Since new attacks have been aimed at President Trump by others concerning his new social media site – Truth Social, I felt it was fitting to dig in the archives and dust off this old post from November 28, 2017. It appears that President Trump had not forgotten Leader Technology and was preparing all along to right the wrongs that were done to McKibbens. Enjoy…this was a deep dive and loaded with good information.


John Podesta, Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, John Breyer, James Breyer, Larry Summers, Yuri Milner, Alisher Usmanov, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and a host of others who are less known, WERE ALL PART OF THE EVIL CABAL THAT STOLE THE COPYWRITES, TRADE SECRETS, AND PATENTS from the ones who were creating it while they were developing it!  Michael McKibbens of Leader Technologies had his intellectual property stolen out from under him and didn’t know it until his technology appeared on line!

“They were stealing it off our design boards before the ink had a chance to dry”,  states Michael McKibbens.  Watch the video here.


Think crooked….think LOCK HER UP AND NOW THINK LOCK THEM ALL UP!  They all conspired and STOLE THE TECHNOLOGY and PROGRAMMING CODE that underlie Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and most all other large-scale social networking companies!  Not only did they snatch it up, they gave it to their own swamp labs to put it out there and made up their little darling story on Zuckerberg!

What can I say, “Facegate” is brought to you by the same cabal who brought you Uranium One and all the other gates!  I’m sure President Trump is looking into this swamp gate too!

EXCERPTS FROM American Intelligence Media
Citizens AIM for TRUTH: (full story in link below)

“It was stolen by a group of criminal lawyers, judges, spies and bankers working with complete impunity and in total disregard for the law. Under the guise of the IBM Eclipse Foundation, James P. Chandler III (who was a national security advisor and top White House attorney) led the group of criminals who, interestingly enough, are also appearing in the news currently due to their most recently discovered crimes, along with John Podesta, Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, John Breyer, James Breyer, Larry Summers, Yuri Milner, Alisher Usmanov, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and a host of others who are not so well known.
Usually, we see them stealing oil, gold, uranium and other resources, but this time they stole the very software code that is utilized by the largest tech companies in America, Europe, Russia, China, South America, and anywhere else they could market it – making trillions of dollars in the process”

“They carved up the globe and the markets in each region, giving each criminal a piece of the market using Leader Technologies’ stolen trade secrets. Eric Schmidt took America and Europe, Chandler got South America, Summers and his side-kick, Sheryl Sandberg, joined Schmidt in taking America. Yuri Milner, Alisher Usmanov and Summers got Russia; the Breyers got China, and a host of fake tech-lords became the front-men for all of the various social networks we see cropping up everywhere – the richest companies in the world – Google, Facebook, Amazon. The criminals got filthy rich off the back of a hard-working, creative American entrepreneur – Michael McKibben.” Excerpt from Zuckerberg’s Theft.


McKibbens is by passing the legal system for justice and going right to the game the thieves played to acquire his patented technology.  It appears the deep state devised illegal/legal temporary means to get away with their theft like a President writing Executive Orders, using the Patriot Act, and other underhanded government grabs.  It appears the President has the power to confiscate any property it deemed necessary under the covert espionage act they created, and Billy boy did just that.  The evil deeds that have been done in the swamp are shameful and just beginning to surface.

The good news for McKibbens is since this was all grabbed by Presidential powers and trillions were made by others off of it…. all it would take is for President Trump to review the matter, get with the tech boards, find out how much is owed to McKibbens and Leader Technologies and make things right.  President Trump has the power to fix this injustice from his office!  He can write out a check giving compensation to McKibbens and publically giving the true developers credit for their achievements.  Will President Trump make this right?


For over 17 years, main stream , propaganda liar media has not said one peep about the truth.  They continued to read their liar scripts for the liar thieves that paid them.  Shame on all of them.  Today, Michael McKibbens is counting on alternative media Truth Warriors to get this story out wide and far. This is the story of all time that can set us free from internet imprisonment and censorship!  They have provided a site with articles any one can use in full or in part. They  want everyones help to get the truth out.  Now that we have an honest President, there is hope that justice will be done. HERE

“Michael literally built the social media platform upon which we operate most of our digital systems. He designed it to be unlimited, scalable and fierce. He designed it for times like these when we “need to get the word out!”

Let’s show this amazing entrepreneur, who has been forgotten, robbed and marginalized by the swamp creatures of the cabal, what we can do in the alt media space to tell his story, using the very technology that was stolen from him and his shareholders, to be ONE BIG VOICE OF RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION. CLICK HERE TO READ MICHAELS TRUTH!


This was one of the largest government sponsored industrial espionage thefts of copyrights, trade secrets, and patents in modern times!  The theft of scalable social networking inventions that were the intellectual property of Michael McKibben, of  ‘Leader Technologies’ is by far one of the most ruthless acts of all times!

 American inventors continue to be out-maneuvered by the crooked system based on fake national security issues that are a front for crony corporate imperialism.


Starting in about 1993, IBM met with this budding tech-cartel as they considered what to do about IBM wanting to sell computers to the C.I.A. and use them in foreign
countries. Podesta, Summers, Chandler, Clinton, Mueller, Rosenstein, and the other “governmental officials” told IBM to embed a back-door encryption key into all computer hardware, software and firmware sent outside of America. This happened after Congress refused to approve such a key.

As a result of this, the tech-cartel demonstrated their complete control of Congress over all technology produced by the military’s Defense Advanced Research Program (DARPA) and the CIA’s version called In-Q-Tel. Both DARPA and In-Q-Tel are directed in their research and policy by the Highlands Forum–a secret think-tank that has essentially created our modern technological world of war toys. In the process of investigating the legal corruption in their legal cases, Michael McKibben and his shareholders studied all of these groups and their inner workings quite thoroughly.

Tell President Trump you want him to restore the intellectual property back to Leader Technologies!  This just may help save the privacy invasion train-wreck that is coming to social media platforms in December announced by Facebook et al!

Important Message from Michael McKibbens: 

Check out the legal history of McKibbens fight for his property…it goes way back: Leader – Press Releases


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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