Hold The Line


November 8th thru 11th is going to be a massive nation wide walk out by blue collar workers and all collar workers across the nation whose employers are mandating them to take a toxic jab. They are banning together to make a fist that hits back at employers who are making them choose to work or jab! Jabs that each will have a high risk of getting a life long disability or worse…death! No job is worth losing your health, nor worth playing a crappy game of Russian Roulette over….just to get a paycheck.

In an effort to hit back hard where it hurts, which is in the great merchants money pockets, they are staying out for four days or more. Time will tell what happens. The protest is to stop the evil employer mandates that force workers to take a deadly vax or lose their jobs. Americans are being cautioned to stock up on essentials to last through this walk out that will disrupt the supply chain. Blue collar support is strong, and little is expected to be manufactured, shipped, or received.

Listen to Attorney Leigh Dundas explain what’s taking place on Grace & Glory!

It’s not just the manufacturers that will feel the crunch, many stores will have no employees to open their doors if they are among those mandating jabs. This could escalate to power companies, and other areas that interfere with our infrastructure much more than just groceries and shopping. Make sure you fill up your gas tank. Don’t hoard…just get what you need. Be kind to your fellow neighbor, they need to get essentials just like you do.

Now is also the time to get extra flashlights, batteries, etc. Just in case you are in an area that goes without power, get a charger that doesn’t require a power source so you can charge your cell phone. If you have an electric car…good luck.

 Attorney Doug Mahaffey speaks out about the employer mandates and where we are going as Americans with the push to end the lawlessness.

It’s time the globalists have their own wake up call! They need to know that those they call useless eaters are not their property and not their slaves! They are God’s people, God’s creation and the back bone of America. They are a free people with rights and a constitution!

The Lord’s lions have been aroused and they are ready to roar!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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