.

The attacks were part of the spiritual battle we face every day in earth.

I understand what happened yesterday.

I pray you also understand and remain mindful that God has already won the battle. Jesus Christ defeated sin and death at Calvary.

Jesus Christ is God.

Press on.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

Lin Wood, September 20, 2023

“And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.” John 3:19-21

Why was Jesus Christ brutally attacked, beaten, and crucified???

He was guilty of NO wrongdoing.

It was because He spoke TRUTH.

Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Jesus Christ is God.

If you try your imperfect best to live a Christlike life in the flesh in earth, the more the enemy will treat you in the flesh in earth like the enemy treated Jesus Christ in the flesh in earth.

I have experienced so many days in the past 3.7 +++ years like today. When I am broadsided with a frenzy of false attacks, demeaning and mocking utterances by others who do not know me, lies, and efforts to destroy me as a person.

I do not ask God, “Why am I being wrongfully persecuted???”

Rather, I ask God, “What do you want me to do with this wrongful persecution???”

I believe Jesus Christ wants me to press on and #FightBack by speaking TRUTH despite and in the face of the wrongful persecution.

I believe Jesus Christ wants me to continue sharing His word.

So I press on.

Today was not an enjoyable day for me in earth.

But I did enjoy the opportunity in the FAKE media calls and e-mails to share with several “reporters” my love for Jesus Christ. I bet they will not report that TRUTH.

WOW!!! What a day!!! A day to reveal more lies and to serve my LORD and my SAVIOR, Jesus Christ.

I praise and thank Him for this day He planned for me.

Time for rest.

Thank you continuing to support and follow me despite the false attacks and lies.

You never quit fighting back for me. I will never quit fighting back for you.

I love you.

God bless each of you.

Good night.

Rest well.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

This just may be the separation of the Wheat and the Tares in Podcasting! Stay tuned… there will be more to come. The incoming is imploding. Tag the psyops and pay-tree-bots. And all those blasting Lin who are campaigning for others!

Remember this whole thing started with a stolen election and it is now on fire with election interference!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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