Court-martial Biden?

Listen to former commander of British forces in Afghanistan tell Levin Biden should not be impeached but instead should face a court-martial for surrendering to the Taliban! Surrendering is to soft and easy a term. The truth is he betrayed the American People by contracting a deal with the enemy and that is treason! Court-martial…Continue readingCourt-martial Biden?

Is Trump Pushing Jabs?

OR IS PRESIDENT TRUMP BUSY SAVING AMERICA AGAIN? People keep saying Trump is pushing the jab and Trump took the Jab and why is Trump pushing the Jab when all the information shows it’s toxic. Let’s address this… I have never heard him say he took a vaccine until last night. The fake news pushing…Continue readingIs Trump Pushing Jabs?

Trump Rally – Alabama!

President Trump always tells it like we love to hear it! The election was stolen and Biden has made a horrible disaster out of Afghanistan. It is time to put the real Presidential winner into the seat he won and get rid of the liar in thief that no one voted for but dead people,…Continue readingTrump Rally – Alabama!

Afghanistan, Dots Connect!

It’s the same regime, the same people, and the same game plans. The Marshall Report has been following the events our government has been doing for a long time. The patterns are all the same, although this time it is quite a bit more in our face. Can you see the rinse and repeat cycle…Continue readingAfghanistan, Dots Connect!

America Under Attack!

Tom Fitton says Biden Response to Afghanistan is worse for America than Pearl Harber or any event in America’s history! This, (Biden administration) is the same gang involved with Benghazi and other corruptions – states Tom Fitton. Listen to his update on where they are at fighting the giant called lawlessness! Fitton said Biden is…Continue readingAmerica Under Attack!

Biden & Hell’s Evacuation!

BIDEN’S BOTCHED UP AFGHANISTAN EVACUATION- IT ALL LOOKS LIKE ONE BIG FAT FALSE FLAG! When false flags get sloppy, people wake up. This is VERY SLOPPY AND NOW PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP! IT’S TIME TO ARREST THE ONES RESPONSIBLE, AND END THEIR RESET HUNGER GAMES! False flags do not mean nothing happened. It means your…Continue readingBiden & Hell’s Evacuation!

Lin Wood-Strike Back!

FOR FREEDOM! NEW PATRIOT WEBSITE! “We are working on the website for the Strike for Freedom. The domain is now set. It is (keeps the enemy from attacking us based on a misrepresentation of the site name!).We hope to have a basic structure in place by tomorrow.We want to keep it simple.We want the…Continue readingLin Wood-Strike Back!

Sorcery = Pharmacopia!

BEHOLD THE BEAST IS RATTLING ITS SWORD AND IS AT WAR… IS IT TRUE MODERNA HAS NEVER HAD AN FDA APPROVED DRUG? YES IT IS! Moderna nears its first-ever FDA authorization, for its COVID-19 vaccine! From an article pubished Dec. 16,2020 – Moderna nears its first-ever FDA authorization, for its COVID-19 vaccine – MarketWatch And…Continue readingSorcery = Pharmacopia!

Lin Wood-It’s 1776 Again!

“When a truth-giver speaks, listen carefully. You are hearing the TRUTH!” LIN WOOD Message to all Patriots and Americans from Lin Wood, “The words of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and my Lord and Savior, found in one of my favorite passages of scripture in the Holy Bible – “And this is the condemnation,…Continue readingLin Wood-It’s 1776 Again!

Word of God Versus Cabal!

GOOD VERSUS EVIL…IT’S THAT SIMPLE AND VERY COMPLICATED! The world is run by Lucifer/Satan who works great evil through wicked men who have sold their souls for a price. In return, these wealthy, wretched merchants do his bidding. They plot in secret to buy mens souls for a price and bid them to go out…Continue readingWord of God Versus Cabal!