So what is emerging?

Here comes the long awaited 17-year emergence of the Cicada’s by the trillions! The question is, “Why are they making it sound like the Cicada’s are coming, the Cicada’s are coming and they will bust your eardrums and then they will eat your house!?” Between the Total Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024, with CERN and…Continue readingSo what is emerging?

Don’t Look Over There – Look Over Here!

They tried to get Trump, but he never took their bait. He went against the deep state then, and he is going against them now. It all becomes more clear as to why RINOs and DEMS and ELITE want him out. He knows EVERYTHING and he IS NOT ONE OF THEM! Meanwhile the strangest sort…Continue readingDon’t Look Over There – Look Over Here!

Everything Explained In A Nutshell…

Believe it or not, the truth is in our face and we have reached a very critical point in time. There is nothing new under the sun it has just all been hidden, skewed, shaken up, repackaged and presented to you for the common good of all… just like it was presented to Eve in…Continue readingEverything Explained In A Nutshell…

Ball Lightning, CERN, April 8th 2024, A.I., Project Looking Glass?

What type of creatures feed off energy? What do they look like? How much energy do they need to become powerful? Are we talking about evil spirits here? Spirits who serve the prince of the power of the air? How’d he get that name? And God said to Enoch, “The whole order of the stars…Continue readingBall Lightning, CERN, April 8th 2024, A.I., Project Looking Glass?

100 Years of Stargate to Project Looking Glass?

Are they done yet or are they just getting started? With the total Solar Eclipse of 2024 scheduled to hit April 8th, what can we expect? Should we get ready for something SCI FI, or just Total Solar Eclipse as usual? With the infinite universe bla, bla, bla that scientists just love to give us…Continue reading100 Years of Stargate to Project Looking Glass?

Black Swan In The Water…

So, call out the street forces and let the master artist paint. What is it they whisper? A tsunami of chaos? Oh hush – it’s not finished quite yet. Inside jobs are building up, but what is it that they whisper? Treasonous acts, terrorism, or the ultimate black swan? By Dali… what would Salvador say?…Continue readingBlack Swan In The Water…

What Part Of Your Armor Do You Use The Most?

It’s time to get our armor on and try it all out! See how things work. Adjust it so it fits and make sure we all know how to move about in it swiftly and with precision. There is much to be said and to learn about with the Tabernacle of God, the Arc of…Continue readingWhat Part Of Your Armor Do You Use The Most?

Tired of Being Hard Wired?

It’s time to get grounded! It’s all about waking up, so you can see and hear what is going on around you and has been for decades! In a recent article written by Dr. Lam titled, “In-Depth Article on Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and Adrenal Fatigue“, it gives a lot of information on how the EMF’s affect…Continue readingTired of Being Hard Wired?

The Lord Said, We Who Believe In Him Are Living Stones!

There are a lot of ideas being pushed in the World, from manifesting wealth, power and fame to letting your third eye work for you. None of this is of the Lord, all of it is an inverted version of God’s natural laws. They call it the physics and laws of the Universe. They have…Continue readingThe Lord Said, We Who Believe In Him Are Living Stones!

The Power of the Light of God –

A Lamp Burning Brightly That Never Goes Out! The Holy Spirit is the power and hope of all who follow the way of the Lord. Darkness is what the children of Satan dwell in. It is their witching hour. The moon is the lesser light and the sun is the brightest light. God has shown…Continue readingThe Power of the Light of God –