Goons of The Cabal…

The dumpy, frumpy, goons whose only asset to the head of the Cabal is their williness to sell out humanity for self gain. Everyone has a price and this lot have poorly negotiated the fee for their souls. They fully underestimated the price to be paid in return for a fleeting moment of misery and stress in their miserable reign of betrayal and treason. Will their 30 pieces of silver be spent or will it go rolling accross the spirit cooked ritual floors as they hurry out to throw themselves off the cliff, knowing full well Epstein didn’t kill himself?

Where is Nadler now? Where are the rest of the goons? Has anyone seen them lately?

For years we have watched goons ramrod the political process. We watched Hillary steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders, because she was supposed to win. We even saw Bernie give up a state with a stupid coin toss. They should have just tossed a coin for the entire primary run and saved a lot of groaning for in the end…they knew how they were going to place their Queen of evil. So when Hillary lost, even with the use of their super weapon “Dominion”, we watched four years of goons undermine President Trump in a “Keystone Cop” show of lawlessness.

The Obama years prepared the way for watching the lawlessness in our face, but it paled in comparison to the shameless “in our face” onslought of lawlessness and treason we experienced as Pelosi pounded her gavel over our heads.

Only a fool would believe that President Trump had accomplished little and did nothing for the American people. Those who buy into that rhetoric are also the ones in line for the jab. What is worse, they are the same ones that stay in line to get their jab as they watch others get hauled out shaking on gurneys. Yes, these are the blind, leading the blind and they both shall fall on the gurney. Or was that a ditch? Either way…the outcome is the same.


Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium has been a fantastic eye opener and his testamony is one that is sure, for he has put his reputation, purse, and all that he has on the firing line to fight for his country and fellow American.

Thank you Mike Lindell for standing up and fighting the good fight to expose the world Cabal and their nasty weapon of rigging elections to place their minions in leadership positions around the world. The evil treasonous band have gotten away with their annointing Satan’s goons, but, this part of the Show has now exposed the weapons of the prince of the power of the air and is in the process of naming the real names of those who have sold their souls to the devil for a price.

Meet Biden's climate crisis army | The Independent

We are in the process of separating the wheat from the tares and this process is a gleaning that only the wheat that bows before the Lord shall survive the harvest. The tares that stand against what is God’s are only allowed to stand at this hour to show themselves for who and what they are. They are ugly evil doers who care not about anything but themselves and what they can gain as they pass through this world with their grubby little hands out greedily grabbing much more than what they were allowed.

It's been a year of Antifa and unchecked anarchy: Devine

Their greed is their stumbling block and their disloyalty to anything but themselves is their downfall. It is obvious many of the original actors have been replaced and others are sinking up to their necks. The swamp is draining and the monsters are looking very ugly. Do you see them?

Fauci: Republican vaccine deniers are hurting efforts to lift Covid  restrictions | Republicans | The Guardian

They are nervous and there is no JOY in their STOLEN SEATS. There is look of worry and their angry frustration is on display. JAB, JAB, JAB THEM is the cry of the day, while they have no protection against the HAMMER OF GOD THAT IS RAISED HIGH UP OVER THEIR HEADS… how long Lord we ask? The answer appears to be, a little while longer, so that those other lost sheep who have eyes to see will see and ears to hear will hear.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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