Attention President Trump, Your Action Is Needed…

It’s time to cut through the chase. It is not a gun problem it is a Khazarian Global Communist Agenda…. to take away your rights, livelihoods, and guns!

Their mission is to create division and destroy your faith in God along with the family unit- all to control the world!

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This gun shooting had nothing to do with law abiding citizens. This was a criminal act by lawless thugs who obviously don’t fit into a lawful society. Focus on the criminal segment and fund the police! Arrest these and follow the laws on the books.

Gun shootings need policing… the answer is not to take guns from good people, especially when law breakers continue to terrorize innocent people and break the law. Major Cities with strict gun control like New York City have insanely enacted a catch and release policy that is nothing more than a revolving door to let criminals who commit felonies and acts of violence out as fast as they are arrested. It is a huge part of the lawless Dem’s policy to protect the criminal minority part of their voter base. Some Democrat congress persons have referred to this lawless minority base as their…”foot soldiers”.

This is a war on Americans operated by the very same government that takes an oath to protect the constitution and serve “We The People”. These people have infiltrated every level of government from the cities on up to the states and off to DC which is an infiltrated, incorporated den of thieves, liars, and Khazarian led puppets with a few good people caught in the middle trying to thwart off the evil acts.


Governor Kristi Noem spoke out at the NRA explaining the real problems along with President Trump, Senator Cruse and others. The reason to have and bear arms has never been more prevalent than today. At a time when a treasonous coup has unleashed niellists and threatened our very ability to walk down the street, eat at outdoor dining, or even in some neighborhoods, walk outside onto your own porch…. without knowing if a mad mentally disturbed person with hate and anger issues is going to walk or drive by and start shooting.

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On top of that, cities are defunding the police! The result of their hunger games have resulted in gun and ammo sales reaching an all time high. The message is that it is time to buy a gun in order to defend yourself and your family.

This idea of “Government please come save me” has backfired on the communist Dem Khazarian party in their face. People, even a majority of Dems, now see this is what the infiltrated government has allowed, and they aren’t happy about it.

A bit of history of the enemy within.

Everyone has to buy groceries, fuel their cars, and want a safe community. There is no party line in living your everyday lives. As much as politicians who seek to rule the world would love to have their propaganda 24/7 in your head – this show has grown old, people are weary, and they are about to explode in the faces of all of the live theater actors. These treasonous political snakes aren’t even hiding it anymore. They are in our face trying everything they can to force good people to either surrender their lives or fight for them.

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Where is law and order? The infiltrators are about to understand what the constitutional second amendment right is all about if somebody, like the military does not do their job and protect the citizens against an out-of-control treasonous government body.

And this type of agitation doesn’t help at all!

Our real President is aware of everything taking place. He said today the American People will not stand for this much longer. He’s right. So what is next? Many are asking as the ANTIFA are being unleashed. Hello?

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Nor does a C.G.I. of the treasonous HRC….the one who they thought would never lose.

C.G.I. Propaganda translation, what she really said:Trump is still the president and we are all screwed. Our communist take over is doomed. We can’t yet rig the electoral college like we do the ballots. Cause more trouble in the streets.

At the same time we still have a double running around acting like a president. Please let our military know we are tired of watching this…EVERYBODY KNOWS HE’S A DOUBLE AND IT IS ONLY MAKING THE MILITARY LOOK LIKE THEY ARE THE ONES DESTROYING AMERICA. SO GET HIM OUT OF OUR FACES OR FIX THE MESS! Maybe have him lay low for a while. You could have had him abducted from the Uber driver….or kidnapped at the airport. What do you have planned?

image 71

Trump retruthed and Pinned to the top, the meme below on his Truth Social account…. maybe he’s ready?

image 73

The Truth About January 6th Documentary Published June 6, 2022

It is time to end the lawlessness in high places. Stop pretending Joe’s double is Joe and call out those who took part in the real treason against we the people. Hold all who Durham exposed accountable for the crimes they have committed. The election of 2020 was stolen by fraud, and our country was stolen long before that.

There are those in high places who are trying to start a color revolution in the US just like they did in Ukraine. These must be called out and stopped!

Keep on pressing into the kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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