So what is emerging?

Here comes the long awaited 17-year emergence of the Cicada’s by the trillions! The question is, “Why are they making it sound like the Cicada’s are coming, the Cicada’s are coming and they will bust your eardrums and then they will eat your house!?” Between the Total Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024, with CERN and…Continue readingSo what is emerging?

Don’t Look Over There – Look Over Here!

They tried to get Trump, but he never took their bait. He went against the deep state then, and he is going against them now. It all becomes more clear as to why RINOs and DEMS and ELITE want him out. He knows EVERYTHING and he IS NOT ONE OF THEM! Meanwhile the strangest sort…Continue readingDon’t Look Over There – Look Over Here!

State of The Union Inside The Mind of Joey…

Few there were who appreciated his mumbled up angry mess of the state of his union with whatever he is in union with? Everybody’s being so hard on Joey Avatar and not looking at his achievements. For example, many have not recognized all he has done to create awareness for Alzheimer Disease. In fact, there…Continue readingState of The Union Inside The Mind of Joey…

President Trump’s Truth Social Role On State of The Union.

President Trump, “Tonight I’m going to be doing the role on The State of the Union that the Media should be doing, but won’t because they are corrupt and compromised. TUNE INTO TRUTH SOCIAL, THE REAL VOICE OF AMERICA!” Enjoy President Trump’s input on the state of the union as he calls out Joey Avatar!…Continue readingPresident Trump’s Truth Social Role On State of The Union.


Pundits have said there has never, ever been anything like this Super Tuesday! The people have spoken who they want to be their president! And they are voicing why they want Trump! CONGRATULATIONS PRESIDENT TRUMP! IT’S TIME TO TAKE IT TO THE FINISH LINE AND MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! President Trump gives speech after winning…Continue readingPRESIDENT TRUMP HISTORIC LANDSLIDE WIN!

Super Tuesday Is Here!

Get out and vote is the call and overwhelm the minority which happens to actually be the KM Oligarchs and their minions! The minority in all democracy has always been the 1%! Looking back at history and all the little reasoners who reasoned what the new little nation needed in order to be a great…Continue readingSuper Tuesday Is Here!

Nikki Wins Swamp, While Trump Wins The Nation!

Today the Supreme Court Ruling in a nutshell decides that- States can’t keep Trump off the Ballot, they do not have this power. The Supreme Court opinion had no dissents. “We conclude that states may disqualify persons holding or attempting to hold state office,” the justices wrote. “But states have no power under the Constitution…Continue readingNikki Wins Swamp, While Trump Wins The Nation!

It’s Time To Unite And Make America Great Again!

President Trump Speaks at Eagle Pass, Texas! President Trump called the border crisis a Joe Biden invasion. Transporting entire columns of fighting age men from many nations. “This is Biden Migrant Crime,” he stated. Trump stressed a lot can happen in 9 months, which is the time frame in which he will be voted out…Continue readingIt’s Time To Unite And Make America Great Again!

The Wheat and the Tares Now Defined With E.I.

What is E.I.? It is Emotional Intelligence. Who has it? Let’s go down that rabbit hole… Have you ever heard the term E.I.? It’s a term that first appeared in a 1964 paper by Michael Beldoch, and later in a paper in 1966 by B. Leuner titled “Emotional Intelligence and Emancipation” that appeared in the…Continue readingThe Wheat and the Tares Now Defined With E.I.

And The Race Is On…

Good morning! By now you all should have heard that President Trump won South Carolina. Smile. And Nikki has declared she’s still in this to win. She is out to win Super Tuesday? Here we go, how many want to bet that after Super Tuesday, Nikki shouts, she’s still in it to win because there…Continue readingAnd The Race Is On…