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PRESIDENT TRUMP SPEAKS IN ALASKA! Sarah Palin speaks out about things Trump did for her you may not know and where America is going!

Saturday night July 9th President Trump received a big Alaskan welcome! Trump said that MAGA was the biggest political movement in the history of our country. We knew that! The reasons for it are many.

Trump told Alaskans, “I’ve heard for years there’s no place more beautiful and I agree. I just saw some things that you don’t see in normal places. I’ll tell you this is not a normal place when you have a lousy senator like Murkowski, but we’re gonna do something about that.” Of course Trump was voting for Sarah Palin who also spoke at the rally!

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Trump said he was in town to support great candidates like Sarah Palin and to fulfill his promise to Alaska that he was going to come there.”

Trump made a statement about Sarah Palin on Truth Social, “Sarah Palin, not surprisingly, brought great energy and verve to our totally sold out+++ rally last night in Anchorage. She has something very special about her, and the Great People of Alaska will benefit because she will put that quality to work for them. She endorsed me early on in 2016, and it was an Endorsement that meant a lot, both to me and to the voters. Now I am endorsing and fighting for Sarah Palin, and the reason is that I know the real Sarah, and how good and effective she will be. The Election is Tuesday, August 16th. Vote for Sarah Palin!”

We are watching a huge uniting and a division at the same time. A separation of the wheat and the tares. It’s Biblical! If you are among the wheat – give out a SHOUT!!!


Someone must have watched Soylent Green!

Bill Gates secret ingredient petri dish meat is going up in smoke.

Joey is so popular he is now being modeled on the cat walk!

Get the Joey look this summer!


My guess is, Hunter is either high and trying to do a “mean look” selfie to outdo “Blue Steel” or he is high and showing someone where he is…using a selfie as a camouflage.

What type of people do this stuff? Asking for a friend.

Joey’s brain dead act or assisted amnesia (which ever it is) is coming in handy right about now.

This is why the dark side is not going to win in the future. And why people are being forced to wake up. But this is getting very old even though this is the time of the LAPTOP reveal, seeing all of this over and over again, seems to be encouraging the rest of the democratic party to go crazy. Will someone tell the Whitehats that people are simply immune to this now…and to move on and just arrest these arses?

REMEMBER IN 2020 JILL SAID….DECENCY WAS ON THE BALLOT. How does she define decency? My friend Tong wants to know.

image 186

Armenia has followed suit with Sri Lanka and is toppling their corrupt government officials.

Looks like the Netherlands is going to be next….

GERMAN FARMERS say enough!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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