The Tide Is Turning!

D.C. Judge supports religious vaccine exemption! Blocks Biden From Firing Unvaccinated Employees, and Active-Duty Military Members – it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! A temporary restraining order was issued on Thursday, blocking President Joe Biden from firing unvaccinated federal employees, including active-duty military members, named in a law suit challenging the Biden’s jab forced vax mandate as unconstitutional. The…Continue readingThe Tide Is Turning!

UN Agenda & Covert Liars

The world is under the influence of Sociopaths and Narcissists pushing an evil agenda. So how do we fight that? Globalists are attempting to take over the world city by city entering in by deceit and lies. It is time to see it and end the deceit. Take back your city! Expose their treasonous plots!…Continue readingUN Agenda & Covert Liars

Narcissists Rule The World

If you think the fake news and puppets in power are bad, what do you think the ones who select them to rule are like? Can we even imagine what they are capable of? When those we see are so bold to lie to our faces and demand immoral and illegal mandates to be followed…Continue readingNarcissists Rule The World


OR NOT – ALL ROADS LEAD TO “In-Q-Tel”. BIGGER THAN BIG BROTHER! Because of all the truth rising to the surface, it was time to go back into the archives and dust off another article written in November 24th of 2017. It was pretty much ignored then as everyone had all the answers they wanted…Continue readingTHE MYSTERY “Q” – SOLVED…


CABAL STEAL COPYWRITES, TRADE SECRETS, AND PATENTS FROM MICHAEL MCKIBBENS TO BUILD CIA’S In-Q-Tel/DARPA WEAPON CALLED FACEBOOK, TWITTER AND SOCIAL MEDIA! WILL PRESIDENT TRUMP DRAIN THIS SWAMP CLOG? Since new attacks have been aimed at President Trump by others concerning his new social media site – Truth Social, I felt it was fitting to dig…Continue readingZUCKERBERG AND CLINTON-

Hold The Line

THE BOSS FIGHT IS ON! November 8th thru 11th is going to be a massive nation wide walk out by blue collar workers and all collar workers across the nation whose employers are mandating them to take a toxic jab. They are banning together to make a fist that hits back at employers who are…Continue readingHold The Line

Boots and Face Revealed…

The moment many have been waiting for…the face to go with the boots. the unveiling of Juan OSavin. Juan O Savin said he decided to end the mystery and appear live, because promoters of the conference were attacked by Las Vegas media after they used the letter Q in the event’s name, which they changed.…Continue readingBoots and Face Revealed…

Focus On The Everlasting…

After several attempts to get inside the head of the mindset of those who are pushing tyrannical mandates and the destruction of nations with all the evil progressive tactics from hell itself, from pushing jabs or no job, jabs on children, boosters, transhumanism and the world depopulation goals, let alone the terrifying torture to children…Continue readingFocus On The Everlasting…


SHERIFF MACK CALLS OUT THE COPS WHO AREN’T UPHOLDING THE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE! Sheriff Mack speaks out on what is happening and what is needed. He points out that the Urban areas are not as supportive to uphold the constitutional laws versus mandates. Does he know that these Urban areas are UN Strong Cities…Continue readingNUREMBERG OFFICERS –

Be Not Deceived!

MY PEOPLE PERISH FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE APPLIES TO AMERICA TODAY! Remember in the real world of normal, there is and has always been twisted truth, fake news, propaganda, and disinformation. The rules of the left are whatever they decide at the moment…i.e. there are no rules, it is strictly lawlessness and today it is…Continue readingBe Not Deceived!