UN Agenda & Covert Liars

The world is under the influence of Sociopaths and Narcissists pushing an evil agenda. So how do we fight that?

Globalists are attempting to take over the world city by city entering in by deceit and lies. It is time to see it and end the deceit. Take back your city! Expose their treasonous plots! It is no longer hidden. It has reached the point of life and death and they are not hiding their wicked agenda to rule everyone and every thing! The wicked are mandating their order whether you want it or not. Do not comply!

Maui, Hawaii is in a black out and they are rising up to be heard!

All it takes is a New World Order Mayor and city council that push gestapo mandates to turn a thriving city into a hell hole. American cities in the land of the free are not so free and their voices have been muzzled along with their rights.

How long before the tide turns and the mandate pushers are taken out of office?

They never thought she would lose. They laid all the ground work, they smiled in our faces and played their covert narcissistic games that they loved us and wanted what was best for all of us. They encouraged UN Strong Cities and had police stand down while allowing lawlessness to grow and then told us WE had a problem. They could solve the crime and terrible shootings by having UN Strong Cities, all the while they encouraged and set up an easy path to commit crimes and tied the police force hands behind their backs. All to push their UN Police Task Force for the 21st Century … one of their prize globalist goals of their new world disorder.

John Kerry is a perfect example of covert narcissism in action. Pompous in his delivery, filled with lie after lie, after lie and calling those who speak truth, a liar. All with perceived concern for the little guy and their children, after all… he is an American and wants what is best for all citizens…all while pushing an evil agenda that he will still shove down your throats, even if you don’t accept it. Using value phrases like uniting together to fight against those who want to make little people their sex slaves and vassels of life all the while he works for those who do.

So like the perfect covert narcissist in March of 2016, John Kerry addressed the nations at the United Nations and gave his speech to get on board with the Agenda 21’s UN Strong Cities. The plan was indeed to get on board by any means to push, push, push their global order of world domination. In Bush style blaming the disorder on the terrorists who happen to be any and all humans who resist their desires.

In his speech to recruit nation cities Kerry boldly said, “We have to go out there and keep going out there, not withstanding the risks and prove we’re never going to be intimidated, we are never going to be pushed back, we are never going to lose sight of what unites us and what inspires us and what motivates us every day to try and make the world a better place. Terrorists just want to drag us into the past, into some dark hole where they can control people and make people their sex slaves or make people their vassel in every aspect of life and make people their vehicle to go out and create more destruction while they avoid it and stay home safe.”

In his efforts to gather support for the UN Strong Cities of global agenda 21, he said everything except Bush’s infamous thousand points of light!

Then the unforseen thing happened…Hillary lost and Donald J. Trump became president. Now the war stepped up and all the minions were called to take him down. Yet, they failed and he’s still standing. Thus, the fake news propaganda and the Dems who support the UN Agenda 21 can’t seem to stop blaming him for everything. Why? Because Trump never conceded and he never supported their wicked agenda 21. He’s still taking shots at the achilles heel of the global beast.

When in active office, President Trump pulled America out of their grips one positive action at a time. Because Trump was a man who wanted the best for America and all citizens, upholding the constitution and bill of rights, the people of the USA looked to him to lead the nation out of the claws of tyranny! The tyranny they saw taking place in the Obama administration. Trump knew what the evil globalist agenda 21 plans were and that was not his agenda then and not his agenda now. The people still look to Trump to stand in the gap and the UN globalists are so deranged because of this that they have went off the rails and are out in full force to kill, steal and destroy. And they are doing it world wide!

That is what is happening in a nut shell!

John Kerry is still going into countries pushing the global agenda 21.

When the election was rigged and Trump votes were stolen, trashed, overrided and all the dead rose to vote for Biden, the people saw it and knew it. The covert narcissists lied and called those who spoke truth petty sore losers and liars. All who opposed the lies became…’resisters, terrorists against the system’, the rigged system. War was in our face and we have been reeling back and forth like a drunkard ever since. Yet, the reeling didn’t start then. It began the day Trump won in 2016. All the big guns came out and the rats in the swamp received their new marching orders and it was all out war on Trump and anyone who voted for him.

In the last year of Trump’s office they played their “plague card” and presented COVID-19 and from that day forward… nothing has been kosher, it has all been barbaric and complete lawlessness in our face without the slightest bit of shame. No shame because this is war and as Kerry said…“We have to go out there and keep going out there, not withstanding the risks and prove we’re never going to be intimidated, we are never going to be pushed back, we are never going to lose sight of what unites us and what inspires us and what motivates us every day to try and make the world a better place. ” He was talking about his global world order, agenda 21 which included the think tank roll out of the plandemic right from their LOCKSTEP RESET PLAYBOOK.


Dr. Ramani, in her effort to equipt people to not fall prey to narcissistic people, shows she is one of them that she speaks out against. Does she even know how she sounds? Yes? No? How’s her fruit? Is it good or rotten? Mixed? You will unfortunately hear her blast people who decide to think for themselves and refuse to comply. They choose to breathe rather than wear a mask that does nothing to stop airborne virus’s nor germs. They refuse to wear masks that serve only to create breathing issues and breed germs and bacteria. But then again, she’s not an authority on health, only human behavior. It is obvious she has her own set of bias and needs to muzzle up. Wonder if she took a jab? She is a good example of hypocrisy. The covert narcissist figure on display. What would Jesus call it? If it fits as hypocrisy, that is what it is. Telling others to stand up for themselves mixed with comply or you are not for the higher good…which all of those roads lead to LOCKSTEP RESET NEW WORLD ORDER…WELL THAT SAYS IT ALL NOW DOESN’T IT? Beware of covert naricissism….it is among the wheat, disquised as wheat…but it is a tare.

It’s not just in the governing power structure…it is in all the world! We are now seeing and hearing and coming out from it!

Most on lower levels have no idea they are what they are, they think they are right, owed, and just. That is all part of the fine line of self deception that leads to manipulation of others and altering their objective perception. Even the very elect can be deceived. This is why we are to look for the fruit of the works of the person. Not at what they say. Look at what they do.


So how do you fight a satanic plot implemented by demonic hoards?

You pray that God intervene and pray unceasing. You use your super power of the Holy Spirit to cast out these demonic hoards and protect you from their evil and press forward where the Lord leads you and press, press, press. Expose the lies and stand up for what is righteous and truth. The only way to do that is with the Lord in you and you in him. This is spiritual warfare and those who want to jab you and alter your DNA are not of God. Those who want to enslave you and force their will on you are not of God. These are minions for Satan, pure and simple.

Remember if it is not good, it is not of God. It is that simple!

Keep pressing forward and know what and who the real enemy is!

Premiers at 5:00 central time, October 31st, 2021.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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