Show Climax – Will Pelosi Become President?

Or will the good guys stop her in the nick of time? TICK TOCK…TICK TOCK! Nancy would love to be that third one and placed in a seat of greater power than speaker but that ship has long sailed away. Rest assured the alliance has their eyes on her and she is only getting a…Continue readingShow Climax – Will Pelosi Become President?

President Trump at CPAC!

Live now… listen to President Trump as he delivers his message to Americans! PUTTING AMERICA FIRST WILL TAKE ALL OF US TOGETHER! STAND STRONG IN TRUTH! Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press! DianneContinue readingPresident Trump at CPAC!

President Trump, Wisconsin Rally – Hungary Prime Minister Orban at CPAC!

President Trump live in Waukesha, Wisconsin! HE’S FIRED UP! President Trump tells it like it is… tonight he said that two illegal alien MS13 members were convicted for raping and murdering a 15-year-old in a Satanic ritual. He is letting the people know…yes we are fighting Satanic cults who have no conscious and no regard…Continue readingPresident Trump, Wisconsin Rally – Hungary Prime Minister Orban at CPAC!

What’s President Trump Up To?

Looks like some serious world business … what do your eyes see? On August 2, 2022 President Trump met with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban who is also a close ally of President Vladimir Putin. Orban is a far right nationalist and took a strong stand against Zelensky’s mercenary troops and migrants setting up camps…Continue readingWhat’s President Trump Up To?

President Trump At AFPI

Speaking out against the insane left’s America and how he will fix it! Addresses The Homeless, Tent City D.C.! Trump lays out his plan for what to do with the disfunction in big cities accross America and the violence of illegal border crossing gangs to innocent Americans. Listen as President Trump speaks LIVE at the…Continue readingPresident Trump At AFPI

Trump Speaks at Tampa Florida!

Trump goes “off-script” for his speech, and riles the crowd for over 90 minutes! They loved every word!  Enjoy Rightside Broadcastings full line up of speakers – like Kimberly Guilfoyle (1:47:47 in) and then hear President Trump as he talks truth! (3:40:52 min. in) Trump goes off script and crowds get a full 90 minutes…Continue readingTrump Speaks at Tampa Florida!

News Update-MAGA

PRESIDENT TRUMP SPEAKS IN ALASKA! Sarah Palin speaks out about things Trump did for her you may not know and where America is going! Saturday night July 9th President Trump received a big Alaskan welcome! Trump said that MAGA was the biggest political movement in the history of our country. We knew that! The reasons…Continue readingNews Update-MAGA

President Trump Speaks In Las Vegas!

President Donald J Trump spoke to an energized MAGA audience – HUGE – LIVE from Las Vegas! As usual, Trump delivered a great speech loaded with facts, this time the focus was on his MAKE AMERICA FIRST POLICIES! Friday July 8, 2022. Listen to his great speech and his advice to go forward! GOD BLESS…Continue readingPresident Trump Speaks In Las Vegas!

Trump Is Steering Clear of Incoming Allegations….

The more they try to make Trump look bad, even with lie, after lie, after lie…the more he looks good. And the “Steering Committee” Award goes to….. President Donald J. Trump! For best truth social comments that steer the liars into corners to be caught! Key Mastermind behind fact checking the fact checkers! And the…Continue readingTrump Is Steering Clear of Incoming Allegations….

President Trump Rally – Mendon, Illinois

Firing up Illinois… taking back all of America one state at a time! People want law and order! They are tired of the lawlessness and corruption. Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press! DianneContinue readingPresident Trump Rally – Mendon, Illinois