J6 Proceed With A Sense of Humor….

And remember to bring along something just in case your head hurts…

Remember what Hillary said…”If I go down, we all go down.” Well get ready for Hillary is going down and the bunch in DC know it! That is why we have the Capitol Hill J-6 Liar Show going on all week on prime time, that isn’t so prime any more. Not when between all of the networks showing it have only 19 million viewers combined. At least that’s what Trump said and he is the king of ratings!

image 157

The Spirit of Python is on Display…. tune out and avoid the hiss!

The best back stabbers are the ones you believe are your friends, and the deception of perceived friendship and or alliance is exactly how the spirit of Python moves in to deceive its prey. That demonic spirit doesn’t care what political party you’re in, it only knows how to devour what it wants when it wants it and right now Python is on the prowl at Capitol hill in DC and it’s hungry!

The Python spirit tries to destroy any redemptive purpose. Python always hangs around houses and places of worship, intercession, money, and government and places of authority – it is especially fond of and at home among a national government body. So beware, for anything goes with Python among the throngs of the DC Select Committee to Kill, Steal and Destroy with the Liars of Capitol Hill.

image 152

What to expect….

Whereas there are many aspects of Python, it is a territorial spirit that gathers, flatters and communicates information about the destiny, the activity, the calling, the anointing, the mission and the level of spiritual authority in the life of those in its territory and it guards its territory. Its goal is total Broadcast its own information to mark people for its own demonic pressure and to squeeze out unwanted and threatening ministry and influencers in a city or a region, especially if it’s an apostolic authority. It’s often spotted by its selfish ambition, self-promotion, trying to take over, and betrayal. Python is the epitome of psyops in action.

Don’t think this is all they have left… I’m sure they have more… there is a color revolution method to their madness…. don’t fall into their pit!

When you have so called patriots fighting for justice with psyops like what has allegedly been said about Flynn and the Patriot Caucus, who allegedly planned to recruit “former domestic and foreign intelligence officials” to facilitate their schemes, you have treason against the American people, or so it appears at least you have a colored revolution brewing. Whether true or not…it certainly is a distraction and one not needed at this time. Read: Michael Flynn allies allegedly plotted to lean on Republicans to back vote audits | Donald Trump | The Guardian

All these types of distractions feed the deep state machine to all their imaginated plots to place the title of “Domestic Terrorist” on innocent Americans exercising their first amendment rights. Which according to Pelosi et al, is now obsolete and has no place in America today, the same as they believe the second amendment also has no place. Add high gas prices, no electricity, food shortages, and monkey pox and mind-controlled paranoid people who buy into the insane lies of the Dems and you have a brew for uncontrolled fits in the streets. So, breathe in and out… don’t fall for the fear factor.

That being said… let’s look at some facts that put the J-6 and state of the Union in perspective…

Never forget Twitter took down an emergency message broadcast by President Donald J. Trump on January 6, 2021, telling the people to go home in peace. This is the first step in calling the insurrection act. It was done.

The news was quiet on this and pushed their own narrative.

The people were waved in by security… why aren’t they showing this footage?

So far J6 Select Committee is all a bunch of self-appeasing conjecture and downright lies.

When is the J6 select committee going to talk about Gen. Charles Flynn denying troops to the US Capitol that day because it was bad optics? And when are they going to mention that both Pelosi and McConnell denied the Capitol Chief of Police back up and military support? Did I miss the part where Trump was denied 20,000 troops by the General? How could they deny that request from the Commander in Chief? Funny isn’t it. Almost like someone else had another plot in mind? One that did not include a peaceful gathering? Who allowed the buses in?

Ben Shapiro gets a D minus for the worst defense of J-6 seen so far!

Ben needs to do some more homework. Trump did tell the people to go home and that was taken down (see tweet above). Trump did try to get the national guard there ahead of time, 20 thousand of them….!!! Shapiro is not defending this case properly. Worst defense ever. You just can’t trust anybody. Again, see Trump’s Tweet above that Twitter removed in five minutes. And by the way…fake news never reported anything but their own narrative. Shapiro is not correcting the false narrative. Instead, Ben is excusing Trump…debating their argument with their own words and not exposing the true facts. That is very poor defense, thus the D minus.

Hey Ben… Trump reminded us all after he was falsely accused by the kangaroo court…. so please, quit saying he didn’t do anything to try to get some security prior to the event. He did. With the commies, you can’t defend their lies with compromising rationale, you have to smack them upside their mouths with the truth. Expose the lies.

image 156

So if you want to know what is truly taking place…skip Benny and watch Robert Gouveia…. you will get the facts and the truth.

And Robert’s season premier show was a good prep….

Will they show this information?

image 153
image 154

What if the committee had applied common sense this past year? Well, that would ruin their entire mission and implicate their own involvement and admission to their own treasonous election fraud acts… followed up by their treasonous organized infiltration of the Trump rally by their hired crisis actor protesters.

Remember the truth of what has taken place….

Meanwhile President Donald Trump weighs in on the “UNSELECTS”…

image 155

So fear not… we are witnessing the final throngs of a dying bunch of liars and thieves.

And what did Biden mean by this?

ANTIFA is organized and run by those who support the DNC and progressive democracy which is the word used for communism and carried out by mob rule.

That was fast…they took this down fast. It didn’t fit the narrative… what it showed was a hired thug being told how to dress up like a Trump supporter and what to do and say while they act like a thug.

Meanwhile the head games are picking up steam… color revolution kick in the teeth take 9…. they are almost there…. tick tock.

image 149

And we all watched the Durham trials where progressives on the jury proved the system is broken, and another bit of whine toward a color revolution was poured.

image 150

Don’t fall for their lies… they are distracting for a reason. They have all been weighed in the balances and have been found wanting.

image 148

Their crimes against humanity have reached into the heavens. We are witnessing the prelude to the final melt down! Remember God wins!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press~!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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