Do You Report FBI Crimes To The FBI?

It is getting confusing who to call when a crime has been committed. Report Alleges FBI “Had Personal Stake” in Mar-a-Lago Raid ! On January 19, 2021 before leaving office, President Trump declassified a binder that contains hundreds of pages concerning the Crossfire Hurricane Scandal. Two Attorney Generals have defied the lawful order to publish…Continue readingDo You Report FBI Crimes To The FBI?

 FBI’s Mar-a-Lago Raid Unravels like a worn out sock!

Thanks to past Court case rulings on National Archives documents and materials, it appears President Trump has every right to decide, just as he has stated all along, what is classified and what is to be declassified! According to the Bill Clinton “Sock Drawer” case, where audio tapes were found filed between socks, it’s all…Continue reading FBI’s Mar-a-Lago Raid Unravels like a worn out sock!

Things Are Different When There Are No Mules Stuffing Ballots!

Just ask Liz….and ask all of the liar, election thieves! BREAKING NEWS – JUST IN!!! EXCLUSIVE: We interviewed Abe Babe Liz after her loss and she said she was heart broken at the lack of support in Wyoming even though she lived in Virginia. The split of the reunion of her RINO reign is over…Continue readingThings Are Different When There Are No Mules Stuffing Ballots!


FAKE NEWS AND THE FBI ARE TRYING TO FLASH BANG THE PEOPLE WITH STUNNING ATTACKS AND LIAR, PROPAGANDA NEWS. A flash-bang is a non-lethal explosive device that is often used by police to stun and disorient people. The devices make a loud noise and emit a bright flash of light when they explode, temporarily blinding and deafening…Continue readingDON’T BE FLASH BANGED!

Mar-a-Lago Gate Update!

Eric Trump said that the security cameras at Mar-a-Lago caught FBI agents behaving improperly during Monday’s raid, alleging that investigators were accessing parts of former President Donald Trump’s Florida residence that they “shouldn’t have been.” Newsweek reported: Eric Trump said that the FBI refused to give Trump’s lawyer, Christina Bobb, a copy of the search warrant…Continue readingMar-a-Lago Gate Update!


THE MARXIST REGIME HAVE GOTTEN DESPERATELY SLOPPY! Progressive Democracy is the modern term for Marxist Communism and Tyrannical Government Rule! When the political party sitting in the White House knows they have lost and states have put in safeguards to stop their voter mail in ballot fraud… then it kinda looks like it would be…Continue readingTRUMP COUP EXPOSED!

FBI Looking For Docs That Expose Their Own Crimes…

Meanwhile… they added one more big one to the list by the way they conducted their raid! President Trump declassified the docs in an order in 2020: “At my request, on December 30, 2020, the Department of Justice provided the White House with a binder of materials related to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation.…Continue readingFBI Looking For Docs That Expose Their Own Crimes…

Mar-a-Lago Was Closed For The Summer When FBI Raided it!

So we have fake news surrounding a locked up and closed for the summer, empty Mar-a-Lago as though some sort of shoot out was about to occur at any minute. Good Grief! Fake news is roving outside reporting like they are waiting for some sort of hand cuffed and shackled Trump to be perp walked…Continue readingMar-a-Lago Was Closed For The Summer When FBI Raided it!

Show Climax – Will Pelosi Become President?

Or will the good guys stop her in the nick of time? TICK TOCK…TICK TOCK! Nancy would love to be that third one and placed in a seat of greater power than speaker but that ship has long sailed away. Rest assured the alliance has their eyes on her and she is only getting a…Continue readingShow Climax – Will Pelosi Become President?

President Trump at CPAC!

Live now… listen to President Trump as he delivers his message to Americans! PUTTING AMERICA FIRST WILL TAKE ALL OF US TOGETHER! STAND STRONG IN TRUTH! Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press! DianneContinue readingPresident Trump at CPAC!