Trump Is Steering Clear of Incoming Allegations….

The more they try to make Trump look bad, even with lie, after lie, after lie…the more he looks good.

And the “Steering Committee” Award goes to….. President Donald J. Trump!

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For best truth social comments that steer the liars into corners to be caught! Key Mastermind behind fact checking the fact checkers!

And the “Mocking Bye Bye Birdy Award” goes to…il Donaldo Trumpo…for best supporting film footage in “Escape From the Westwing” Season 1 , episode 2 of J6.

And the Runner up for best film footage in “Escape From The Westwing”, Season 1 , episode 2 of J6 goes to Joni Job.

Meanwhile, the “Actual Facts and Truthful Witnesses” Award went out to a number of Key individuals who came forward with the truth, including real eye witnesses who called out the liar hearsay as propaganda and out right lies.

The “Most Outlandish Liar Award”, goes to Cassidy Hutchinson for her eye witness account (not hearsay) of the catchup dripping down the wall and her having to clean it up. Cassidy was also the recipient of this years “Cinderella Complex” Award. Although Pepsi and Coke were happy to get the free advertising, they have both declined to offer Cassidy sponsorship gigs. She is merely the pawn of the Cheney Unselect backyard Club house.

The “I Plead the Fifth Award” at the Back Yard Club House J6 Unselect Show was awarded to General Flynn for the most “I plead the fifth” answers in the entire Unselect Committee Show. Leaving Cheney, the self appointed Back Porch Committee Chair speechless, she moved on to the witness she knew was set to sing like a buzzard.

And the “Hearsay, Hersay Purjury Award” goes to Cassidy Hutchinson – an unheard of opportunist, now known to be a “leaker”, according to President Trump and an all out pathetic liar. No one just sells their soul to commit perjury on the witness stand, or so the DNC J6 Committee has tried to make us believe such things. However, past equals present (and we can assume the future) has shown us different.

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Why does Cheney get to play the back porch club leader position? It is obvious this is about as legal and authentic as kids playing club on the back porch. And because she’s the bossiest, and neighborhood bully she unanimously picked herself to lead the club.

What else would you call it? What else could it be looking like? If we are to be kind about it and if we are to be dumb about it, this is as nice as we can call it all out for the congress woman who will now, never be elected again.

While we are at it… does anyone remember that not so long ago, the chair of this rogue show was looking rather odd herself? What happened with all that? What happened to the old, then new, then back to inbetween half old and half new Cheney?

In May 2021, I wrote an article and just before I was about to push the publish button… I paused. My gut feeling told me not now. I heeded that. Today, I rummaged it from the archives and present it now. This clearly shows a chain of events that may have a lot to reveal on the antics of the J6 Show we are watching this very day.

The headline was:


Here we go again, and this time it’s Liz Cheney. For those who can’t stomach CNN or watching these wrap up smears designed by liars, to support liars, and deceive the people who will hear the vomit propaganda they vomit I’ll just brief you. You don’t have to watch the videos. I’ve never seen such evil people. How about anyone else? All of a sudden, Liz doesn’t look like Liz anymore. At least she didn’t when fist bumping with zombie bot Biden at the zombie congress address. There were a couple dozen masked zombies listening to his speech.

Liz sure did something to look younger and must have started wearing contacts, and changed her hairline, and lost some weight over night? What’s her secret?

image 366

This doesn’t look sloppy enough to be Liz.

Now the fact that she is in hot water for blaming the President for the Democratic coup’s preplanned riots and saying he egged his supporters on to do it is a lie. She played her evil role from the start and she has to keep going forward because she’s stuck in the swamp over her head and there is no place to go. You see, if there was evidence that a coup had transpired, of which the laptops and the film footage of that day, and the Capitol Police reports, all seemed to point at that, there could be charges made for treason. But even though Pelosi did her ultimate wrap up smear, they all claim they didn’t do anything. Now it is obvious Cheney is to be removed from her position. So what will happen next?

She’s caught and she is going to scream that it’s Trump and his Supporters fault and that folks, means me and you. She is going to kick and shout…in order to create the ultimate wrap up smear to be a martyr for the cause of treason against the United States of America. She is getting ready to cause lots of something very bad. CNN is already starting their martyr wrap up smear. Remember Pelosi said, they make up a charge, have the media push it and push it until the people believe it and that is called the wrap up smear.

She is the master of the wrap up smear. And as usual she is blaming someone else of doing what we all watch her do daily. So get ready for Cheney.

But, if I didn’t know any better, and I was just observing…I’d say this was a different person at the congress session.

Well, if she were involved in a coup, that is treason. Or if she was involved in some manner with other things like contractor issues in Afghanistan or something, going against America’s interests, that is illegal too. Depending on what’s involved…it could be treason. But to vote to impeach at the hearing where all the evidence was pointing to organized crime such as ANTIFA, and inside help…. it sure looks like treason. The fact that President Trump was found innocent of the charges, and their prosecutors had zero proof, in fact there was lots of evidence showing inside help, without using Pelosi’s laptop. And the perjury, oh my…that was stacked up against the Dems and the RINOs very high. The heat of treason was felt by 100 million voters who watched their election get stolen.

All they have left is the wrap up smear and a double. Trying to gaslight the public that she has another story. While at the same time, the wide eyes watching the show see that Liz is in big trouble. Remember there are no real parties. There are puppets of the KM Cabal and there are representatives of We The People. The D.C. corporation is bankrupt. They have no power over the states. They made some real blunders hoping the black hats were in control. It is now apparent they were out maneuvered on the battlefield.

It is now obvious that the ones that have doubles must be the ones who have already been charged and removed. That is the only thing that makes sense in this entire bozo the clown show.

The Award for “Best Unlasting Makeover” Goes to Liz Cheney.

I have a strong feeling she is in a mess and if this is still her…she’s done for. Going down. Wrap up smear will not save her for people are watching a hundred million strong and they will not back down.

image 367

On the other side of that partisan drag… the more they try to make Joe look good, the worst he looks and GITMO type of allegations fly to the left and to the right out from his own mouth.

So there you have the reminder of the back story. Now… what do you believe is really taking place on the J6 Unselect Committee on the fenced in, Bankrupt, Capitol Molehill?

image 368

Where is the real Liz Cheney? Are we looking at her or at something else? You decide.

image 369
Z8u5VdNO normal

il Donaldo Trumpo @PapiTrumpo

STOP IT!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ That is NOT Liz Cheney AND YOU KNOW IT!!!




By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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