Sheriff Mack speaks out on what is happening and what is needed. He points out that the Urban areas are not as supportive to uphold the constitutional laws versus mandates. Does he know that these Urban areas are UN Strong Cities with global agendas? He said the cops doing the gestopo type behavior are “Nuremburg Officers”. It appears he knows the drill!

“We have got to get sheriffs on board with this and they have got to step it up. I even tell our good constitutional sheriffs that are already doing a terrific job, that all of us, including me have got to raise the bar on all of this and let me reiterate Stew, we do not advocate violence of any kind, not with this. This solution can happen peacefully and effectively if we just get enough sheriffs on board, we need at least a thousand, I prefer to have a half of all the sheriffs in this country. Regrettably, you bring up Minneapolis, we’re not getting very many of the big urban areas. Most of the sheriffs who are doing this are smaller, rural sheriffs, but that’s okay because we’ll take back America one county at a time, one good constitutional sheriff at a time.” Sheriff Mack.

As for me, I am reassured in knowing that Sheriff Mack has made the distinction between Urban areas and their unconstitutional law enforcement tactics being used versus constitutional sheriffs in rural areas and constitutional law enforcement. We are seeing the battle lines drawn between the globalist NUREMBERG POLICING that is not lawful, nor constitutional and the constitutional law enforcement by law abiding officers in blue! Learn about the enemy here and take heed! If you are in a UN Strong City…be careful for you don’t know who will be taking the place of the good men in blue who resign because of jab mandates. The plan appears to be to flush all who will not comply down the swamp sewer and replace them with gestapo Nuremberg (the name Sheriff Mack gave them) police. It sounds the same as international police….which is abbreviated INTERPOL. Which is authorized by the United Nations. It equates as the Nuremberg is International Courts.

So finally, someone is addressing the totally bad unconstitutional actions of the UN STRONG CITIES! IT’S ABOUT TIME!

Stand up sheriffs for such a time as this! Know this one thing…whoever does not stand for what is right and just at this time of the global beast’s reign of destruction, the Lord God will find another to take his place! And each one will answer for their unjust actions to God.

Anti-vaccine protests in Ohio drawing extremists, conspiracy theorists

So the next question is…what happens when international Nuremberg Courts are corrupt? What then?

Hitler’s 4th Reich: A 1000 year NaZi reign ft The Red Cross

New Zealand, Australia, Canada, U.K. & U.S. are the 5 Eyes of Hitler’s 4th Reich. Video of the 4th Reich featuring Australian Premier Gladys Berejiklian channeling Hitler’s “My New Order“. Hitler’s 4th Reich 1000 year NaZi reign ft Red Cross ( Nuremberg 2 Courtroom Sketch & “Top 100” & Wanted Posters — 4th Reich General German Staff – “Top 33” featuring Gavin Newsom & Vladimir Putin

Baudet’s 2nd Speech to Dutch Parliament on Covid Agenda

9/24/21 Dutch leader Thierry Baudet’s 2nd Speech to Parliament on New World OrderCovid AgendaVaccine Side EffectsmRNA Experimental VaccinesGene TherapyVaccinated higher risk of side effectsLow Death Rate .2% & .05% for ChildrenUntested & Recurrent BoostersMasksThe Great Reset & Build Back BetterLockstepVaccine PassportsCensorshipDigital IDIP to Biometric DataFascismLockdownsClimate Lockdowns, Loss of Social ConstructLoss & Fights for Common Rights & Freedoms

Here are a list of great articles from “Nuremberg 2.0″ addressing the – Covid Hoax News Oct 18-24th The Great Walkout

October 24th 2021  National Get Your Kids Out of the Government Schools Week November 1 – 5.

October 24th 2021 John Oliver blasts cops threatening to quit over vaccine mandates: ‘F***ing let them!’

October 24th 2021 Rare nervous system disorder linked to possible side effects of AstraZeneca jab

October 24th 2021 Government row erupts over plan to send teenagers ‘please get the vaccine’ letter: Whitehall officials say move risks undermining parental consent as four out of five 12 to 15-year-olds remain unjabbed

October 24th 2021 Neil Oliver: How stupid do they think we are? Apart from the fact there is no ‘virus’ this is spot on

October 24th 2021 David Icke – Where From Here? The 6 Hour Live Stream – Saturday November 6th

October 24th 2021 PHOTOS: ‘Bomb cyclone’ storm slams Northern California


October 24th 2021 Brooklyn “Mob” Protests Vaccination Mandates As Deadlines Loom For Compliance At Work And Schools

October 24th 2021 Martin Armstrong: Are The US Supply Chain Disruptions Deliberate?

October 24th 2021 ‘Nothing changed’: Vaccinated but feeling at risk, some wonder when they’ll feel safe again

October 24th 2021 Bastille 2.0: “Real Regime Change”: Building Protest and Resistance Against the COVID-19 Agenda

October 24th 2021 Iowa schools struggling to hire enough substitute teachers

October 24th 2021 Defiant WA Premier blames online vaccine conspiracies as his home is put under heavy police guard after security threat – as anti-vaxxers turn their anger on him over jab mandates

October 24th 2021 Germany Sees Rise in Excess Mortality in COVID-19 Vaccination Year

October 23rd 2021 Hell Awaits The Minions Of The NWO

October 23rd 2021 Vaccine Mandate Blowback: Why This Is FAR From Over

From October 2018 Nuremberg Trials 2.0 Nuremberg 2.0 – Covid Hoax News Oct 18-24 ft The Great Walkout (

Keep pressing forward…the truth shall prevail. Remember the Lord dwells within you and you in Him. Stay in his presence and pray unceasing. When He says stand…stand.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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