SHERIFF MACK CALLS OUT THE COPS WHO AREN’T UPHOLDING THE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE! Sheriff Mack speaks out on what is happening and what is needed. He points out that the Urban areas are not as supportive to uphold the constitutional laws versus mandates. Does he know that these Urban areas are UN Strong Cities…Continue readingNUREMBERG OFFICERS –

Deep State Rats Attack!

Fear not…this is the part where we wait upon the Lord and He Says Raise Your Rod and Parts The Sea! SENATOR TOM COTTON TELLS A.G. GARLAND – “YOU SHOULD RESIGN IN DISGRACE!” SHAME ON HIM FOR SICKING THE FBI ON PARENTS! Attorney General Merrick Garland during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on oversight of…Continue readingDeep State Rats Attack!

Grab You Children And Run!

Get your kids out of school…the schools can’t be trusted not to jab your child! NONE OF THIS IS EASY TO WRITE ABOUT…LOOK AT, AND CERTAINLY NONE OF IT IS ACCEPTABLE. But you might as well know the truth! The CDC are the ones that are going on the fake news PUSHING JABS FOR KIDS!…Continue readingGrab You Children And Run!

When The US Was Normal…

Oh for the Good Old Days when Your Mayors, YES YOUR MAYORS in many of your home towns, sold you and your constitution out to the United Nations! And they still are! It’s called UN Strong Cities! A Trojan Horse – on your courthouse lawn. For those who want to GO BACK TO the NORMAL…Continue readingWhen The US Was Normal…

DWAC …. Wanna Rumble?

Rumor has it that Rumble is going to make the biggest announcement it has ever made today. Sometime today….according to Donald Trump Jr., Rumble is going to make a big history making announcement. Now I ask you…why would Donald Trump Jr. be excited about a Rumble secret that they are going to announce if it…Continue readingDWAC …. Wanna Rumble?


Now that everything is in our face and the veil is torn this time from the BOTTOM UP – there is nowhere for the demonic evil to hide! We’re calling them out and casting them out in the name of the Lord! New York is showing up for a massive call out of the Governors…Continue readingUSA Says NO RESET!

It’s Still NORMAL!

In Fact It’s More Normal Now Than It Has Ever Been! YOU ARE JUST WAKING UP AND SEEING WHAT NORMAL WAS! Be patient, Trump has a plan….it’s not normal. Nothing about Trump is normal. That’s what I like about him! We are in a season of transition. Be patient and fear not. Many people still…Continue readingIt’s Still NORMAL!

Saving The Children!

The evil of human and child trafficking is now in our face! The days of hiding the evil are over. They are now trying to legislate laws that allow the government agencies to take your children from your homes. Children ARE NOT government property or livestock to be raised, fed, poked, prodded, and herded into…Continue readingSaving The Children!

Taking America Back!

On October 1, 2021 Dan Scavino confirmed a Red October. What did this mean? It appears to be a classic, “Art of the Deal”. Is it a political statement, or something more? Or was this just a meme to give American Patriots a Ra, Ra, Ra? SHUT IT ALL DOWN? On October 18, 2021, Senator…Continue readingTaking America Back!

Black Swan Show Ends…

Will there be an intermission first, or have we already had that? The show is coming to the grand finale and the end is an eye opener like no other. Shakesphere said it all when he said. ” All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” The question is, do…Continue readingBlack Swan Show Ends…