President Trump In Ohio!

HE’S FIRED UP AND READY TO TAKE AMERICA FORWARD AND OUT OF THE HORRIBLE MESS BIDEN HAS MADE AND KEEPS ON CREATING! THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN AND TRUMP HAS NOT CONCEDED! Trump bashed Ohio’s past RINO Governor John Kasich, “this terrible governor that you had”, being glad for them he is gone. Recall Kasich and his…Continue readingPresident Trump In Ohio!

President Trump Speaks – Working To Save The Republic!

At The Heritage Annual Leadership Conference in Amelia Island, Florida, President Trump made the remark of how we can undo every executive order and every act the Biden Administration put in place and put back into place the Executive Orders he had in place immediately to turn this nation around. He noted this can be…Continue readingPresident Trump Speaks – Working To Save The Republic!

Trump Rally From Selma, North Carolina (Apr. 9)

Trump tells American’s what is taking place and what we need to do! NEWS UPDATES- April 2022: The gold/asset-backed US Note in digital form has replaced the fiat US Dollar in international trade and joined 106 of the 210 participating nations that were already gold/asset-backed and using the Quantum Financial System. Durham Report indictments lead to Obama…Continue readingTrump Rally From Selma, North Carolina (Apr. 9)


Dan Scavino said, “A great pall fell upon our nation on the morning of Nov 4, 2020, but I have great faith that PRESIDENT TRUMP’S RETURN to his proper & just place as our POTUS is IMMINENT! THE BEST IS YET TO COME, AND WILL BE EVEN BETTER! #MAGA 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 We all know that things…Continue readingGET READY AMERICA!

President Trump Rally In Michigan!

Trump kicked off his rally as usual with thousands and thousands outside who could not get in and all seats filled inside. As custom now, they provided a big screen outside for the people so they could watch and listen. It sure looks like Trump is on top of the mystery of what is really…Continue readingPresident Trump Rally In Michigan!

President Trump Rallys Georgia!

SAVE AMERICA – TRUMP OUT TO SAVE GEORGIA FROM THE RINOS! If you missed it, here is the video. Another great rally was held Saturday, March 26th in Georgia with President Trump drawing crowds that spanned out as far as the eye can see! Trump jabbed at the media who always take what he says…Continue readingPresident Trump Rallys Georgia!

Trump Said Tonight…It’s Time!

President Trump is not on board for Biden’s “Build back broke “ agenda nor any of the 33 degrees. It was sure cold in SC tonight. BOOM! President Trump just torched the Deep State and rallied the people! “Together we are standing up against some of the most sinister forces, entrenched interest and vicious opponents…Continue readingTrump Said Tonight…It’s Time!


President Donald Trump gives the keynote speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando today, Saturday, Feb 26, 2022. He spoke of the empty shelves in our stores and the radical left zealot being chosen to sit on the Supreme Court of the United States. America and the great military have been humiliated…Continue readingTRUMP SPEAKS OUT AT CPAC!

Trump Rally In Texas!

IT’S TIME TO SAVE AMERICA WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP IN CONROE TEXAS! LIVE COVERAGE HAS BEGUN! Guest speakers with Trump are Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Attorney General Ken Paxton and Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller! THE REAL STARS OF THE RALLY ARE WE THE PEOPLE! Prior to the rally, Trump made a stop at the…Continue readingTrump Rally In Texas!

Trump Rally Jan. 15th!

WHO WILL BE THERE? On the home front we have a very interesting play of events. Americans will now have to decide whose rally they will be attending…. do you buy a ticket to do the “THRIVE TIME WITH FLYNN” or do you do the FREE “PRESIDENT TRUMP RALLY?” Both are on the exact same…Continue readingTrump Rally Jan. 15th!