Focus On The Everlasting…

After several attempts to get inside the head of the mindset of those who are pushing tyrannical mandates and the destruction of nations with all the evil progressive tactics from hell itself, from pushing jabs or no job, jabs on children, boosters, transhumanism and the world depopulation goals, let alone the terrifying torture to children only to take their blood and drink it for whatever reasons they do this horrid thing. The human and child trafficking in numbers that are off the charts, 25 million children or more abducted each year is mind boggling, if not nightmarish! I can’t even come close to how any human being can do such wickness, let alone love to do it.

This is truly walking through the valley of the shadow of death. It is truly spiritual warfare between good and evil. But, through it all what I can comprehend is the blessing of the Lord, and the genius of God to have created the soul and the mind untouchable by man. No one can soul harvest but God….who can have it be eternal, or destroy it. No one can take away free will…for it is the process of thinking, feeling, and choosing. The brain is just a hard drive to do what it is programed to do. Evil scientists believe if they destroy that process then they have over ridden God. Oh how wrong they are.

What they do is not over ride anything, they murder, kill, steal, and destroy. The same as evil always has, only more aggressively and more horridly. For no one can take what belongs to God, the soul is in his hands and all of His creation belongs to Him. The day is coming that the fire they have fanned will be a furnace and they will all be thrown into it without one mourner. It will be a day of rejoicing on earth for all of God’s people as the Lord’s Kingdom rises on the horizon.

The Kingdom of God — Youth For America

So in all of that, I realized it is a waste of time to try to understand evil, the time here in the flesh is better and more wisely spent seeking to understand God and His Word, and building the relationship with His Son who dwells within us and we in Him. The stronger this bond grows within each of us, the more resilient we become, the stronger our faith grows and we stand a great and powerful army for the Lord.

We who call upon the Lord have the super power of the Holy Spirit to lift us up, above the firy darts and arrows of the devil. We know that when the Lord says it’s time to come up to him, that is where we will be and then and only then when he says it’s time, will that moment come. Meanwhile, we are to pray unceasing and follow Him and do as He did… and even now… do as he leads us to do. For we can do great things through Him and have the Host of Heaven fighting for us in the realm we cannot see.

Yes, there are times we all fear, there are times we all fall down….but in each time, the Lord is there to reknew our faith, and stretch out his mighty hand to lift us back up. So, regardless of how many times we fall, be reassured that the Lord is there to lift you up and we have the Holy Spirit to comfort us and the promises of an eternal life that has no sorrow, only joy, and love ever lasting.

So in this world we fight the good fight, and in our eternal lives we shall reap if we faint not. The world is ending…and the Lord’s Kingdom is coming on earth as it is in heaven, and nothing can stop what’s coming.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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